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Commander's Emblem

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Inventory icon of Commander's Emblem

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The emblem of a commander who possesses perfect control of the battlefield. Grants a boosts to a specific technique when carried in your inventory. Can be combined with other Commander's Emblem items to increase its power. Right-click and click 'Activate' to apply the effects. (Can be stacked with other totems. Cannot be stacked with other Commander's Emblem items.)

Methods to Obtain

Insert 10 Runes of one particular type into an Unadorned Commander's Emblem.

Synthesizing Commander's Emblems

  • To increase the power of a Commander's Emblem, a player can synthesize a Commander's Emblem with another Commander's Emblem.
  • To synthesize a Commander's Emblem with another, simply right click the Commander's Emblem you wish to use as a base emblem and select another emblem as a material emblem.
  • Synthesizing an emblem has a chance of increasing the base emblem's power based on the material emblem used.
  • If you attempt to Synthesize a Commander's Emblem past level three for a particular Technique it has the chance to be destroyed. This also applies when you attempt to add more than three boosts to the emblem.
  • The technique boost must be from the same Rune to increase the boost level.
  • A Commander's Emblem cannot be synthesized with an Alban Knights Emblem.
    • In addition, Commander's Emblems cannot be activated when Alban Knights Emblems are and vice versa.

Commander's Emblem Technique Boost Effects

A particular Commander's Emblem may boost 1 of 5 techniques. (Phantasmal Sight, Fateweaver, Tenacious Taunt, Zone of Renewal, Unified Might)

Technique Bonus Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv5
Phantasmal Sight Additional Damage
+0.4% +0.8% +1.2% +1.6% +2%
Fateweaver Duration Increase +2sec +4sec +6sec +8sec +10sec
Tenacious Taunt Duration Increase +1.2sec +2.4sec +3.6sec +4.8sec +6sec
Zone of Renewal Area of Effect
Range Increase
50cm 100cm 150cm 200cm 250cm
Unified Might Accumulated Damage
Limit Increase
7,000 14,000 21,000 28,000 35,000