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Portrait of Dougal
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Town Guard
Location Tir Chonaill (Another World)
(Another World)

Track Leaning on a Cane


The young man is of medium height with sandy hair down to his shoulders, his eyes the color of ash. His leg seems to be bothering him, as he is shifting his weight onto the wooden cane in his right hand. His well defined chin, serene eyes and lips convey a handsome charm, but his eyes seem dry and desolate.

Dougal seems to be the only living human left in Tir Chonaill's parallel self. Tasked with guarding the deserted town, Dougal carries on his job with a hint of cynical humor. He himself claims that he was just some loser ordered to take care of a town with nothing in it.

Lately, people claiming to be from another world have been coming to the town, and his place is where they usually head first. Despite the lack of infrastructure and support in the town, he is at least able to offer basic healing items for sale to weary travelers. In addition, if players are to complete a quest for hunting zombies, Dougal will enable them to revive at the Tir Chonaill of Another World instead of Erinn's Bangor.

Mainstream Story



  • Dougal is a variant of the name Dubhgall which is a combination of the words dubh (meaning black, black-haired, evil, or dark) and gall (meaning foreigner).
  • He is neutral on the view of Paladins and Dark Knights, stating that "The shinier [it is] on the outside, the darker it is on the inside."
  • When you use the Keyword "Where Black Wizard Is" in 'Becoming a Dark Knight' quest, he disappoints to the player that 'Milletian is no different than other humans who greed for power'. But respect the player's choice and warns about 'once you become a dark knight, there's no turning back (Paladin)'.