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Wings of a Goddess

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For the wing that can transports the user anywhere, see Waxen Wing of Goddess.
For the wing that transports to dungeons, see Dungeon Wax Wing.
For the wings that transport to one set location, see Red Wing of the Goddess and Waxen Wing of the Blue Goddess.


Inventory icon of Goddess Wing - Blue

1 × 2
Stack: 5

This item moves the user's body and spirit to the last town visited, without causing any damage. If used by a party leader, all nearby party members will also be moved.

The location of where the wings of a goddess will take you will change when you go to a new town. It is, in essence, like a nearest town teleport. This excludes Red Wing of the Goddess and Waxen Wing of Goddess. You can't buy a Wings of a Goddess from Tir Chonaill and use it when you are in Dunbarton. It will then lead to Dunbarton. It's also useless to store it in the bank and then retrieve it from a bank in another town, as it will lead to the town you are currently in again, even though before you withdraw it, it will say the town of the bank you deposited it in.

Methods to Obtain

NPC Stores

Who Where Cost
Lassar Tir Chonaill 1,000g (for 1)
5,000g (for 5)
Stewart Dunbarton
Galvin Emain Macha
Comgan Bangor
Muro Ceo Island
Heulfryn Qilla Base Camp
Berched Druid's House near
Finola Tara

Monster Drops

What Where
All Ant Lions Solea Cave Path
Connous Underground Maze
White Cave Bat
Brown Cave Bat
Yellow Cave Bat Connous Underground Maze
Gorgon Various Uladh Dungeons
All Mummy Servants Longa Mysterious
Stone Gargoyle Maiz Normal
All Horn Cobras Connous (Rupes Desert)
All Armor Hounds Longa Amethyst
Longa Emerald
Longa Topaz
Small Ice Worm (Black) Par Normal
Ogre Warrior Barri Normal
Barri Mythril Mine
Cave Masked Goblin Connous Underground Maze