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The Technique button on the gamebar.
The main Technique management screen.
  • Techniques are unique abilities that grant multiple passive and active effect.
    • Players must equip the technique in order to activate its effect.
      • Passive techniques will be effective as long as they are equipped.
      • Active techniques must be equipped to be activated, and the effect lasts until the duration timer ends or the technique was unequipped.
    • Up to 5 Techniques can be equipped at a time.
    • Up to 5 premade sets of Techniques can be prepared.
  • Techniques are unlocked during Generation 22: Apocalypse. At first, one Technique is given, but more are gradually rewarded upon completing later quests.
  • Techniques need certain requirements to be met in order to be used.
    • Some requirements are one-off, like obtaining a title.
    • Other requirements are constant checks, like needing to wear a specific item or have a base stat be a specific value or higher.


Briogh of Achievement.
Briogh of Challenge.
Briogh of Discipline.
I was forced to abandon all that I had, all that I was, and grow. (...) I was finally able to surpass what I thought were my limits.



  • Briogh is the means to surpass one's own limits. It is the lifeblood of what powers Techniques, and consequently the Experience used to level them.
  • There are three types of Briogh: Achievement, Challenge, and Discipline.
  • Each briogh type is used for the correspondingly colored techniques.
    • Red techniques use Briogh of Achievement, obtained by leveling up (+10).
    • Green techniques use Briogh of Challenge, obtained by completing Dungeons or Shadow Missions (+50).
      • The Crystal Defender minigame in Festia, various non-combat Shadow Missions for mainstream quests, and more count.
    • Blue techniques use Briogh of Discipline, obtained by doing repeatable quests (+50).
      • Daily Quests, turning in Fomor Scrolls, Glenis' cooking quests, Stardust quests and more count.


  • Techniques are ranked up by putting Briogh, Briogh Crystals of Achievement.png Briogh Crystals of Challenge.png Briogh Crystals of Discipline.png Briogh Crystals, and AP into them.
    • Up to 5000 of each type of Briogh may be held before it needs to be spent.
    • 1500 Briogh of each type may be earned each real-life week, resetting at 12:00am PDT100 on Samhain (Saturday).
    • Every day, 10 AP can be converted into any Briogh type at a rate of 1 AP for 10 Briogh.
      • Briogh converted from AP does not contribute to the limit that can be earned every week.
    • Starting at level 4, techniques will require Briogh Crystals to advance to the next rank.
      • Briogh Crystals can be obtained by clearing Tech Duinn missions.
      • Fragmenting Advanced Briogh Crystals can produce normal Briogh Crystals.
    • Starting at level 7, techniques will require Advanced Briogh Crystals to advance even further to the next rank.

Techniques List

Added In Techniques of Achievement (Red) Techniques of Challenge (Green) Techniques of Discipline (Blue)
Generation 22: Apocalypse Technique Iron Will.png
Iron Will
Technique Dampen Shock.png
Dampen Shock
Technique Vital Surge.png
Vital Surge
Technique Blunting Field.png
Blunting Field
Technique Defiance.png
Technique Time Shift.png
Time Shift
Technique Relentless Assault.png
Relentless Assault
Technique Exploit Weakness.png
Exploit Weakness
Technique Redoubled Offensive.png
Redoubled Offensive
Technique Elemental Attunement.png
Elemental Attunement
Generation 23: Tempest Technique Fateweaver.png
Technique Tenacious Taunt.png
Tenacious Taunt
Technique Phantasmal Sight.png
Phantasmal Sight
Technique Zone of Renewal.png
Zone of Renewal
Technique Unified Might.png
Unified Might
Generation 24: Ascension Technique Continuous Awakening.png
Continuous Awakening
Technique Protective Touch.png
Protective Touch
Shield (Technique)
Generation 25: Eclipse Technique Seal Pragarah.png
Seal: Pragarah

Limited Techniques

  • These techniques are a part of specific content.
  • They cannot be leveled.
  • They cannot be used anywhere else than the content they were created for.
  • Only one of them can be chosen by the player.
  • Each Technique provides various buffs related to other techniques and specific skills.
  • See their respective pages for more information.
Tank Damage Support
Subject Theta: Containment Technique Guardian Impulse.png
Guardian Impulse
Technique Dynamis Rush.png
Dynamis Rush
Technique Steadfast Blessing.png
Steadfast Blessing


  • The characters depicted on some Techniques are actual NPCs and locations:
    • Reno is pictured on the Relentless Assault, Dynamis Rush and Guardian Impulse and possibly Iron Will techniques.
    • Tion is pictured on the Dynamis Rush technique.
    • Vay is pictured on the Steadfast Blessing Technique.
    • Pontiff's Court is depicted on the Phantasmal Sight technique.