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Dragon Boat Racing Event (2009)

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August 19th, 2009 - September 1st, 2009


As more and more adventuerers[sic] enter the dangerous Suytu river in attempts to learn the ancient secrets of Irinid or obtaining new magical skills, the natives of Courcle have decided to hold an event that challenges the strength, skill, and determination of the residents of Erinn. This event is named after the most powerful creatures to grace the land of Iria: dragons. You will be able to gather friends in order to control dragon-themed boats in a race to see who can get down the river the fastest!

Head to the northern-most dock in Courcle, which is just west of La Terra Highlands. Create a party and speak to the Native dockmaster and ask to create a dragon boat, 'Request Raft Craft.' This option normally creates a wooden raft, but for the duration of the event, dragon boats will be created instead. The party will then board the boat and each member may man an oar. For each person on an oar, the faster the boat will go.

Take heed! Just like the normal rafts, hobgoblins will try to ruin your cruise by leaping onto your boat. Fend them off while trying to keep up your speed.

If your crew can finish the race within 8 minutes, each member of your party will be rewarded with a prize![1]

Basic Info

During the event period, when requesting to create a raft at the Native NPC, a Dragon Boat will be made rather than a regular raft. Eight people may board the boat and each member may man an oar. For each person on an oar and paddling, the faster the boat will go. If your crew reaches the dock at Cor in under 8 minutes, each member of your party will be rewarded with a prize.

While on the dragon boat, you can still gain stars to trade in for regular rafting rewards at a Native NPC but will only be able to trade the stars in at the beginning or end as you will be unable to dock in the middle of the ride.


A group of players on a Dragon Boat.
  • Click on one of the oars on the sides of the Boat. Your character will start steering and will be unable to use any other skills. However, your character may use transformation while paddling.
  • Eight players may paddle at once, each one making the Boat move faster. However, multiple people steering different directions will make the Boat move slower, if at all.
  • Remember that the paddling/rafting skill may be used when stunned or knocked down. This means that as long you are close to the oar, you can instantly start paddling again even if you are interrupted by an attack.
  • Simply click and hold the arrow of the direction you want to turn the raft to steer it. It is better to work in cooperation with your teammates in order to finish the river in time.
  • Click the paddling icon above your head or the 'Cancel Steering' button below the steering arrows to, at any time, cancel steering. You will automatically stop steering when attacked by a monster.
  • Regarding the waterfall, you do not need to steer to avoid it. Even if you don't steer, you will not enter the waterfall. However, this does not mean you can't go down the waterfall. Should the boat be steered right at the fork, you will still go down the falls.
  • There also seems to be a glitch near the fork of the waterfall, where you can enter from the middle and start rafting on rocks.
  • Stamina has no effect on speed whatsoever, but paddling does consume stamina.


DragonBoatRacePrize.png When you finish the race in under 8 minutes, you will get a Dragon Boat Race Prize item in your inventory. This item takes up 1x1 slot and when you open it (right-click and press "Use") you will receive a reward.


  • If you have an Ice Sword equipped, the oar will grow to a larger size or shrink to a smaller size depending on the size of your sword.
  • They also change size depending on your age and whether or not you are using your transformation.
  • If you are a Dark Knight, your oar will turn red as Dark Knight Disarm activates.
  • If you have a ghost sword equipped or in an auxiliary slot, the oar will become invisible and you will be holding your weapon as you row instead.
  • If you do a gesture before clicking on the oar, while being right next to it so there's no need for your character to move, you will row with your equipped weapons.