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Cookie Wand Event (2009)

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For similar events, see Cookie Wand Event (disambiguation).
September 23rd, 2009 - October 6th, 2009


It’s time to satisfy Erinn’s sweet tooth. The Cookie Wand Event has begun! With the help of a magical cookie wand (buy one from Ruwai the Otter, located in the village of Cor), you can create delicious cookie sculptures of the monsters wandering throughout Erinn. You’ll need a supply of chocolate ingredients and one of three flavors of wand: chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.

Got the necessary ingredients and ready for some sugary goodness? Then venture into the wilderness to find a muse for your cookie. When you’ve found a creature that catches your eye (remember that powerful monsters won’t let you shape them into cookies), equip your Cookie Wand and click on the monster, just like you’re about to attack.

But instead of hitting the monster, you’ll begin to create a magical cookie of the creature you targeted. If successful, you’ll create a delicious treat in the perfect likeness of that monster. Then eat the cookie for stat bonuses! The bonuses you receive depend on the flavor of the cookie. Happy “baking”![1]


Chocolate Cookie Wand.png Strawberry Cookie Wand.png Vanilla Cookie Wand.png
1 x 3
  • Ruwai in Cor sells Chocolate Ingredients and Cookie Wands which comes in three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla (shown above).
  • With the ingredients and the wand, attack any monster to create a life-size cookie with the Cookie Wand action.
  • The wands are edible and when eaten will cause a short animation with the statement "The Chocolate Cookie tastes bitter when eaten alone."
  • After eating any type of cookie wand the following temporary stat boosts are received.
    • 5 HP, 5 MP, 5 Stamina and 5 Intelligence.


Chocolate Cookie Event
How to Get Quest

Log in during Event Time

Briefing You can turn a monster into a chocolate with the mysterious Chocolate Cookie that Ruwai sells. -Tupai-

* Talk to Tupai


Monster Cookie

A vanilla Young Elephant cookie on the ground.
Monster Cookie.png Strawberry Monster Cookie.png Chocolate Monster Cookie.png
2 x 2

A cookie shaped like a monster. You can choose to eat it, or drop it on the ground as a decoration. Note that if it is dropped, it will disappear after a set period of time. Only the maker of the Monster Cookie can pick it up.

  • Keep in mind that the monster cookies are in the shape of the respective monster when dropped on the ground or first created; however, every cookie is the same visual shape when seen in inventory, regardless of the monster's shape.

After eating the cookie, you will receive a temporary stat bonus.

  • Strawberry Monster Cookie gives 16 MP, 7 Intelligence and 7 Will.
  • Chocolate Monster Cookie gives 16 HP, 7 Strength and 7 Will.
  • Vanilla Monster Cookie gives 16 Stamina, 7 Dexterity and 7 Will.