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Portrait of TreforFile:Trefor.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Guard
Location Tir Chonaill
(North Path)
Track The Privilege of Great Cause
Nothing else while on duty...



A specimen with a nice-looking armor that contours to his body, and a sword of average length fastened to his waist. He is definitely something to see... It's hard to see his face since the helmet covers his face up to his nose, but one cannot help but notice his passionate eyes shining through the slit on the helmet. His firmly closed lips seem to represent his will not show any emotion.

Trefor is the guard of Tir Chonaill. Protecting the path leading to Alby Dungeon and Sidhe Sneachta, he is seen wearing leather armor and his distinctive helmet.


Despite people's disbelief, he was a masterful student of Ranald. It is said that Trefor remained in Tir Chonaill to continue to study and train under him. Whether he is a trustworthy person outside combat, however, is debatable.
In addition, Ranald sells a book: "Don't Give Up! Trefor's Training Towards Veteranship" for 1k G. It was personally written by Trefor himself.

According to the book he wrote, the townspeople called him "Trefor 86, the Master of the Underworld Invader" (which is not an actual title). Also, because he defeated a Succubus with a non-cracked Gold Egg, he would have gotten "the Experienced" title.

His continuous references to Dilys and his leaving his personal effects in the healer's house for safekeeping suggest his attachment towards her.

Mainstream Story




Party Quest Price
Hunt White Spiders (10) 5g
Hunt Black Spiders (10) 5g
Hunt Red Spiders (10) 5g
Hunt White Spiders (30) 10g
Hunt Black Spiders (30) 10g
Hunt Red Spiders (30) 20g
Hunt Down the Coyotes 20g
Etc. Price
Battle Arena : Aim for a Giant Star 130g


Trefor has authored multiple books:



Track Title
The Privilege of Great Cause
Speaking to Trefor


  • If one speaks to Trefor with the keyword "Nearby Rumors" with the Healer's House Part-Time Job, a short conversation is initiated during which Trefor asks the player if Dilys has spoken of him lately.
  • In his RP Quest, Trefor is level 73.
  • While the game client attempts to render parts of Tir Chonaill as a player moves around, Trefor may appear without a helmet for a brief period of time if a player logs in near Trefor, or simply goes by him too quickly. Trefor has default red hair and can be seen briefly as the game client attempts to load Trefor's full model.
  • Trefor is the only NPC who wears a full guardian set. Players cannot complete the set due to the Guardian Suit was never released for the NPC. (Besides alpha test(2002) in Korean server.)
    • While the town and Erinn Martial Arts Competition of Trefor uses the renewed model, some of the old combat tutorial video and his RP dungeon model still showing his old model.

Trefor's Skills

Type Skill and Rank



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