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Category:Public Tools

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This category is for tools that are permanent fixtures in towns and can be used by any player.

  • All public tools are only used in production.
  • These tools can only be used in towns and have fixed locations, similar to the fixed locations of most NPCs.
  • They cannot be moved, equipped or stored in any type of inventory.
  • To use these tools other production tools may need to be equipped in the right or both hands.
  • Unless other production tools need to be equipped first, then to start using a public tool a player need only left-click on it and, if neccesary, the appropriate skill will activate, assuming the player has the skill.
  • Most public tools have no charge for using them.
  • More than one player can use them at the same time.
  • They can be re-used indefinitely, as they have neither durability or a set number of uses.
  • Their continuous use, at any one time, is only limited by the supply of production materials a player can carry and a player's stamina.
  • Some of these tools are required when using one of the following production skills;

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