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April Fool's Event

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March 31st, 2010 - April 07th, 2010
March 30th, 2011 - April 06th, 2011
Here to guide you to Erinn. Pray you get there.


Every day, log on during the event will result in a player's character entering the Soul Stream, as would occur on a character's birthday (when a premium service is active). But this time there is a twist: instead of Nao, Ferghus will appear to give a gift to the character. Ferghus does a humorous rendition of Nao's appearance and departure in the Soul Stream.

Note: If it is a character's birthday and a Premium Service is active, Nao will appear first, so re-log or change channels to see Ferghus.

Ferghus's Description in Soul Stream

He is wearing a simple black vest. And his trimmed beard has a mysterious quality about it that is rather mesmerizing. His nicely tanned, bronzed skin that glows in the sun and his muscular build seem rather otherworldly, perhaps even out of place.

Ferghus's Dialogue

Nice to see you,

I have a special gift for you, since it's a special day...

(Ferghus takes something out of his pocket and hands it to you.)

Don't look at it just now. Check your inventory later.

(Ferghus smiles at you.)

Thank you for visiting...


Ferghus's Free Repair Coupon