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For the Tin extracted from metal conversion, see Tin Ore Fragment.
Portrait of Tin
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Human Tutorial Helper of Uladh
Pet Rebirth Helper
Location Forest of Souls

Track Please Don't Touch the Helmet
Welcome, (Character Name). This is your first time here, yes? I'm surprised by how exactly Nao described you.




A little boy with heavy helmet is looking in my direction. The helmet is very well polished and features a dragon on the top, but prevents me from being able to see his face. He speaks in a low voice, and every once in a while places his left hand on his chin to keep his helmet on, as it slips off little by little.

Tin is the tutorial helper in the Forest of Souls. His appearance is deceptive; he claims to have been reborn not too long ago. Before, he was so old that he grew tired of counting his age.

He is also responsible for training Beginners via the Beginner Battle Class Board and is responsible for the rebirth of Pets; he will appear in place of Nao to process the rebirth.


Rebirthing players who talk to Tin will receive a Fixed Color Dye Ampoule along with a Nao's Gift Collection Book, but only if they are rebirthing into a hero talent and choose to rebirth in Tir Chonaill. In rare cases, he may show a Fixed Flashing Dye. In asking Tin to show a different color dye, it is important to remember that he will only show 10 different dyes before stopping. Upon reaching the last one, players will be stuck with that color. If the player disconnects from the game while choosing a dye, upon re-logging in and speaking to Tin, they will resume at the previous dye they were on and continue until the tenth dye. (Example: If one disconnects on the 7th dye, he/she will continue from the 7th dye out of 10 upon speaking to Tin again.)


Although Tin is seemingly closely acquainted with Nao and familiar with the abstract realm of Soul Stream, rarely does he speak about himself or how he has acquired such knowledge. It is known that Fleta is his aunt, however.

Mainstream Story


Tin has authored multiple books:

Keyword Responses

See Tin/Keyword Responses.



Track Title
Please don't touch the helmet
Speaking to Tin



  • A sign in the Forest of Souls suggests that Tin intends to build his house overlooking Tir Chonaill, on the hill behind its Church.