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Dungeon Fountains

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For the Rank B Enchant, see Rank B Enchants#Fountain.

Basic Information

  • Every dungeon may have a fountain sitting in the middle of a room or corridor. Drinking from them has various effects based on the color.
  • The same fountain can have a different effect for each person in the dungeon.
  • Each player may only drink from the same fountain once.

Blue Fountain Effects

A blue fountain.

Blue fountains restores or removes Health, Mana, Stamina, Wounds and Hunger, and may also include experience, gold, and blessings.


  • +1,000 or 10,000 EXP
  • Blessings on all equipment (If all items are blessed, this will not occur.)
  • Blessing on one piece of equipment (If all items are blessed, this will not occur.)
  • Gold is dropped (100 ~ 2475)
  • Hunger is subsided (Food 100%)
  • Mana restored
  • Life restored (Wounds are not restored, however)
  • Stamina restored
  • Wounds restored


  • Blessings on all equipment disappears
  • Blessing on one piece of equipment disappears
  • Player's stamina is dropped to 0
  • Player's stamina is reduced to 0 with 50% Food.
  • Player receives wounds between 10% ~ 95%
    • There is a glitch that when this effect happens while Mana Shield is enabled, the player's mana decreases below -100% of its original value.

Red Fountain Effects

A red fountain.

Red fountains increases or decreases the player stats, lasting for ?.


  • +1,000 EXP
  • Health +8~9
  • Mana +8
  • Intelligence +6
  • Dexterity +7
  • Will +3
  • Luck +2~5
  • Max Damage +3~7
  • Critical +5~7


  • Health -2~9
  • Stamina -3
  • Strength -2
  • Intelligence -1~3
  • Dexterity -3
  • Will -2~-3
  • Luck -2
  • Critical -3