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Dustin Silver Knight Vambraces

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Equipped Dustin Silver Knight Vambraces viewed from the front Equipped Dustin Silver Knight Vambraces viewed from the side Equipped Dustin Silver Knight Vambraces viewed from the back Equipped Dustin Silver Knight Vambraces viewed from an angle
Front Side Back Angled

A gold pair of gloves worn with Dustin Silver Knight Armor.

For the special-colored versions, go here.

Base Stats and Information

Icon of Dustin Silver Knight Vambraces
2 × 2
Base Stats Limitations
Defense 2 Durability 17 Human M Human F Magic Equip
94% = 145 G
95% = 169 G
96% = 194 G
97% = 242 G
98% = 339 G
100% = 679 G
Protection 1 Upgrade 0 Elf M Elf F
Magic Defense 0
NPC Value?
10,000 G
Giant M Giant F
Magic Protection 0 Worn On Hand Enchant Reforge
Enchant Types?100 / Handgear / Steel / Gauntlet / 
Other Information
  • Part of the Dustin Silver Knight Set.
  • +2 Explosion Defense
  • +4 Stamina Usage Reduction
    • If crafted with a high enough quality, the item will receive an additional +1 Explosion Defense.
    • Status effects will only apply when the wearer has at least 10 points in that particular status from a combination of equipment.
    • See Equipment Combination Effects for more information.
Obtained From?100
Sold By?
  • None

Blacksmithing Requirements

Manual's Name Manual's
Manual's Obtainment In-progress
Materials Needed
per Attempt
Avg. Completion
per Success
Smith Guide.png
Blacksmithing Manual -
Dustin Silver Knight Vambrace
1 55,000 138,000 G
Production Gachapon
Dustin Silver Knight Vambrace Craft.png Iron Ingot × 10
Fine Leather Strap × 4
Braid × 4
Finest Fabric × 3
Fine Silk × 2
Approx. 10 attempts.

Dye Details

Items can be dyed using Dye Ampoules. The colors available depend on the palette of the part to be dyed.

  Part A Part B Part C
Dyed Part Entire Vambrace - -
Palette Used Armor Metal Armor Metal Armor Metal

Used In


  • Required as a sacrifice for Two-handed Sword/Blunt/Axe and Lance item types. Upgrades a Rank S - Lv35 item to Rank S - Lv36 when successful.
    • The blacksmithed item must have the maker's signature in order to qualify for sacrifice.