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Don't Give Up! Trefor's Training Towards Veteranship

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Don't Give Up! Trefor's Training Towards Veteranship[1]
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This book contains the story of Trefor's training to become a veteran warrior in an essay format.

Obtain From Ranald
Price 1000
Tradability Untradable
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Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

written by Trefor

-Trefor. You've studied under me for many years now...there's nothing more I have left to teach you. I think you should leave this town and travel to expand your knowledge.

This was when I was still training under teacher Ranald. Ranald called me one day and mentioned this. I quickly retorted.

-No, master! I still have a lot to learn from you. It's my dream to become a skilled warrior like you one day. I will not leave this town until I have fulfilled that dream. If I don't, I'll only become a disgrace to this town.

-Hmm...I'm impressed by your dedication. So you don't want to leave town...
Is that your only reason?

...He was too smart for that. I didn't know what to say. Then Ranald gently gazed at me and spoke. don't have to try to cover that red face.

If you want to remain in town and help me, let me suggest to you this one training. Do you think you can fill your Inventory with eggs and engage in combat without getting knocked down once?

-Fill my Inventory...with eggs? That's...that's impossible teacher. That would be a total of 60...5 dozen eggs! How am I suppose to fight holding all those eggs?

-Hmm...I guess it's still too much for you to handle. Very well then. I'll reduce it to just 1 egg. If you fall, it won't matter whether you have 1 or 60 eggs...

-Haha, sure! That would be a piece of cake.

-...You're forgetting something very important...Trefor. It's not about the number of eggs. I still haven't told you who you'll have to fight.

-...Who...who's that?

-The person I want you to fight is in the boss room of Rabbie dungeon...and one more condition. You must go alone to fight this person. If you receive help from anyone, you will have failed.


So, that's how I ended up in Rabbie dungeon, carrying 1 egg. At first, I thought I would immediately find this person.

To be honest, I wanted to know who was inside the boss room of Rabbie dungeon, so I asked around town. But everyone I asked, either said they didn't know or gave me a strange smile.

Nevermind getting to the boss; I had a hard enough time fighting Mimics near the dungeon. The Skeletons and Wolf Skeletons that jumped out from the dark were no joke either. And worst were those dirty Country Rats! I hate rats! Sometimes, I even accidentally placed the egg I was suppose to carry on the alter.

Then, I suddenly realized what Ranald's training was all about. It wasn't only about the boss but defeating all the other monsters along the way without dropping the egg as well.

I admit I was a little slow to catch on, but I finally understood. There was nothing stopping me now! Finally, I was able to arrive at the boss room of the dungeon without breaking the egg.

But the boss wasn't anything like I expected. It wasn't a creepy looking monster...but a beautiful woman in a black dress. Her face was astonishing...When she spoke with her smooth seductive voice, my brain froze over. I couldn't think. But, let me make one thing clear. She still wasn't as beautiful as Dilys, the healer in the north side of town...

I can't help but get weak around beautiful women....I just lose all my strength. Everytime I came out of the dungeon, my pants were soaked from the cracked egg in my pocket. I tried a total of 86 times...Later I realized that this woman was Succubus.

I went to Ranald and complained.

-Teacher, the task you gave me is too hard. How am I suppose to defeat Succubus?

Ranald smiled and said to me.

-You must not hesitate changing your skill. Even if you have selected a skill, don't be stubborn with it, and you have to be able to read the opponent's skill quickly...

-...I don't understand.


Breaking a long silence, Ranald handed me something.

-This is a golden egg. Dilys, the healer, told me to give it to you.
...Hey, I didn't say eat it! Carry it to remind yourself of her love.

I was so touched. I was embarrassed that I had been so easily seduced by Succubus' beauty and forgot all about my Dilys.

I tightly held the golden egg in my hand, reinvigorated, and went back to Rabbie dungeon.


That very day, I defeated Succubus and I didn't fall once, thanks to Ranald and Dilys. Succubus tried to seduce me as usual but it couldn't overpower my love for Dilys.

I wanted to run over to the Healer's House and ask her to marry me...but when I mentioned the golden egg, she looked at me with a blank stare and asked why she would ever give me such an expensive item? Ranald had lied to me...

However, I learned something. He wasn't simply teaching me combat skills, but he was trying to help me overcome my shyness with women.

Though he lied to me about the golden egg, after I beat Succubus, Ranald treated me like a true warrior.

This doesn't just apply to me, by the way. If you come out of Rabbie dungeon after beating Succubus, making sure the golden egg is not cracked in your inventory, you too be acknowledged as a skilled warrior. You might also learn how to confidently talk to women! Trust me~

If you are interested in becoming a true warrior, no, a skilled warrior, I suggest you take on the golden egg training. There's nothing more motivating than receiving a golden egg from someone you love.

After beating Succubus, I was able to do it again numerous times, even holding a water bottle on my head. The town's people who saw how many times i had tried before succeeding began calling me Trefor 86, the master of the Underworld Invader.

...However, I still can't help but turn red in front of the person I like.