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Portrait of FerghusFile:Ferghus.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Blacksmith and
Weapons Dealer
Location Tir Chonaill
(Blacksmith's Shop)
Part-Time Job Blacksmith Shop
12:00 noon - 7:00 pm
Report From: 1:00 pm
Repair Blacksmith Repairs, 90%
Track Moonshine Resting on the Hammer
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His bronze complexion shines with the glow of vitality. His distinctive facial outline ends with a strong jaw line covered with dark beard. The first impression clearly shows he is a seasoned blacksmith with years of experience. The wide-shouldered man keeps humming with a deep voice while his muscular torso swings gently to the rhythm of the tune.

Ferghus is the blacksmith of Tir Chonaill. Though middle-aged, his well-defined musculature attests to his background and experience. He is most known for his less-than-artful management of travelers' equipment, many of which have met their fate under his hammer. Strangely, he can upgrade equipment with no problems at all while repairing them is not his strong suit.

Occasionally, he is seen heavily intoxicated with his faithful friend, Ranald.


Ferghus's nickname is Weapon Breaker. You have been warned.


—Loading Screen Tip

Ferghus can do blacksmith repairs which means he can repair all weapons (except wands and staves), heavy armor, helmets, greaves, and gauntlets. His repair success rate is low (90% success rate for unblessed items which is the second lowest of any NPC performing blacksmith repairs). He often warns players, unfortunately after finishing any repairs, about the importance of blessing their items with a Holy Water of Lymilark in order to improve his chances of successfully repairing them. The rate gives him his infamous reputation with others.

Many NPCs, such as Edern and Jenna, claim Ferghus is a terrible equipment handler, as he breaks them very often. Also, a loading screen tip labels him "Weapon Breaker," a hint where Ferghus constantly breaks items. A demonstrated example is in Episode 4 of Lorna & Pan. After Lorna obtained 'the Golem Slayer' title, she went to the infamous blacksmith to repair her Longsword, which she had bought from him in Episode 3. However, Ferghus accidentally broke all of its durability, leaving Lorna in shock. Pan then stated that Ferghus was never a great blacksmith, a valid reason to not repair items with him.

  • According to Edern, Ferghus was once a student of his, always clumsy and breaking things more often than fixing.
  • According to Padan, Ferghus is no longer allowed to do repair work for Padan's troops, or the royal guards of Tara, most likely due to his tendency to break equipment.

Mainstream Story



Favorite Items

NPC Intimacy

  • By giving desired items, a player can increase their intimacy with Ferghus, however, giving an undesired item may decrease it.
  • If a desired item is sold by more than one NPC then the name of the closest to Ferghus is in bold.
Desired Gift Price Sold by
Wine 200g Caitin, Glenis, Jennifer
Wild Ginseng 500g Caitin, Glenis, Jennifer
Underwear Set 600g Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites, Zeder


Part-Time Jobs

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Track Title
Moonshine Resting on the Hammer
Speaking to Ferghus