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Fishing Event (2010)

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September 29th, 2010 - October 12th, 2010

Basic Information

Visit Petra's boat or the shores of Port Ceann, equip a normal fishing pole and some bait purchased from any general store merchant in Erinn, and cast your line into the oceanic waters. During this special event, you have a chance to reel in items such as Cat Paw Bell Club, Dustin Silver Knight Sword, Ivory Sword, Chic Suit, and Jagged Mini Skirt.

If you want even rarer items, visit the Mabinogi Cash Shop! There, you can pick up a special Tackle Box that contains a special event fishing pole as well as 100 event fishing bait. You may restock event fishing bait as well from the Cash Shop. If you want to vastly improve your chances of getting items over fish and quest scrolls, pick up a Fishing Booster potion as well! A fishing booster potion will increase your auto-catch rate by 50% as well as reducing your chances to catch fish and quest scrolls. By using these items, you have the chance to fish up Elementary School Uniforms, Chinese Dragon Boots, Penguin Robe, Sea Bream Robe, and Shark Robe![1]


Note: The Item Piecing W22 rod made from handicraft and usable at a Fishing rank of 5 or higher is not affected by this event. You will get regular catches.

List for non-event fished items:


These items can be fished up with a regular Fishing Pole and bait. Aside from the event items mentioned below, the same items that can be regularly fished up are available. However, rare items seem to be caught slightly more often. All items fished up will have 0 durability with the exception of non-repairable items (ex. Ivory Sword) which will have full durability.


Note: You only need the Fishing Contest Fishing Rod at the Fishing Boat to fish up "Premium" items. If you fish with normal bait and a Fishing Contest Fishing Rod in Port Ceann you will fish up items as if no event is taking place.

To fish up these items, you must purchase a Fishing Event Tackle Box from the Item Shop for 1,800 NX and fish with the provided fishing pole and Fishing Contest Bait Tin. Please note that this particular rod and bait cannot be traded with other players.