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Constellation Event

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Constellation Event banner
January 21st, 2016 - February 18th, 2016
June 28th, 2018 - July 19th, 2018


The Astrologers of Erinn have a puzzle on their hands. Lately the stars have been acting odd and losing their brilliance. The Constellations themselves have faded from sight, and it is believed that they have been scared from their place in the heavens, fleeing into dungeons throughout Erinn, and they have called upon the heroes of Erinn to investigate and restore their rightful place in the stars!

How to Participate:

  • Visit the Night Watcher in Dunbarton to designate a main character for the event. Only one character per account can be selected.
  • The Night Watcher will ask you to restore the nine lost constellations by entering dungeons throughout Erinn. Each Constellation Dungeon will require a Fomor Pass to enter, and participating characters will get one Fomor Pass per day. Completing each quest will reward:
    • 20,000 EXP per dungeon
    • An Astrologer's Box
    • Standard dungeon rewards
    • A Mobile Homestead prop specific to the rescued Constellation
  • Once all nine Constellations have been restored, return to the Night Watcher to collect the grand reward:
    • 10,000 EXP
    • Nine Constellation Transformation Medals
  • Including 5,000 EXP from the intro quest, a total of 195,000 EXP can be earned through the Constellation Event. [1]



Astrologer's Box


Opening the Astrologer's Box will randomly reward one of the following items:

Magic Powder



Homestead Seeds


Constellation Homestead Props

Earn the Homestead Prop by completing the Constellation's Dungeon, 12 Star Fragments are needed to restore a Constellation and complete its respective quest.

Constellation Transformations

After completing all 9 Constellation restoration quests, players will be awarded 9 Constellation Transformation Medals, which can be used to receive the following transformations:

  • Lost Arachne
  • Lost Aries
  • Lost Draco
  • Lost Golem
  • Lost Lynx
  • Lost Monoceros
  • Lost Serpens
  • Lost Ursa Minor
  • Lost Vulpecula