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Nearby Rumors Keyword

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Nearby Rumors
Talk about ongoing rumors or specific people.

NPC Responses

NPC Pic Location Gen Response
Soul Stream 1
  • (before Generation 1?) People that are from Soul Stream seem to love having houses of their own. A lot of the houses are built in the Dugald Aisle and Sen Mag residential districts, and people who decorate them and even convert them into stores! (Character Name), you should stop by those areas one of these days...
  • (before Generation 1?) There's an oasis in the desert Elf village, Filia. The tower which stands over the clear, glowing horizon adds to the mysteriousness of the oasis. Between the powerful gusts of the sand storms and the calmness of the oasis... The mysteries of the desert can be quite marvelous, wouldn't you agree?
  • (before Generation 1?) I heard you can find apple trees a couple of miles away from town. There's nothing like taking a delicious bite out those apples when you're hungry and out of Gold. I think they are toooooooootally awesome!
    Oops. I promised myself not to speak like that anymore. I am sorry. I apologize.
  • (after Generation 1?) As the Goddess said, I'm not sure what the Fomors' plans are.
    I can't go anywhere since I'm guarding the Soul Stream here. However, I'm always watching over you, (Character Name).
    Take good care of yourself, ok? If there's anything I can do for you, I'll always help you in anyway I can.
Qilla Base Camp (Tutorial) 4
  • Well, I have a particular love for animals. So, when I heard that you can see all sorts of amazing animals in Iria, far more interesting than the ones you see in zoos back home, I came over as soon as the nautical route opened up.
    But now that I've come here, I see that the land is quite vast and wide. I think it is going to take quite some time to explore the entire continent. But while I'm here, I plan to just take my time and enjoy myself.
Vales (Giant Tutorial) 6
  • (obtain General Shop Keyword) Um... (Character Name)? Do you any chance what Taunes likes? No, you got it all wrong.
    It's not what you think, (Character Name). I just have to repay him for something, and I heard that he's not feeling too well these days.
    Come on, stop giving me that look... You got it all wrong...
    (Meriel's face turns bright red.)
  • Besides Ffion and Tin, I made my first friend here in Physis. Before I came here I wasn't sure I could really make friends.
    Anytime someone would come up to me, I would be afraid that they were going to make fun of me.
    But you know what? As I observed the Giants, who seem more isolated and hardened than me,
    I actually feel more confident. Now, I have the courage to talk to a stranger first.
  • Zeder always whines and complains about his job, but he still comes by here often.
    He says it's on the way for his delivery. Who knows? I heard there are a lot more part-timers, but seeing that he needs to make deliveries himself, he must still be busy.
    Sometimes when he stops by he brings me some warm coconut cookies from Wanst's Pub.
    It's nice that he updates me on the town news and brings me random things here and there, but I don't know... he's a bit snappy.
    I feel like he's just cold toward me, and sometimes I wonder why. In the end, I don't know what goes on in his mind.
  • A lot of people ask me if I get lonely since most of the people here are Giants, but the Giants treat me well, and I like this place.
    To be honest, I didn't know about the different races before I came to Iria.
    Oh, I heard there is a group of Elves who live across Lutra River... Have you heard of that by any chance, (Character Name)?
    I personally don't know a lot about Elves, but according to Zeder, he says they are scary looking monsters with pointy ears that blow out fire.
    Ah, I do get scared easily. When I hear a story like that I always have nightmares.
    So when someone tells me a scary story, I just plug my ears and don't listen.
  • When I see Giants who walk around carefree unaffected by the piercing wind, I realize that they really must have a different blood type than me.
    Other than that, I don't feel like they're too different from me.
Tir Chonaill (Forest of Spirits) 1
  • Are you off to Tir Chonaill? I suppose you'll be meeting Duncan first, right? Keep walking towards the opposite end of where I am standing, and that should lead you to Tir Chonaill.
    I created this temporary path. Shall I say, an invisible path to another world?
    Make sure to have everything ready when you head there, because once you are out of here, you can never come back. And don't waste your time trying to find this path later because I made it for my own personal use only.
    What personal reasons? Well, I need to find someone amongst this sea of newcomers and the reborn. I don't feel like doing it, but I have to...
    Anyway, standing here all day doing nothing can get boring in a hurry, so I'll be your buddy for the time being.
Filia (Elf Tutorial) 5
  • And speaking of Atrata in Filia... Well, I admit she's got her own attractive qualities, for sure. But as a senior in the game of life, I'd like to say one thing.
    You know girls like her, who look like they're about to burst into tears in any moment, those girls are just not the kinds you want to go be going after. yeah[sic], they seem pretty attractive on the outside, and they make you just want to hold them but just wait to jump right in there, you'll find yourself regretting ever getting involved with this big headache of a person. In contrast, the bright, happy and charming types like myself are much better in the long run... Hmmm...
  • Well, I used to like men like Granites before... the pretty boy types you know... But since I've been getting older, I'm finding that my tastes are changing.
    I'm finding guys like Hagel, the slightly older but kind of thicker guys, with big chests and hard buttocks a lot more appealing...
With the Milletian 21
  • (during First Memoir) Rumors around here? Hmm, I'm not sure...
    Oh! I heard that passerby have been hearing mysterious voices around here sometimes! C-could it be...a ghost?
    What? Was it MY voice they were hearing? C'mon, I don't run around just trying to spook people!
  • (during Second Memoir) I heard some people talking recently...
    There's a rumor about m-- Er, about a really pretty lady showing up around here!
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Ferghus? I don't know if he's a good blacksmith, but he's a nice person. Usually, when you ask him a question, he kindly answers everything... Go find out for yourself.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Oh, you know what? Some people were hitting the scarecrow at the School to practice their skills, and they wandered off and ruined the crops in the farmland. The owner got pretty upset about it.
  • (at low Intimacy) Something's strange about Piaras. They say it's because he traveled a lot and experienced many things. But the way he talks and acts... Does that really stem from having more experiences?
  • (at low Intimacy) A lot of people have been complaining about the Bank not working properly lately. Well, it's not my fault! I haven't stolen any money, geez! Hey, (Character Name). Don't tell me you think I'm doing something illegal?
  • (at low Intimacy) (Character Name), I think you may love gossiping more than I do.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Do you know anything about the Adelia Stream? The river near the Windmill is the Adelia Stream.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Some people should have been born as fish. They can't pass water without diving right in. I wish they'd stop.
    Not long ago, someone jumped into the reservoir and made a huge mess. Guess who got stuck cleaning it up? Sooo not my job.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • It was hard for you to get here, wasn't it? I bet if I were a little closer to the Square you would've come earlier. Hehe... Truthfully, it is kind of scary being next to the graveyard.
    At first I thought about opening the Healer's House near the Square but Duncan advised me that this place would be better for business. Actually, I haven't had many patients. Only people who come to hunt spiders and...Trefor, who stores his goods here...
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Have you heard of field bosses? They are very powerful monsters that appear randomly in places outside dungeons, like open fields. Field bosses are either a Fomor or an animal affected by the forces of evil and transformed into a huge, savage creature.
    Field bosses usually show up with several monsters with them, so they pose a big threat to travelers. If you want to face a field boss, the people in town will tell you about them if you ask about nearby rumors a few times.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Have you met Dilys? She's the town's Healer. Walk along the road heading northeast, and you will find the Healer's House. Make sure to meet her if you pass by there.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • The wind around Tir Chonaill is very strong. It even breaks the windmill blades. And I'm the one to fix them. Malcolm's got some skills, but I'm the one who deals with iron.
    I made those extra blades out there just in case. When the Windmill stops working, it's really inconvenient around here. It's always better to be prepared, isn't it?
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Farmland is just to the south of the School. They mainly grow wheat or barley, and the crop yields are enough for the people in Tir Chonaill. But I think there will be a shortage if travelers stay longer.
    That means no stealing crops for you!
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Tir Chonaill is a peaceful town. So when something happens, everyone in the town knows it right away. I warn you, some where humiliated because of that... Nothing is as important as being responsible for your own actions.
    If you behave like Tracy, you'll be in big trouble.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • The General Shop, Grocery Store and the Bank surround the Square of the town. A bit higher up the hill is the Chief's House.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • The Square is right up the little hill next to us. It's worth a visit if you have some time.
  • (at high Intimacy) Uncle Piras is very kind to me. I am grateful for that. He's such an important person to me.
  • (at high Intimacy) Caitin cooks food for our Inn. She must be very busy and tired because more travelers are coming to our town. Still, she never complains to anyone. I'm really impressed seeing how considerate she can be.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Why don't you talk to others in town? There's a good spot to meet people. The Town Square is right up this way. I suggest you try there first.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • A dinner with Ferghus usually leads to a bit of drinking to the end. You know he loves to drink, right? As a matter of fact, I like to drink, too. Hahaha...
Tir Chonaill 1
  • Recently, the people in this town have become somewhat anxious about the howling of wild animals outfit . For some reason, their howling seems to be getting a little bit closer each day.
    That's why I'm standing guard like this.
Sidhe Sneacha 1
  • This is Sidhe Sneachta... a land that is blocked away from the rest of the world.
    ...I'm surprised that you got through to here.
Tir Chonaill (during Chef Exam) 6 (unknown)
Tir Chonaill (Alby Arena) 1 -
Dugald Aisle 1
  • Looks like the people who talked to me before and don't really like my speaking style... Let me say something. These people just show up and start pestering me with all these silly questions, and I'm supposed to be polite to them all the time?
    What do you think? What? You don't like how I speak either?
Dugald Residential 3
  • I heard that this area used to be a huge forest. This area was actually used as a lumber yard when Dunbarton was first built, but after that, the officials decided it'd be a big waste of land to leave it like that, so the Kingdom actually opened the land to the public in exchange for taxes.
Dugald Residential 3
  • People like me, we've been living in this world for so long that we're all so jaded. I just mean that we're living, but it doesn't feel like we're really quite alive. Know what I mean? Rather than challenging ourselves to try new things, we're always just content with the way things are.
    ...That's why meeting people who've come here from other worlds is always qite an experience for me. I'm guessing it was probably that sense of challenge that brought them here in the first place but...
  • Hmmm. Do you know about this? Well, this area used to be occupied by a lot of residents a long time ago, but apparently since the War, it's fallen to ruins.
    ...The royal kingdom made efforts to revive the area but they apparently kept failing.
    So it must be for this reason that they decided it would be worth it to trust the Milletians' power of will, and created a town that is run by the Milletians themselves so that they could revive this area.
    ...I have nothing but the utmost respect for Milletians.
Cuilin Residential 13
  • It's a very quiet town. Not too many rumors here. That's why I like it here so much.
Cuilin Residential 13
  • You've got to be careful to keep reality and drama separate. They're different things, but often people confuse them. It's a sure way to get hurt, so always open your eyes to reality!
Dunbarton 1
  • If you want to properly train the stuff that's written on the book, why don't you first read the book in detail, then visit the school ? Oh, and don't forget to talk to Stewart when you're there.
  • [Favorable] Hmm. Have you, by any chance, been to Math Dungeon that's near here?
    When I was there, I received a telepathic message. It told me that only those who follow the way of music can break the seal.
    I was curious to see how to break it, so I looked into it. For the seals on Dugald Aisle, or in Rabbi[sic] or Ciar Dungeon, there is a book written by Jarman that covers it. But there seems to be nothing like that for Math Dungeon...
    A dungeon that's full of music... I want to go in there sometime just to see what it's like. How about you?
    Kristell did say that you might be able to enter if your three music-related skills are at least Rank D.
    How she knows something like that so well is beyond me...
  • [Extremely Intimate] Hehe. Actually, Stewart mentioned you the other day. He said you seemed like a good person, and that we'll get along well.
    Oh, and... Stewart really likes people who can handle all three elements. If you're interested in magic, try learning all three elements. You can buy the books here, hehe.
  • [Low Favor?]] I really don't like those people who buy a book, skin through it, just learn the skill, and then throw it away. A book as value in and of itself... There are plenty of helpful tips available if you read it carefully.
  • (if Mini Bear is present at West Osna Sail) Everyone's headed over to West Osna Sail because of the sudden appearance of Mini Bear. Aren't you going there, CharacterName?
Dunbarton 1
  • If you need a weapon for the training, why don't you go see Nerys in the south side? She runs the Weapons Shop.
  • (at high Intimacy) You seem to be from Tir Chonaill. Then you must be a Mylesian.[sic] Have you spoken with the combat teacher in Tir Chonaill? Ranald knows the basics through and through, so I can trust your competence to a certain extent if he taught you.
  • (at high Intimacy) Of course, there are times when you need to use enchanted weapons, but overly relying on such equipment shows distrust in yourself. For now, faithfully learn the basics.
    Learn the Defense skill thoroughly after the Combat Mastery and you will know the basics of a warrior.
  • (If Black Raccoon Family is present at South Dunbarton Castle)There has been a report of Black Raccoon Family showing up at South Dunbarton Castle!
Dunbarton 1
  • Are you from the north? Then you must be from the Ulaid region. Ulaid region is where the folks at Tir Chonaill live. They are the descendants of Partholon.
    I hear they used to be a kingdom, even though it has since turned into a small village. If you get to go there, say hello to the young lady at the Bank for me. Her name is Bebhinn.
  • (at high Intimacy) Ha ha. I'm generally quiet and not so interested in the affairs of others.
    I don't know anything at all about how Manus is suffering from constipation despite the fact that he's a healer, or how Aeira is head over the heels for Stewart. Haha...
  • (at high Intimacy) Everyone thought it was ridiculous to open a bank near the national border. But this region has been developing rapidly as of late, and is relatively safe. That's how I knew I could expand the business here.
    It will probably help you, too, to start developing an eye for the future even if others may think otherwise.
  • (If Black Raccoon Family is present at South Dunbarton Castle) Hurry to South Dunbarton Castle. There is a huge commotion over the sudden appearance of Black Raccoon Family.
Dunbarton 1
  • Dunbarton is a city located near the border of the Kingdom of Aliech. It attracts a lot of travelers who are looking for adventure. If you'd like to improve your skills, how about going to the school?
  • (at high Intimacy) Have you been to the fountain just to the west of the Town Office? It's a pretty popular place in Dunbarton. Now that you're in Dunbarton, you should visit it at least once.
  • (at high Intimacy) Even only a few years ago, Dunbarton was a small town, but at some point, it started growing quickly. I think it's because traveling is more convenient here compared to other regions.
  • (If Black Raccoon Family is present at South Dunbarton Castle) Hurry to South Dunbarton Castle! There has been a report of an attack by Black Raccoon Family.
Dunbarton 1
  • Rumors around here? Well... Do I look like I would be keen on other people's affairs? Ha ha. You seem pretty tired. Why don't you go to the Healer's House down there and talk to Manus.
    If you have the Resting skill handy, he'll give you some helpful tips.
  • (at high Intimacy) Now, now, there's nothing like a full stomach! You have to eat to have energy, you know?
  • (at high Intimacy) So, you think Walter's a little too aloof? Oh, my! Don't let it get to you. He was like that ever since he was a young man. And you know personalities don't change overnight. Ha ha.
  • (if Mini Bear is present at West Osna Sail) There's trouble at West Osna Sail because of Mini Bear! You should hurry there too, CharacterName!
Dunbarton 1
  • You can satisfy the hunger of the soul at the Church. For the hunger of the body, you should visit the Restaurant. Glenis' Restaurant is popular around here, so you should be able to find it easily.
  • [High Favor] Hmm. Have you heard of Math Dungeon? There is a seal stone in front of the dungeon... And they say that only those who walk the way of a true bard can break it.
    In my opinion, I think rank C on Composition, Musical Knowledge, and Instrument Playing skills would do. Oh, how do I know this, you ask? I have my ways. Hahaha.
  • [???] Stewart is a good man. You seldom see people who are so pure in spirit at his age. I am frustrated that there are false rumors spreading between him and me.
  • [High Favor + Memory] Oh, if you are from the north, have you seen Priest Meven in Tir Chonaill? Whatever others may say about him, he is someone I truly respect.
  • [Low Favor] Aeira is a cute girl but... She is... umm... a little shallow at times. Jumping in on other people's conversations and whatnot...
  • [Very Low Favor] Ha ha. I am not so interested in the affairs of others. Besides, talking about such things would be more appropriate only after getting to know someone a little.
  • [Very Low Favor + High Stress] Has it ever occurred to you that asking too many questions about others might be rude or offensive?
  • (If Black Raccoon Family is present at South Dunbarton Castle) I feel the evil energy of Black Raccoon Family at South Dunbarton Castle.
Dunbarton 1
  • Have you been to Glenis's Restaurant yet? Make sure you pay a visit and order something. Eating well is the most important thing in maintaining good health. Hahaha!
  • (at high Intimacy) I hear there are some fools that believe that eating a lot means eating well. That's just wrong.
    Eating well means eating good food happily in moderation. You have to filter out some of what Glenis tells you at the Restaurant.
  • (at high Intimacy)Be careful of what you eat. I heard a rumor that Glenis' husband died from accidently eating a poisonous herb around here.
    You've got nothing to lose by being careful.
  • (if Mini Bear is present at West Osna Sail) A while ago, I saw people dashing over to West Osna Sail. They said they were going to save their friends who were in danger because of the sudden appearance of Mini Bear. Were they serious?
Dunbarton 25
  • All the stars in the sky aren't where they're supposed to be. What do you think could have happened? I can't even fathom what could've done that.
    It's like everything changed overnight. What was once in one part of the heavens just got moved over to the opposite side of the sky.
    Do you think it's a portent? That something terrible is going to happen? Or... Do you think whatever it is has already begun?
  • I heard Sinead say she's relieved we found sponsors like you to support us, CharacterName. She hasn't been subtle about her concerns for how to balance the budget between the various academic societies this year.
    I'll bet thanks to the support we've been getting, we'll be able to do much more research and even send out a few teams on the field expeditions without having to worry about the state of the Society's coffers. I've been surprisingly busy at my post here since the day I arrived.
  • Dunbarton is such a vibrant town. Everyone here is so good-natured and upbeat.
    It's a very different atmosphere from Tara. No one seems to be forcing a smile here, and I've come to really appreciate that. It puts me at ease.
Dunbarton 1
  • When going to a nearby dungeon, you must be adequately equipped with weapons. If not, you'll face a world of trouble. Try visiting Walter's General Shop or that idiot healer, Manus' place.
    Oh, and take your time talking to Aranwen at the School. She's rather irritable and high-flown, so she doesn't like to teach skills to those who don't have the basics down.
  • (at high Intimacy) Would you happen to be interested in enchanting equipment? It's adding magical effects to equipments that are sold here. There should be a boot at Aeira's Bookstore on that.
    For now, go talk to Stewart, the magic instructor. He'll definitely know something about it.
  • (at high Intimacy) Just to double-check, you do know the Windmill skill, correct? If not, go to Tir Chonaill and talk to Ranald first.
    You could talk to Aranwen in Dunbarton, too, I suppose. But she's rather strict and won't teach anyone who doesn't have the basics down. You should just go talk to Ranald about skills first.
  • (If Black Raccoon Family is present at South Dunbarton Castle) By the way, why are you here? I saw people rushing to South Dunbarton Castle. They were running to save their friends in peril after Black Raccoon Family turned up all of a sudden.
  • (if combined base value of clothes <100,000 Gold) You know Simon from the Clothing Shop? I hear that he used to be a huge deal before, although he's stuck here now. Just listen to the way he talks, and you'll see.
    It seems that there is a story behind how he came to work here. The problem is that he demands the villagers here of the lifestyle of his previous town, and then he gets disappointed prematurely.
    I think that's why he looks down on people who seem frugal. Sometimes I have to wonder how he would react if someone shows up dressed in expensive clothes from head to toe.
    About... 200,000 Gold's worth in total? No... For Simon, it would have to be at least 500,000 Gold.
    Hahaha. Are you curious to see how he'll react? Speaking of which, about about buying something here to help me out?
Dunbarton 1
  • I don't like to talk about people behind their backs. It's not a very good habit and you should get rid of it, too. Oh... You didn't mean that? Oh, I am so sorry.
    Aeira at the Bookstore seems to be very interested in music. If you happen to be interested in music, be nice to her. She'll give you something good if you become friends.
  • (at high Intimacy) I may not look it, but I'm one of the top fashion designers in the Kingdom of Aliech. I've even tailored ball outfits for the royal court!
  • (at high Intimacy) Have you been to Tara or Emain Macha by any chance? It is the mecca of culture and art. They are far better than Dunbarton.
Dunbarton 1
  • If you're looking for books on magic or enchantments, you'll find useful learning resources at the Bookstore nearby. Just say that I sent you and Aeira will be pleased to help you. It'll take a long time to explain these topics, so let's talk after you've read the books.
  • (at high Intimacy) Aeira is so cute, isn't she? I've known her since she was a little girl. Do you have any nice friends to introduce her to? Walter would like that.
    Ah... Haven't you heard? Walter at the General Shop is her father.
  • (at high Intimacy) Walter at the General Shop? He might be a bit blunt but he's a really nice person. He's like a father to me. I wish there was something I could do to help him... But I just don't know how.
  • (at high Intimacy) Yes... Kristell is a good person. Attractive and gentle... But she is a woman of the clergy. In fact, the wizard and the clergy don't get along very well, you know...
    Mmm... I probably shouldn't say this...
  • (If Black Raccoon Family is present at South Dunbarton Castle) There is news about a Black Raccoon Family assault at South Dunbarton Castle. I hope nothing serious happens...
Dunbarton 1
  • If you need something, you're at the right place. But you'll have to go down to Nerys' Shop for weapons. The Weapons Shop.
  • (at high Intimacy) You're so full of energy... It's good to be young... You see Glenis over there? She was quite a beauty when she was young... She used to be a little stuck up too...
    But look at her now. Just like that... She's a middle-aged lady now... Time sure flies...
  • (at high Intimacy) Stewart... Hmm... I knew him when he was very little. He was such a cute little boy, and smart... But after he started wearing those glasses, he seems to have gotten a bit dense.
Dunbarton (during Chef Exam) 6 (unknown)
Dunbarton (Rabbie Arena) 3 -
Port Cobh 14
  • Hmm, I'm not sure. I heard that the other day Manolin had finally caught a fish. It wasn't a shark or anything interesting though...
Port Cobh 14
  • Do you want to know how Admiral Owen was able to influence the fomors? It's a long story, but I'll tell you if you're really interested. It began on a clear night. Ladeca was full and...
    (Ascon begins to cough, his body pitching violently.)
    Sorry... I don't feel so well. It might be best to hear this story from people of Belvast island.
Port Cobh 14
  • Ask Kayna. She loves to talk.
Abb Neagh Bard Camp 16
  • Rumors? Yeah, I know a million of 'em! I've heard things you Milletians haven't even dreamed of! I hear about politics, economics, dating, sports, commerce, animals, food, things that fly, things that run, things that swim, things that're slippery, things you can tickle, things that tickle you, cute things, rugged things, and much much more!
Abb Neagh Bard Camp 16 (unknown)
Abb Neagh Residential 10 -
Abb Neagh Residential 10
  • Well, there aren't that many people here so there aren't many rumors. Yeah, it's a pretty boring town.
Taillteann 9
  • As a soldier, I have great respect and admiration for Fallon. You can imagine how nervous I was when I was assigned to serve under him. Of course, I've become accustomed to it now.
  • Some nobles despises Fallon because of his background. But to most people in Tara, he is a hero. [cont.]
Taillteann 9
  • Forget the past and let go of the rage in your heart. Even the Knight of Light Lugh Lavada, the hero of the Battle of Mag Tuireadh, wasn't able to tolerate such a heavy burden.
  • Mores and Tafney were both students I trained to be Druids. Some might call it a jinx or curse... Both of them met unfortunate ends.
    That's why I was hesitant when Cai first asked me to train him.
  • I've always had a bad relationship with that nosy Dorren. She used to find fault in everything I did when I was serving on the Committee. I still haven't recovered all the hair I lost then! Yeah, the front my head wasn't always this bare.
    And now even in Tailteann, we're neighbors, with just a single measly town between us... We must be tied together by some ill-fated destiny. Ugh.
  • Believe it or not, when I was younger I used to be very health conscious. Just look at my flawless skin! It's a testament to my healthy habits.
  • If not for that incident, Cai would be a Druid by now. Though he chose to become an Alchemist instead, I have no ill will towards him. Everyone has their own path to tread.
  • In the Druid community, there are some that outright ostracize Alchemists.
    But the relationship between Druids and Alchemists wasn't always like this. It was the antagonism between the Pontiff's Court and the Aliech Royal Regime that caused the rift to deepen.
  • Cai may appear strong but he has very soft heart. If Lena had not passed away so early, he would probably be my grandson-in-law.
Taillteann 9
  • Have you seen the twins from Emain Macha? Who's prettier? Me or them?
  • I've got looks, smarts, and talent. Take your pick, I've got it all.
  • I enjoy tailoring, but I'm sad it makes my hands so rough. Boo...
  • Devi is apparently the sole heir in an incredibly rich family. Hmm...
  • Is Granat my ideal type? I don't know! Aw, look at me. I'm blushing!
  • Why don't I like Pierrick? Are you serious?
  • Well, let's see. Pierrick takes incredible care of his skin. I'm just not into guys that have better complexions than me.
  • I often hear about a girl named Rua at parties. Do you know here, by any chance? I try to act nonchalant, but I'm actually really curious and jealous.
  • I probably shouldn't say this but Priest Collen is too hot to be a priest. Don't you think?
Taillteann 9
  • I've heard much criticism toward the Pontiff's Court. Of course, that's not surprising. After all, the Royal Gaurd, [sic] which is naturally made up of Royalists, is stationed here.
  • The Pontiff's Court has yet to publicly recognize the existence of the Shadow Realm. That may seem illogical but religion can be complicated.
  • I receive many letters from the Pontiff's Court since Taillteann is in such a politically sensitive location. Taillteann is also quite close to Tara, the capitol.
    I sometimes spend an entire day just writing letters. Those days feel so wasted.
Taillteann 9
  • Eabha, that kid, is quite something. He's here all alone to become an Alchemist. I normally don't care for common folk, but I feel bad for him. He's so young.
  • Yeah, I know a little something about Fallon, the Royal Guard Captain. This is kind of the elephant in the room, but did you know he's actually a commoner?
    He got lucky during the Mag Tuireadh Battle. To be honest, I'm peeved that everyone hails him as a hero.
    He's just a commoner! How did a commoner become a Royal Guard Captain? Sigh, I don't know what this world is coming to.
  • Brenda? Yeah she's nice and outgoing and blah blah blah bored. [sic] Yeah, she's not my type. What's my type? Hehe, that red-haired chick in Bean Rua is someone I'd like to get to know better, if you get my drift.
  • That old Alchemist lady is quite pretty for her age. Of course, that doesn't make her any less old.
  • That old Druid outside town has a terrible memory. Seriously, he gives me a headache. He always asks for things he didn't even deposit.
  • Alchemy? This whole town seems bananas for Alchemy. But for a manly man like me, being a warrior is the way to go.
Taillteann 9
  • The reason my lab is in Taillteann, so far from Tara, is to take advantage and certain the natural conditions, like lightning.
  • I'm really not interested in the conflict between the Royal Regime and the Pontiff's Court.
    I know some Alchemists who are involved in politics, but I'd rather concentrate on my Alchemy experiments. I am happiest when I'm in my lab.
  • I am very selective about which students I accept, but I try to accept as many as I can. I've had 19 students so far, and all of them are doing fabulously!
Taillteann 9
  • Dorren? She can be very particular at times but her abilities are really amazing! I still don't really understand why she accepted me as her student, hehe.
Taillteann 9
  • An alliance with the Giants was necessary. But even so, the animosity and discord between the two races remain.
    The Elven race can never forget the plight of their brothers and friends, whose lives were ripped from them by the blades of the Giants.
    It's uncertain how long this alliance can hold.
  • Maybe it is because we are so far from the Memory Tower. I feel myself getting tired much more easily here.
  • Humans, Elves, and Giants have formed an alliance because of the threat of the Shadow Realm.
    But there is another cause for alarm, one that we keep secret. We have discovered an important link between the origin of the Shadow Realm and the ancient Irinid.
    The curse of the ancient Irinid, which turns Elves into Desert Ghosts, may lead to the annihilation of our entire race. We do not have much time. We must search for clues about the Irinid in the Shadow Realm.
Taillteann 9
  • There is a rumor that our family sent this Expeditionary Force to draw attention away from unstable political situation following the Renes incident. But as long as I am around the Seebarsch family need not worry.
  • Circumstances may have forced us to make an alliance with the Elves. But I assure you, no matter how dire our situation, we will never expose our backs to the Elves... When Humans first proposed this alliance between the races, every Giant was against the idea except old man Weide. So now the Giant Expeditionary Force is currently stationed here, but who knows how soon that might change...
Taillteann 8
  • Have you ever been to the cemetery at the northeastern side of town? The Taillteann Cemetery rests both soldiers and regular townspeople, but it doesn't get all that many visitors.
    Strangely enough, there's one grave there where a single fresh Violet is placed every day... And Violets are incredibly difficult to find in Erinn! I don't really know much since I haven't been in this town that long, but the owner of the grave must've done some amazingly good deeds in her life. Or maybe someone just loves her that much...
    In any case, CharacterName, I have a request. I also need Violets. Can you find out who's been placing fresh Violets at the grave each day, then ask them where they get the flowers from? I think it must be someone from Taillteann. Can you speak to the townspeople? [obtain Grave with Violets Placed on Top keyword and quest]
Tara 10
  • After the shadow Realm was discovered, the sense of a threat spread all throughout the kingdom. But now, that fear or anxiety has become a part of everyday life. Just take a walk down the street and you'll come across fully-armed soldiers. But I hope you have a great time and forget about this sad reality, even if it's just during your stay here in Erskin Emporium.
  • Countess Eluned and Duke Lezarro secretly don't like each other, and I heard the tension between them grew even deeper starting from a while back. Around the time the Countess came into the high profile scene, some large incident supposedly occurred... Hmm... Well, look at the time... Why don't I tell you more about it next time? Hehe.
  • It's quite possible that I chose the Erskin Emporium as my first job because of my interest in Keith, who runs the Erskin Bank. I love Keith... Yes, that's right. But I love his money even more.
  • Have you tried Lileas's Honey Drink? That child had the audacity to lobby directly to Countess Eluned to become the supplier for the Erskin Emporium Drink. She even tricked some poor giant who didn't know any better to shoot a commercial, causing quite the commotion. Later, they discovered this giant was royalty, and this almost escalated into an issue of diplomacy between humans and giants.
  • Ilsa, who runs the General Shop at the Emporium, is said to have once tagged along with the Expedition Team in search of Iria. But it seems like even dreams eventually fade away and die. The more I talk to Ilsa, the more I get that feeling...
Tara 10
  • I have great respect for Pencast but I believe he could perhaps be a bit more diplomatic. He does bear some responsibility for the current rift between the Pontiff's Court and the Aliech Regime...
  • The donations we collect are distributed to the needy as a sign of Lymilark's love for them. Yes, some of those donations are used to support the Temple Knights. But honestly, it's a proportionally tiny amount.
  • The commandments of Lymilark are a framework. They're like a serving dish. The focal point is not the dish itself, but the food in the dish.
  • All are welcome to confess their sins and receive the gracious forgiveness of Lymilark. However, you must go into it with a repentant heart and a true desire for change.
  • Some criticize the church for being too conservative. The Alchemists are especially hard on us. However, religions have always been conservative. Perhaps that is the true nature of religion.
  • Hm... race relations with Elves and Giants... My view on that subject is different from the church's. I believe accepting all races without prejudice will bring the church new opportunities from growth. Even besides that, I think fair and unbiased love for all is what the love of Lymilark is all about.
Tara 10
  • Although I am the sole governor of Erskin Emporium, my cousin Keith is technically the owner. That boy was actually cute when he was younger, but he's starting to get ugly with age. I know he's my cousin and all, but I can't stand the way he dresses and the way he spends his money.
  • Girls these days don't know what a good man is. Just look at Cliona, who is obsessed with Keith. I understand that she's into him because of his money and all, but just look at he way he dresses. I get the fact that he's covered with all sorts of designer items to show off. But what is he, an exhibitionist of some sort? Sigh... I know he's my little cousin and all, but please don't mention his name in front of me.
  • Tara's reputation as the source of Erinn's fashion trends can be credited to our boutique. I can proudly say that each and every one of our designers is the best of the best in Erinn. But, there is one thing I always regret... It's not having been able to scout Tre'imhse Cairde's top designer, Ailionoa. I tried to persuade her for a long time, but it was useless.
  • I recently learned of a secret about that cunning Duke Lezarro. Although Lezarro seems to have a thick head of hair, I hear it's only a wig... Hehehe...
  • Buchanan and I have known each other for a long time. After all, Buchanan is a Tara native like myself. I even met with him over dinner a few days ago to discuss the prospect of bringing a bookstore to the Emporium.
Tara 25 (unknown)
Tara 10 (unknown)
Tara 10
  • Although it might not seem like it, Lileas was the most popular merchant in the Emporium. It's not hard to imagine her store moving to the Jousting Arena.
  • Finola and Lileas are amazing kids who do more than most adults. In that case, I should work harder, too!
  • Colm is a dependable man of the house. His devotion and love for his wife and child is amazing. I just feel bad that his business isn't doing so well.
  • This is a secret, but... don't you think Sir Keith has a crush on me? Uh... I feel embarrassed now that I asked you. Don't mind what I just said.
  • Not all alchemists are good people who pursue truth. There are a lot of evil people who learn alchemy for riches or personal gain, such as obtaining eternal youth.
  • Cliona might act sweet and kind, but she's actually not. She has never once offered to pay the bill when we go out for lunch. She's so greedy...
Tara 10 -
Tara 10
  • I first started the Erskin Emporium at my cousin Eluned's suggestion. I had been thinking of diverse business opportunities for a while, and the Emporium happened to fit a lot of the criteria. So, I put cousin Eluned in charge, and he [sic] has been successfully running it ever since.
  • I know everyone has their own taste, but I don't get why Padan puts himself through the heartache by falling for my cousin Eluned who is much older than him. It's deceiving because Eluned always has thick makeup on, but if you see her up-close, she has wrinkles under her eyes. I daresay that without makeup, she even looks like an old witch. Although love is beautifully mysterious, people like Padan remind me that it could also be frightening.
  • Padan, the Tara Royal Guard Captain, and I have a long history together. He might look old and wrinkled because he never took care of his skin, but believe me, we are the same age. During my rebellious youth, I was unfortunate enough to have been caught by my parents at Bean Rua. I was practically dragged like a dog to Paladin Military School. Padan was my training partner at the school. He was slower than me and was not athletically gifted in general. But look at him now as the Royal Guard Captain...
    Life sure has its twists and turns, I tell you.
Tara 10 (unknown)
Tara 10
  • Jousting Tournaments in the past were much different than those in the present. Back then, the matches were almost like real battles, so injuries were frequent after each match.
    It became so dangerous that King Ethur Mac Cuill the First even banned the contest for awhile.
    But since it was such a popular sport and it helped train soldiers, the rules were modified and evolved into what we know today.
    Recently, the games have become more exciting with outsiders such as Elves and Giants competing in the tournament. You won't be disappointed!
  • Do you know why Alastrine and Dairine, who have luxury seats, come to the arena almost everyday? It's because they've fallen head over heels for a knight named Adair.
Tara 10 (unknown)
Tara 10 (unknown)
Tara Rath Castle 12 (unknown)
Tara Rath Castle 11 (unknown)
Tara Rath Castle 11 (unknown)
Tara Rath Castle 11 (unknown)
Tara Rath Castle 11 (unknown)
Emain Macha 2
  • By the way, did you know about this? You know the lady who sells flowers at the Square? Yea, Del and Delen..
    They are twins. Don't you think they look alike? The average person can't tell them apart... Hehe...
    Hm, I wish I had a twin sister. It would've been so much fun... I'm jealous of Del and Delen!
    ...How about you, CharacterName? Have you ever wished you'd had a twin?
Emain Macha 2
  • Are you asking me about nearby rumors?
Emain Macha 2
  • There is something uneasy in the air as of late. We have tightened up our security but you should still be careful if you are ever traveling during the night. You should especially keep your distance from the Club. You never know what that Lucas is really up to...
Emain Macha 2
  • I heard more people have been traveling to Ceo Island. I hope this is just a rumor... I just hope no one loses their lives going after anything foolish there.
Emain Macha 2
  • I heard that Lucas sells special items... to those who are close to him... I wonder what he selling...?
    ...I want to see too...
Emain Macha 2
  • You know... the Captain of the Guards at the Lord's castle...Aodhan? Isn't he sooo handsome...? ...He must be really skilled to have gotten that position at such a young age... He also has good manners, good character...
    ...Probably has some savings... Hehe! What? Don't look at me like that!
Emain Macha 2
  • Have you met my boss, the Chef of this Restaurant? He's been cooking for 40 years... How old was he when he started then?
Emain Macha 2
  • Haha! Lucas is my savior... When I first came to this town, I was completely lost. That's when Lucas approached me and helped me grow into the person that I am now. All thanks to Lucas! Understand? Haha!
Emain Macha 2
  • Our Lord is such a connoisseur of food that his Chef frequently asks me to assist him with the Lord's menu. No offense to him, but he'll need to really work on refining his skills.
Emain Macha 17
  • Eeeh I don't really follow rumors...
  • If you're studying Meditation or Musical Knowledge, I hear Fleta can point you in the right direction. Of course, you have to do something for her first. Something about wrestling a bear for an empty treasure chest...
  • Where do I begin? Shall I tell you about Aodhan's ideal woman? Osla's hobbies? How about the spirit of water that lives on Ceo Island? Or the fact that she's having an affair with Nele? Did you hear that Nele used to be a famous bard? Or what about the history between Yvona and Nele? I know so many rumors. What do you want to hear?
  • I've been hearing disturbing things from the castle. There are troubling times...
Emain Macha 2
  • Emain Macha is a very beautiful city! I especially enjoy taking strolls past the water fountain, and spending time in the Auditorium. Emain Macha seems immaculate!
    Why don't you take a visit? You will be able to find many interesting people.
Emain Macha 2
  • Well! I didn't think you'd need to ask me, of all people, about rumors floating around...
Emain Macha 2
  • I don't know what's wrong with the security capital of this town. Whenever he sees me, he seems like he wants to show who's the boss around here. That is very rude for an innocent store owner like me... Don't you think so? *chuckle*...
Emain Macha 2
  • There are many legends about the water fountain at the Square. One of the tales says that if someone in love tosses a coin in and prays, then the prayer will be answered. What do you think? Do you want to give it a try...?
  • The Sen Mag plains is where countless Humans and Fomors perished during the time of war in Erinn... Maybe because of that, people claim to have seen ghosts of the warriors around the area...
    Hahaha, whatever...
  • The father of the Lord that used to lead this place a long time ago had two sons. One of his sons, when he was very young, left home to see the world.
    The current Lord is the son that remained... I wonder what happenned to the one that had left...
    Who knows, he might be back in town, disguised in his identity, and working at a bar or something...
Emain Macha 2
  • Around here...? Well... It's been a long time since I've gone out of this town... heee...
Emain Macha 2
  • Nearby rumors? Mm, I guess you're not that intereted in me?
    (Rua gives me a blank stare.)
    Haha! I'm kidding, kidding. Don't get all nervous. Hehe.
    If you talk to other people using this keyword they'll probably tell you a lot of rumors. They'll even tell you about powerful monsters that sometime appear in the fields.
    If you want to find out more about this place simply go around talking to all the different people. You'll probably find out a lot of information.
Emain Macha 2
  • I hear that the cooking contest is in progress in another channel.
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 2
  • Well... I'm not really interested in rumors or in gossiping about people around here... That's where Priest James comes in. He handles everything... I'm so glad he's here.
Emain Macha (during Chef Exam) 6 (unknown)
Emain Macha (G2) 2
  • There are many people worried about the lord's health. Which shows how much he's loved by the people...

You do not have to worry. I will stay by his side and tend to him. He will be better soon.

Emain Macha (G2) 2
  • ... Esras: How dare you ask that kind of a question in front of my Lord... CharacterName, I didn't expect this kind of rudeness from you! Please watch your manners closely!
Ceo Island 2
  • Many Humans come here for Golems. That is why Muro built a Shop here.
    ...There are many clueless Humans who want to face the Golem, so if I sell items that are important for facing Golem, Muro will be a great merchant very soon!
Ceo Island 2
  • Humans believe... that people who die near the water become water spirits... So, sometimes people are afraid of me...
    But I have no idea...whether it's really like that or not.
Sen Mag 2
  • This is a plain called Sen Mag. A lot of people have died here. I like it because it's quiet and calm.
Sen Mag Residential 3
  • I've heard of a legendary battle that took place in the Sen Mag Plains. I don't know if that's why, but they say there are a lot of ghosts in that area...
    What are you saying, you don't believe me? I really heard it's true.
Sen Mag Residential 3
  • Come to think of it... I was getting ready to open up the bank one morning when I looked up at the sky and I saw something huge, something that looked like a huge lizard, flying across the sky. It almost looked like a dragon from all those legends.
    I don't usually pay much attention to that kind of stuff but... Since you are an adventurer, CharacterName, I thought perhaps you'd be interested.
    Perhaps you'll find something interesting about that if you do some research in the library?
Gairech 1
  • Nearby...? Well... follow the hilly path heading south, and you'll find Bangor. It's where I live.
    As you know, the opposite direction will lead you to Dunbarton.
    Oh, boy.... I can't talk and work at the same time...(gasp, gasp) Wait. Let me catch my breath.(gasp, gasp, gasp)
    (gasp, gasp) Let's see, it's not really safe... (gasp, gasp) around here. (gasp, gasp)
    Try not to use the shortcut on the left on the way to Bangor... (gasp, gasp) Especially somewhere like Reinhard... (gasp, gasp) It's full of Kobolds. (gasp, gasp) You need to be careful.
  • (gasp, gasp) The investigation team says that this dragon is the ancient dragon... What was it? Ah, Cromm Cruaich. (gasp, gasp)
    This is said to be a statue...(gasp, gasp) Made to worship the dragon.
    It's the dragon that Nuadha...(gasp, gasp) the late king of Tuatha De Danann...(gasp, gasp) Is said to have fought against.
Bangor 1
  • How is this town?
    Judging from your looks, I'm guessing you want to talk about the dragon ruins found on the way into this town.
    Are you interested in hearing an old legend? If you are, there is an ancient tale I'd like to tell you.
    I heard this tale a long time ago. The ancient humans who lived around here used to worship a dragon.
    The dragon made regular appearances in this town, burning everything to the ground. Town folks built a gigantic stone statue and sacrificed virgins of the town to ease the rage of the dragon.
    People called that dragon Cromm Cruaich. A God of Destruction from another world. Yes, it's the dragon that took the life of the ancient king, Nuadha.
  • Hmm... There's no doubt about it. I believe Sion has romantic thoughts about Ibbie.
    She's all I've got left. I tried both lecturing and pleading but neither seems to work.
    If you see Sion, talk some sense into him. Well, it's not as if he'd listen but still...
Bangor 1
  • This town is rather run-down, don't you think? I used to think that when I first arrived here...
    Those who have been here for a long time would tell me that this place was once very prosperous. Had a church, even...
  • There is a red tree on the way to this town... I have heard before that this tree has a history behind it.
    But, surprisingly enough, not too many people know the story behind this tree...
    Some people think that I know the story behind the tree when I talk about it like this... But, in fact, I don't really know it either....
    So, all that is to say...
    If you find out more, will you tell me? Hehehe...
Bangor 1
  • Oh, that girl over there? That's Elen, my granddaughter.
  • You can make iron items at the Blacksmith's Shop with iron ore alone. To make something with iron, you must extract pure iron from ore. That's called refinement.
    Sion in front of that water mill over there knows the Refine skill, so you should go talk to him. Once you finish refining, then come talk to me.
Bangor 1
  • That man over there is my grandpa. He's the best blacksmith in town.
    I was told that other blacksmiths in neighboring towns all learned their trade under my grandpa. Heh. Cool, huh?
  • Have you talked to Comgan? You know, the preist.
    When I first heard that a priest would come to this town, I expected a stubborn, old man. But then he came...
    Well, it does me no harm to have a cute boy in this town, but I still don't understand why the Pontiff's Office would send such a young boy.
    There might be more to Comgan than meets the eyes. Well... He does have a Nobless[sic] look about him...
Bangor 1
  • That Sion... He seems to have taken interest in Bryce's daughter.
    How hopeless. A girl like Ibbie would never take interst in that poor kid.
    Trying to make money off of a water mill... He's not going to go anywhere in life. Bah!
    Like father, like son. No mystery there. Ahem!
  • Ahem! I own all the nearby buildings, so tick me off and you'll regret it.
    Kids these days have no manners at all...
Bangor 1
  • Jennifer once told me that I should eat lots to gain weight and get healthy.
    But... I don't really want to eat anything.
    Ibbie wishes she could live without eating.
  • Sion...? Are you interested in him...?
    He's a good kid. He's really nice to me....
    I'm not sure though... I feel like I shouldn't get too close to him...
Bangor 1
  • If you're curious, try talking to Riocard over there. He may not look it, but he's smart and has a good memory. And he knows a lot of rumors from various places. Ha ha.
    Yeah, the one over there in yellow wearing a hat.
  • Have you heard?
    You know that dragon statue on the way to Bangor? I hear that it's an ancient artifact.
    Excavating it would have been a big deal, but even if they did, they probably wouldn't have a place for it. I think that's why they just maintain it like that.
Bangor 1
  • That lady over there by the bar? That's my boss, Jennifer.
    She's still single because her nasty personality keeps all men away. Haha... Don't tell her I said that!
  • You've been to the Blacksmith's Shop, right? Yes. The place where Elen and Edern work at.
    Yoou can make various metal items with an iron ingot there. Elen enjoys giving you a hard time more than teaching you the Blacksmith skill.
    So if you don't want her to harass you, it's probably a good idea to learn some basic Blacksmith skills beforehand.
    I've considered learning the blacksmith trade myself, but I didn't want to put up with Elen picking on me.
Bangor 1
  • I heard from my dad that the mine over here was originally a dungeon.
    So he said the inside still looks like a dungeon.
    What happened was, they found metal ore there while building a dungeon. So they stopped the construction and started to develop the mine.
    Then, they kept running into water, so they built a water mill here...
  • Hehe... Gilmore is really stingy... But he's still nice to me.
    Don't let him get to you too much.
Port Ceann 3
  • Every once in a while, you'll find some really random items washed ashore. Like an empty bottle with a letter inside...
    I don't know if it's real or a hoax, but it's fun to read them, you know. I'll read them, then toss them back in the water!
  • Did you hit some rocks around the area? You'll find some barnacles clinging on to those rocks. It may even hurt you hand, you know!
Port Ceann/Connous Boat 25
  • Many have flocked to Port Connous since trade has opened up with Uladh. Of course, that includes a fair few Giants as well.
    Am I happy to see them? Well…my feelings on the matter are rather complicated. The war we fought against the Giants was brutal. In the course of that conflict, I lost everything I’d once held dear.
    Now, I’m in no way trying to imply that we should simply let bygones be bygones, or try to see things from each other’s perspective. I’m not certain I could do that even if I wished to. However…
    With more and more people congregating in the port or passing through on their way to wherever they’re going, knowledge and information that was once hard to come by is slowly starting to be disseminated throughout Filia, just as I’d hoped.
    Seeing an opportunity, I decided to place myself right at the crossroads of that exchange of information. The more I learned and the faster I learned it, the better. That’s why I decided to work here.
  • The port is certainly seeing more visitors now than ever before, and wherever people gather in numbers, news and information are sure to spread.
    That serves my purposes well, but Castanea’s position on the matter is…less enthusiastic.
  • I’ve heard that the Giants’ port was built on a stretch of shore directly connected to the snowfields. It sounds like the unrelenting winds and blizzards common to the region are still very much present there.
    Some sailors say that Port Connous is practically a paradise by comparison. What are your thoughts on that?
  • Hagel of the Filia bank seems to be in high spirits these days.
    He’s very interested in ancient Elven artifacts, and I’m sure that with the Commerce Association opening up greater trade opportunities in Iria, he’s having a much easier time finding pieces to add to his collection.
  • If you hear about anything that’s supposed to be good for one’s health, do let me know. Even if it’s just a rumor or some old wives’ tale, I would hear it for myself.
    I’m gathering all the information I can find that might be even distantly relevant. Who knows which leads will blossom into something truly useful? I’d hate to overlook a helpful clue.
  • There’s an unusual spring near the Karu Forest Trading Post. From what I’ve heard, you can’t collect its waters without a special sort of cup.
    Who knows? Maybe the water holds special powers that have yet to be properly researched. I’d like to see it for myself someday. You ever know…it might have just the properties I’m looking for.
  • I’ve heard that Milletians never get sick, and even that your bodies never die.
    It is true? And if it is, is that due to something you did? If not, how In[sic] the world could you…
    I beg your pardon. I…I didn’t mean to get so excited. …Please, just forget I said any of that.
  • (Seasonal Commerce Rank Gold 5 or higher, and G17 The Saga Iria Part 1 complete) ???
Port Cobh/Dominion of Belvast Boat 4 (unknown)
Port Ceann/Sella Boat 25
  • I should soon be receiving a letter from Queen Kirine. …Hmm? You’re curious what she’d write to me about?
    She occasionally sends letters asking me to secure special or otherwise rare items. I’m the only one who can obtain them for her, you see.
    She and I, well… We joined forces to get what each of us wanted. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, and has proven quite profitable, too.
  • Caoihmin volunteered to serve as the Elven representative to the Commerce Association. But have you seen how gaunt he is? I cannot help but find him suspicious.
    Sources I consider reliable tell me he is searching for some sort of special, secret medicine to cure his daughter’s rare disease.
    I don’t think she is his daughter by blood, though I hear he cherishes her deeply. They say she bears a striking resemblance to a member of his own deceased family.
  • Have you ever sailed between Port Qilla and Uladh? When the fellow who formerly oversaw that route had to take extended leave due to an injury, the vacancy he left in his wake caused some confusion for a while.
    Fortunately, they were able to find a replacement faster than they had anticipated. Sayiv, that smart little lady, managed to recruit a strapping young lad with a good head on his shoulders.
    He’s affable, good-natured, and quick-witted. I would have liked to have him working for me. A shame…
  • That Sayiv can be quite audacious at times. I’m not sure whether to call her bold, or wholly brazen.
    I like her a lot. Watching her stand before the representatives of the Giants and Elves defending her positions on trade left quite an impression on me.
  • You can only get Volcanic Mud Packs near the Pera Volcano. They’ll do wonders for your skin.
    This knowledge was a closely guarded secret among a small circle of us, but somehow, the word got out. Now, the Commerce Association has decided to market them as an official product.
    They’ve proven quite popular with the aristocratic ladies of Uladh. If you are interested, you should check them out at one of their Trading Posts.
  • (If Seasonal Commerce Rank Bronze 1 or higher) ???
Port Connous 15
  • I might not look it, but I got all the basics down. Carasek taught me, you know. No matter what happens, I can take care of myself.
    (Confidently, Karis tries to tighten the mast rope, but suddenly loses balance and falls towards you.)
    Darn it, my hands slipped... Excuse me...
Port Cobh/Qilla Boat 25
  • I wonder what Sayiv is doing right now… I saw her out working last time I was in Port Qilla, but I haven’t seen her since.
    *sigh* I wish I could see Sayiv every day… I wonder if she knows I’m thinking of her. On the other hand, maybe it’s better she doesn’t know, at least for now.
  • I’ve heard they’ve got a new route sailing out of Port Ceann. Have you taken it yet, (Character Name)? Are there a lot of passengers?
  • Apparently, smuggling is still a thriving trade in Uladh. They’re the Commerce Association’s biggest enemy right now.
    You don’t hang out with crooks like that, do you, (Character Name)? I hope you’re wise enough not to do anything that could hurt your credibility. After all, a merchant’s reputation is everything!
  • I’ve heard more than a few people mention how amazing you are, (Character Name).
    What? You’re wondering if I agree with their assessment? Hmm… It’s hard to say until I get to know you better.
    Not that I’m looking down on you or anything. It’s just that…
    I hope that all those impossible-sounding requests you take on aren’t too much of a burden. Even the best and brightest have their limits.
    (Character Name), I try to look at you as one of our precious passengers, and it’s my duty to see every passenger safely to our destination.
  • Have you heard any interesting rumors lately, (Character Name)? You travel a lot, so you must have something fun to share, and believe me, I’m all ears.
    Haha, I spend a lot of time out at sea--comes with the job, naturally--so I always enjoy hearing where people have been, and who they’ve met in their travels.
  • (Character Name), have you ever seen a dragon in real life? …Me? Of course not. I’ve only ever read about them in fairy tales.
    Some accounts claim they’re actually just giant lizards. What do you think (Character Name)? Are they really like that?
  • I heard that Port Connous is full of warmth, sunshine, and leisure. Sounds like the perfect place to burn a few days of shore leave.
    Hmm… I wonder if I’ll run into Caoimhin there. He’s a good guy, but he can be a little prickly, so I always feel a bit awkward dealing with him.
  • The winds have picked up today, and the sea’s looking choppy. That usually means the ship’s going to get jostled around by the waves, so take extra care not to get seasick, okay?
Various 2 (unknown)
Redire Various 2
  • I've been going around talking to people to find out what Esras is up to, but people only have good things to say about her. I was amazed at how much trust people have in her.
    ...Sometimes I think... Maybe all this prosperity and peace, as it is, is what the people need. Maybe the question of whether it's right or wrong is just secondary...
    ...Or perhaps I think like this because I'm a fallen Paladin.
    ...I want to hear what you have to say but... I'll find out another time.
Tech Duinn 25 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 25 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 22 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 25 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 22 (unknown)
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • Iria is certainly a beautiful place but it is also a dangerous place. I do not recommend that you go out exploring completely on your own.
    I hope that you will find a good partner to join you on your expeditions, CharacterName.
    All expeditions only have significance when there is the assumption that you will, in fact, be returning.
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • I've hardly ever been outside of this camp... but they say there are lots of very vicious animals out there. Just please be careful... when you get out there.
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • When I first got here, I was in such a state of shock. It was if I'd just fallen off a horse or something.
    I could literally hear the remnants of my emotional past shattering into pieces.
    And my heart felt completely empty. I don't know if that's why, but I seem to be able to hear my own heart beat much louder now...
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • When the weather's not as nice, it's better to just make something, rather than going out on an expedition. There's always a shortage of all sorts of things around here in Iria so rather than buying things, it might be worth your while to make things yourself.
    I don't know if it's just about my mood, I definitely enjoy making liquid potions on dark rainy days as opposed to bright sunny ones.
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • Well if there's something you want to know, go talk to the Expedition Leader. You don't know who it is? It's that big ol' lady with the big... Haha, I mean, it's that nice woman over there. She's pretty much stuck right now, overseeing this camp, but she's actually quite knowledgeable about expeditions, that's for sure.
Port Qilla 25
  • Information is the lifeblood of any good trader. You have to collect news and follow leads and tips with more tenacity than your competitors. And of course, you have to be careful to keep any valuable info to yourself.
    Heehee. If you’re aiming to become a big-time merchant, always remember: in this line of work, information equals money!
  • Do you have any interest in commerce? …How about camels? Have you ever ridden one before?
    I rode one for the first time when I was at the oasis. They’re really sweet, once they get to know you. Smart, too! I guess that’s the result of their impeccable training.
  • Have you met Igerna yet? You can find her aboard the ship that makes regular trips between Port Ceann and Port Sella. For a Giant lady, I have to say, her fashion sense is truly on point!
    She must have a million things to take care of during their voyages, but somehow she’s always impeccably dressed, with not so much as a hair out of place. I’m always so impressed when I see her. How does she do it?
    Hehe… I should probably put more attention into styling my own hair, but I never seem to have enough time after I’ve gone over the ledger verifying everything. That’s why I end up going with something really easy that I can do as I’m halfway out the door, which is…what you see right now.
  • Hmm. The practice isn’t as common in Iria, but there are still smugglers operating in Uladh. Ugh…they’re the Commerce Association’s biggest headache!
    Apparently, they’re willing to pay a higher price for goods than the official channels. But even so, you should never do business with those types. Okay?
    Your credit is everything in this business! Personally, I hope those rats get what’s coming to them!
  • Before we established our current commerce arrangement between Uladh and Iria, the Irians were strongly opposed to any attempt at open trade. Do you know why, CharacterName?
    Well, on top of the smugglers… Some years ago, there was an absolutely heinous group of traffickers who went around kidnapping young Giants and Elves to sell into slavery.
    I think they were tied to the pirates operating at the time, and they were likely connected to a number of cases of missing children in Uladh as well. Anyway…
    The Elves were especially opposed because of that history. We somehow managed to reach an agreement, but… it sounds like the Elf who joined the Commerce Association is on shaky terms with the Elves’ leader now because of his decision.
    Ugh. How dare they try to stand in the way of Irian commerce! Still, what can you do? Ultimately, it’s part of the Commerce Association’s goals to catch and stamp out thieves, slavers, smugglers, and crooks, no matter what!
  • Have you talked to Caoimhin yet? He can be a wee bit gruff, but surprisingly, we get along pretty well. I’m not sure how well he gets along with Linden, though…
    Anyway, although the majority of Elves were extremely skeptical about the commerce negotiations, it didn’t take much convincing to get Caoimhin on board. I think he has his own reasons, though it can’t have been easy for him to sign on as a representative amidst that kind of public sentiment.
  • Huh? What do I think of Linden?
    Well, he’s kind of like a brother to me! He has a mischievous streak, but he’s got a good heart.
    He grew up with three other siblings, too, so he’s really learned how to be considerate of others. Heehee, I’ll bet once he finds a girlfriend, he’ll spoil her rotten!
    Still, he claims he’s not interested in meeting anyone right now, always making these excuses like, ‘Oh no, I’m soooo busy with work right now!’ Hrm… He’s pretty good looking, too, so I wonder what the real reason is…
Fishing Boat (Muyu Desert) 4
  • I think you can safely say that there is no comprehensive map that shows all the navigational routes in Iria. I've tried calculating the number of navigational routes using some of the commercial maps that are avaiable, but there's just too much information missing in all these maps. That's why there's all these accidents that happen as soon as a ship leaves the harbor. These types of things can be extremely inconvenient, that's for sure. I thought about drawing a map myself but I simply do not have the time. I'm just thinking about doing it one day...for now.
Fishing Boat 4
  • The first time I'd seen the skies right before a major storm was when I was rather young. The sky was filled with purple clouds all around and the ocean was changing with it. I could swear that I heard a faint from all the way across the horizon, a sound that was kind of like the rapid breathing of a child with a burning fever. It was as if I was looking at the world through a cellophane window and everything started seeming so distant.
  • I remember how I used to look out the window to see the ocean and always feel a kind of sadness that broke my heart. At first, I thought I might have some disease or something. I wondered if maybe I had some kind of a growth on my heart and that I'm dying. But when I think about it now, I think I was just really young and didn't know how else to express what I was feeling, other than to call it sadness.
Cor 7
  • The awakening of the Elves and Giants, the appearance of the Goblins in Courcle, the burning land, and the dragon carrying a Human stranger from a different continent. These are the signs that the Great Spirit of Irinid already foresaw a long time ago. They are connected to each other by an invisible power which will eventually bring us the dreadful end.
  • The day and night. Four seasons of the year. The sun, moon, and stars. The endless circle of time reminds me of something greater than us Humans. Like rotten roots of a corn tree turn to dust, our lives fade into the darkness. Dear Irinid, please light our way to heaven.
  • We Courcle Tribe do not own anything. Everything including this land - where new life is conceived - and beams of the light - shining into the dark jungle - belongs to the Great Spirit of Irinid.
  • The Great Spirit of Irinid made a promise before she left us: she'll come back. I still remember and believe her promise, so I can withstand any hardship.
  • I encouraged Voight to stay in Cor because he came to us as a stranger as the Great Spirit of Irinid did.
  • All animals and plants are the brothers and sisters of us Humans. If you listen carefully, you'll hear their whispers longing for our respect and love.
Cor 7
  • Mr. Voight is... Well, I try to express the way I feel whenever I get a chance, but he never seems to understand the signals and signs I'm really trying to send. I don't know why, but I become so shy in front of him.
  • Mr. Voight is from a different continent across the ocean that is surrounded in thick mist. In his city, the plaza is always crowded with people, and a cream colored, royal castle has towers that reach the sky. He was the prince of that castle. He had so much power, wealth, and entertainment, but he gave it all up when he relinquished his title as Prince after he realized the transience and consequences of worldly pleasure. He's been living as an ascetic to repent for his sins and find enlightenment. His old retainers still come to Courcle, trying to change his mind and bring him back to his castle. Considering that Mr. Voight hasn't gotten used to the sultry weather and exotic food of Courcle, I sometimes think that he would be better off if he returned to his castle. At the same time, I can understand how determined he is to pursue his goals. So I have to lie whenever strangers - mostly his old retainers - ask me about his whereabouts.
  • In fact, Mr. Voight is looking for something important. I can tell he's being serious about finding that person because he doesn't make any jokes when he's talking about him. According to Mr. Voight, that person is the only one that can solve the mystery of the dragon and Blazing Land.
  • Tupai is a cute little boy. When I saw him for the first time, he was only half as tall as he is now. It hasn't even been a year, but he's become healthy and sound. Tupai was abandoned in the jungle as a baby. It's surprising that wolves raised him, and that's why he still has feral habits. It's fortunate that he's extremely intelligent, and it didn't take long to teach him the Human language. His extensive knowledge in animals is very helpful, especially for visitors.
  • There's an old saying: raising a child requires an entire village. To educate Tupai, every villager of Cor spared no effort. Even Ruwai, the Friendly Otter, used his special cooking recipes to teach Tupai the meaning of love.
Cor 7 -
Cor 17 -
Cor 7
  • Ruwai is so smart that he can understand the Human language. He must be the smartest otter in the world. Ruwai and Tupai are friends. Ruwai cooks food and Tupai eats!
  • When the sun comes up, Ruwai cooks. Ruwai cooks many, many dishes everyday. Tupai is curious if Ruwai can sell all the food in just one day. Just like Ruwai, Tupai makes bait everyday. Tupai makes many, many baits. Tupai is curious if he can sell all the bait in just one day.
  • Ruwai is worrying about his fat stomach. He gained weight after eating leftovers from his shop everyday. Tupai loves eating. Do you want to have lunch with me next time?
  • Listen: Girrrr. Wohoohoo. Girrrr. Wohoohoo. That's how hippos sound when they want to stop playing and go home.
  • Kusina is like Mommy Wolf. She holds Tupai and sings songs for him. Kusina's voice is... It is like the sound of green leaves, the breeze, and raindrops, making Tupai fall asleep.
  • You know, Kusina don't seem to like Voight. Her face turns red every time Tupai talks about him. A while ago, Tupai nibbled on Voight's shoes for fun, and Voight got angry, growling at Tupai. It made Tupai angry, so Tupai bit him on the leg.
  • Ruwai becomes sad when the night falls. Tupai made him a lamp filled with fireflies so he won't feel scared during the night.
Cor 7
  • I'm Voight, the only one in this area that can handle ancient artifacts. Alexina at Qilla Base Camp has a good eye for artifacts, but she's too honest to be a good merchant; she'll feel guilty if she makes too much profit, you know?
  • Some people call me the Loan Shark for the banking interest that I charge. I tell those guys that I reserve the right to refuse service to any customer. Believe it or not, I'm running a legitimate branch of Erskin Bank that has been approved by Ms. Etna in Qilla Base Camp.
  • Yes, there are a few things that get me to act serious, like making money. Have you heard of the rumor about the Blazing Land? You may not believe it, but the legend says that there is a forbidden land somewhere in the Continent of Iria, called the Blazing Land. Supposedly the Blazed Land is filled with ancient artifacts that are extremely valuable. What do you think? Doesn't that sound like a gold mine?
  • Don't believe what others say about me and Kusina: they have too much time on their hands and spread stupid rumors like that. Speaking of which, that ape-like Waboka keeps me dirty looks as if I'm a Goblin or something. I'm trying to ignore the rumor, but it's getting on my nerves. I can't stay here any longer if the rumors keep spreading across the entire village. Oh, and I'm not interested in that little girl at all. I prefer more mature women.
Cor 7
  • Legend says that ancient Courcle was a land of death infested by dragon soldiers of the darkness. Fearing the dragons, our ancestors hid themselves deep inside a cave. Praise Irinid! She appeared from the ocean where the sun set, reclaiming the light for our ancestors. Her grace befell countless numbers of dragons, showering the land of Courcle with their blood. The land drank the blood of our foes and formed Herba Jungle.
  • No one knows when the Goblins first appeared in Courcle. Over time, their numbers have increased greatly and we don't know where they are coming from. We don't know their language either, but we've learned of their intention to harm us through many sacrifices. They killed our parents, siblings, and friends. The rest of us escaped and built Cor Village.
  • Great Spirit and Our Father, please enlighten us and guide us on the way of truth.
  • Chief Kousai always says, "Forget the past and forgive your enemy." I am still a weak Human and too consumed by anger. I can't forget the past or forgive my enemies.
  • I eat moderately, I speak carefully, and I do not bring harm without just cause. I'm a warrior using a weapon, but I use it only when I have no other choice.
  • Kusina loves the color of the sky in the late afternoon before the sun sets. Before the Goblins attacked Lappa, I remember that Kusina and I were watching the beautiful blue sky above peaceful Lappa.
  • I don't understand why Kusina is in love with Voight. I've known her since we were young: I know her better than anybody else in this village. Like the Goblins, Voight is from a different world and he is destined to betray us.
Filia 5
  • I'm here today all because of Castanea. I'll tell you more about it some other time but... In any case, if it weren't for Castanea, I wouldn't be standing here right now.
  • One of the common symptoms of lost Elves is their temporary loss of memory. No one knows the exact cause of the memory loss but I have to say I'm concerned, that perhaps it is some kind of unknown disease.
  • One of the biggest misconceptions people have about Elves is that people think that because of Elves share their memory, they share personalities as well as their likes and dislikes. I think the only effect is that people tend to bluntly speak to each other. I think that just means that we understand each other well.
  • There are times when I have to treat an Elf that is in grave danger. In such desperate situation, you have to be able to make good choices, as a moment's choice can yield far-reaching consequences. In that sense, I'm still learning a lot. That's why I'm always so envious of Castanea's cool-headed discernment.
Filia 5
  • When Hagel first told me that he wanted to bring a bank to our village, I was totally against it. It's probably because I had a lot of biases against the Human race as well as Human culture.
  • The various artifacts that are being discovered throughout Iria are the great heritage that remain of the ancient elves. The truth, however, is that the only thing that connects us elves today to the ancient elves is that we are actual descendents of those elves, related by blood. Sadly, we don't remember anything about the ancient elves. That is why a lot of elves go on all those exploration, passionately searching for traces of our history. I certainly respect all those who put their energies to that work. But living in and of itself, I think, is a way of slowly forgetting. Do you think that reclaiming one's memory and knowing about all the secrets of the world is indeed a way to happiness? Reaching out for the stars, you might lose out the pretty little flower petal that is right beneath your toe.
  • It is the only remaining oasis in the whole land. That is why people that travel to Connous will usually come by Filia.
  • We elves share our memories through the Memory Tower in the middle of the village. We are so intricately connected to each other, from memory to memory, from heart to heart. It's like the thin, delicate antenna of an insect that waves, even with the slightest of winds. It is a very warm feeling, as if we are connected to each other beyond the boundaries of our own bodies.
Filia 5
  • Filia? It is the last remaining oasis in Connous. I don't know, if this place is to become buried under sand as well, does that mean that we're all doomed to die?
  • It's not like we'd promised each other anything... Don't tell me that you'd expect me to greet you with welcome arms any time that you'd show up.
  • Thanks to the Memory Tower, we elves are able to share our knowledge and memories. We can share all of our memories. Happy memories, beautiful memories... These memories bring me more warmth than the rays of sun on a warm spring day. And the worst of it is having to share completely embarrassing and humiliating memories, the kind that are completely demeaning, things you just wish you could forget. Think about it. Imagine waking up every morning with the nightmarish memories of your neighbor. Every day can feel like a bottomless pit.
  • Who me? I was born in the desert, so I might as well die in the desert. I love this dry, Longa Desert land, more than anything in this world, even if not a single tuft of grass nor a single tree grows from the land here.
    You know how it feels when my bare skin touches the burning hot sand in the desert? To exaggerate a bit, it's a pretty provocative feeling.
    The minute the sand pressed under the skin engulfs my body, the feeling is...
Filia 5
  • The landscape of Connous is such that it is not conducive for bodies of water to form which makes the oasis that has been formed in Filia quite an anomaly. From what I understand, it was apparently formed from water flowing underground, which is the reason why we are able to farm here in Filia.
  • There are frequent, large-scale sand storms that occur around the Longa Desert. It definitely hinders your view in the area so it can become quite a nuisance while exploring.
  • Legend has it that ancient elves had some special knowledge about mana. Based on this, they were able to build their early civilization throughout Iria. All artifacts that are found in Iria are traces of the ancient elven culture. Unfortunately for us, we have no memory about the ancient elves. Our only way to bridge this discrepancy is to keep exploring the lands. I think that is the single most important mission that is upon elves today.
  • It's not that I don't understand what Castanea thinks. I do think she is doing a great job as Leader of this town. To that extent, I actually have great respect for her. However, I want us to be looking at the bigger picture. We need to look beyond Filia, and consider all of us elves, toward the larger Iria continent.
Filia 5
  • It's true that the sun in the Longa Desert is pretty strong, but luckily the air is not so humid. You might actually find it quite nice.
  • I think everyone wonders about how they appear to others. Clothes can be functional in the sense that it protects your skin from the sun and all, but people dress in clothes to show off to other people too.
  • I'm not sure how the saying about looking for a needle in the Longa Desert came about in the first place, but they say that it's to refer to situations in which you are caught in a jam. The Longa Desert is a huge desert, so big that it pretty much takes up most of Connous. Imagine looking for a tiny, thin needle in the vastness of that desert. Pretty daunting, right?
  • Well, I'm not sure. Meles and I are the same age. But she's much more mature than I am in a lot of ways. It's not just what she says. It's her actions too.
Filia 5
  • The Rupes desert is just like the Longa Desert, another desert. If there was a difference, it would be that it is not area that is made of sand, as the Longa Desert, but that it is more a stone desert, made of stones and rocks. It's known to have a lot of dangerous animals inhabiting the area.
  • The Nares Plateau is a slightly unique area that is only found in Connous. It's a plateau, which means it's a rare view to be seen. A lot of people travel far distances just to come see the Nares Plateau. It's kind of far here in Filia but it's probably worth going there to check it out once.
  • Revealing the truth about ancient elves to you, CharacterName, at this time, may be an extremely risky thing to do. Maybe after some time passes... Once you are able to be fully responsible for yourself, CharacterName, then I will tell you more...
  • All the documents that remain from the ancient elves are written in secret codes that cannot be understood. In the ancient elf ruins that was recently discovered, we found the following message...'...I am wandering, in the middle of the night where the blood-soaked sun wanders. Since the sharp sword is once again turned towards me...' I think there must be some hidden meaning to this but I don't know, I couldn't exactly figure out what's hidden in there.
Filia (Arena) 5
  • I remember going down the Longa Desert once, with the L-rod of Wind in my hand, in search of the yellow heart of the Giant Statue here. But the only thing I remember from then is finding a small piece of worn out paper in the desert's sand, but then at some point my memory just begins to fade.
  • I've also heard there is another Arena there somewhere. They say that as much as Arena's got its own traditions, rules and regulations differ wherever you go. The most significant thing about this Arena would be that you can do party plays in groups.
  • Every day, I drink the potion that Atrata has made for me. I seem to be drinking more and more of the potion as time passes, and it's almost pretty obvious that I'm drinking a lot but it's been more and more difficult to control my drinking.
Vales 6
  • I don't know how Physis Giants ended up needing help from Humans, but I think Elves and Humans are all the same. Only those like Weide, who are weak and afraid, feel threatened by those little Humans. But recently, I heard something regarding the Human race that caught my attention. It's about one Human with red hair... Do you know anything about that, CharacterName?
  • I was led by an unknown voice and began walking through Silva Forest. The soft voice continued to whisper in my ear and led me deeper into the forest. Snow came up to my ankles, when suddenly, an unknown sensation of heat began disrupting my breath. Then I saw a strange man with a large sword staring into the darkness. With steam escaping his mouth, he began swinging his sword violently at the air around him.
  • I think that the gigantic mark drawn on Iria's surface is some sort of seal. I can feel the strange energy that seeps out from it. If a Giant like me can sense it, I can only imagine the serious effects it could have to wild animals who are far more sensitive to the slightest stimulation.
  • A race that comes from the devil multiplies rapidly in this land, even as we speak. If there was a common will to destroy them, getting rid of them wouldn't be that difficult. If there is someone who wants to erect a tower, there is always someone who wants to tear it down. Even one person's blind actions can change the course of the world. With all this worrying, could there be another war?
  • Taunes... everyone praises him as a war hero. It's not that I'm jealous of him, nor that I love him. If the moon is too bright, you can't see the surrounding stars. I told His Highness to eliminate him when he had the chance, but Krug always stood up for him. He never tried to see his other side. The sword he wields still makes me uneasy, and the ominous energy I feel from him hasn't gone away.
  • Once, I wanted Taunes to be more than just loyal to the Seebarsch royal family. I wanted his raw emotions, as well. Like the tiny giggle that spills out when someone trips on the road... Or the excruciating pain of gouging out a nail... I wanted to share real moments with him. He eventually ended up rejecting me and leaving, but I'm okay. Each person has their own life to live.
  • There's hardly an occasion for me to cook, but I do enjoy my poisonous mushroom stew. Krug, impatient as he is, often gets addicted to potions. So every time he came back from the battlefield, it was his favorite dish. Kirine's special mushroom stew... Once you taste it... Haha! You'll remember it until you die.
Vales 6
  • The Ancient Giants are amazing heroes who brought light to Iria during dark and chaotic times. They defeated the heinous dragons, who were controlling the land at the time, and breathed life into Iria, so that civilizations could grow. The fascinating artifacts being excavated right now are precious gifts that they left for us.
  • Everyone wears a mask, hiding their dirty faces behind a think layer of leather. But do you know why I leave them be? Because, I, too, wear my leather mask, and it's probably at least an inch thicker. I am hiding behind my mask, watching and waiting for the right time... For the day I will pierce their rib cages...
  • Those crafty Elves are the descendants of the devil. My father once led an army to Connous to annihilate the Elf race. We outnumbered them and had prepared long and hard for the war, so there wasn't a single Giant warrior who was afraid. The Giant army, marching in unison with their weapons lifted high, made it look like the entire Karu Forest was moving. However, when we finally arrived somewhere in Longa Desert, as sudden sandstorm immobilized the troops. The violent storm reached high up to the sky, blocking out the stars and the sun. To make matters worse, part of the army lost its way in the Ant Hell, and was raided by the Elves. Thus, the Connous expedition ended up a dismal failure. My father was wounded from the battle, and spent the remainder of his life in pain, until he finally passed away.
  • I once heard the Elves say a ridiculous thing... 'The best smelling perfume must be held in the smallest container.' But, let me tell you something. The smaller the bottle, the faster it will rot. You think those disgusting Desert Specters, roaming through the Longa Desert, always looked like that? They were once Elves who lived in Filia, until one day, their true identities as horrendous monsters, were revealed.
  • Something great is happening. It's most likely related to the ancient Giants. I always tell people that they can't run away from destiny, and I also tell them that understanding destiny and embracing it is up to them.
Vales 6
  • Thinking too deeply can actually be dangerous. One of the common traps that a warrior falls into is focusing too much on his own weakness... It is always on his mind. The heavier your head, the slower your body reacts.
  • Once, on orders from the Seebarsch family, I was once on a exploration mission to Longa Desert, when I encountered a band of Desert Specters. Although their exteriors were made up of dusty old bones I could tell that they used to be Elves. The weapons they were using were definitely made by Elves, and more importantly, the way they handled them was exactly that of an Elf.
  • Weapons are just like us. They breathe like a living organism, and they moan when they are sick. Of course, weapons are primarily tools created to hurt an opponent, but sometimes, the weapon itself can get hurt. Whenever I see a weapon I am reminded of its owner. The little habits of the weapon's owner, or the owner's favorite skill, it all remains on the weapon like fingerprints.
  • At first, I thought it was because of the scorching desert heat. As a Seebarsch royal family's general, I thought my mission was to be the first one to cross enemy borders. I had been in thousands of battles, and I simply thought this mission was just another one of them. I had lost countless comrades in battle before, but I always thought I had held up fairly well. Not this time, though... Even before I was able to properly swing my sword, I fell. I had gotten sick from fatal desert fever. The heat spread from my head to my entire body, and it paralyzed my arms and legs. Soon after, I lost consciousness...
  • Once, I awoke in the Longa Desert, and none of my comrades were around me. Everything was pitch black, but I didn't think for a moment that I had lost my sight. But suddenly, a sharp pain pierced my head, and I realized that something was not right. I cried out, in fear and excruciating pain. I howled like a beast caught in a trap, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't calm myself. However, in the depth of the darkness, I felt a glimmer of light shining through... Unfamiliar footsteps, and unfamiliar was the voice of an unfamiliar race. An Elf woman was speaking. My hand instinctively began looking for Vastian, but before I could find my sword, her hand was caressing my forehead.
  • The old Elf woman said her name was Atrata. I watched her through my blurred vision, like fog obscuring a window.She smiled gently and said, 'Giants are always lonely, because of their tormented memories.' 'If Giants could forger as easily as Elves do, every moment would be new...' I told her I am not an Elf, but a Giant. We are people cursed with a memory, where the harder you try to forget, the clearer it becomes.
Vales 6
  • You shouldn't drink and then ride a horse. If you're too drunk, call a rider, or just walk. Since we're on the subject, I know some people who rode drunk, and they went missing after losing their way. Weeks later, we found their bodies frozen to death in the fields. I know I always say this, but drinking and riding is more dangerous than potion overdose. Don't ever do it. No matter what.
  • I remember when I assisted the late king, Gepard, and he went on a mission to Connous to wipe out those filthy Elves. I was so young, and I didn't know anything, but I wasn't afraid of anything, either. My courage was as great as any Giant. Unfortunately, the mission was a failure... But, what if we were successful in banishing all Elves from Iria? How would it be today? They say there's no 'what could have been' in history, but I bet Iria would be a completely different place...
  • There's a reason why I serve Krug... I think his IQ is probably similar to that bird of his. And he looks like some kind of wild boar with nothing to show for it but strength of an ox. So, how could I respect him as a King? It's hard even to respect him as a fellow Giant... Plus, his background isn't even certain, so who knows if he really has the Seebarsch royal blood in his veins? You're probably wondering why I serve him... Well, disguising my loyalty and acting subservient gets me paid. If it weren't for that, there would be no reason to bow before him.
  • Haha, Taunes... He might seen quiet and cold, but he actually has a great big soft side. If anything, he's just really shy. According to most, he becomes completely different person when he's holding a weapon... I wouldn't know because I've never seen it. I do know that he can't hold his liquor. He'd probably prefer a piece of candy. He would've made a good drinking buddy, too... It's rather unfortunate.
Vales 6
  • Several places in Iria contain the remains of the ancient Giant civilization. There are fascinating Mana tunnels, ancient artifacts hidden all over, and even mysterious marks covering the ground. However, our rivals, the Elves, are claiming that these are the remains of ancient Elves. There's no need to pay attention to those inferior creatures, but at the same time, we cannot let these baseless rumors spread to the people.
  • Iria's wild animals were not always hostile towards the Giants. Very long ago, during the golden age brought by the ancient Giants, wild animals lived in harmony with us. However, at some point, the animals became violent, and we lived in fear of them. But, through our research of the animals, we will find out the secrets that surround Iria and find the connection between us and the ancient Giants.
  • The tension between Giants and Elves started long ago. It probably started the day it first snowed in Physis. I wouldn't say that Giants are not partially responsible for the tension, but you'll have to ask the Elves about the main reason.
  • Ancient Giants are heroes who first brought light to Iria. They are the ones who spread the seed of knowledge in this place and brought about a golden age, but they mysteriously disappeared from the land in a matter of hours.
  • Did you know that Connous, where the Elves live, wasn't always a barren desert land? According to records, the Longa Desert was originally a giant forest, covered with Tikka trees. Because of the cursed Elves, the once lush Connous region is now a land of scorched earth. So you see, we must fight the Elves. We need to act now, so that they stop contaminating the land.
  • The reason I get anxious thinking about the ancient Giants is not because I need to figure out everything right now. If anything, I think I have already figured most of it out... And, that's what makes me so anxious... I worry that my motivation to continue will suddenly dissipate.
Vales 6
  • One time I went deep into Karu Forest to test out my special attack. I chose Karu Forest because of the cows. I figured if I could take down a cow with my bare hands, my special attack would look that much better. You don't even know how many days I looked for the Stone Bison, an artifact that is said to be in Karu Forest. About a week later, I started to miss my mom. So home crying. Even the greatest of warriors misses his mom.
  • I don't really like the typical Giant fashion. It's not really my style. Look at what the Humans wear. They know how to reveal a little and accentuate their curves. Well, I know my clothes protect my delicate skin from the cold, but it covers my ripped abs. Of course, it wouldn't relly matter to someone like Wanst, but a special warrior Giant like me needs something unique. In terms of skills with the sword, let's just say that Taunes is my only rival in all of Iria. When Taunes first came from the battlefield, I thought, 'Finally, someone who can actually challenge me.' I was so excited that I challenged him to a duel a couple of times... He must be scared of me, though... He acted like he didn't even hear me! I was so insulted that I almost used my special attack. But, then I figured he was merely trying to play mind games. So I stopped my attack just in time. It was only possible, because I am so patient.
  • I don't know what that little shrimp, Meriel, is doing all the way out here, in the freezing cold. Sometimes I get upset, because she talks down to me. She's not that much older than me! I do feel bad for her, though, when I see her shivering in the cold, her cheeks frozen through. If I could, I would give her a nice Giant robe to warm her up, but where would I find one that would fit her?
  • Adults always look down on the younger people. Especially among the Giants, I don't know why. I grin and take it right now, because I'm just waiting for the right time!
  • Grandma used to tell me stories about the ancient Giants from time to time. She said that a long time ago, before she was even born, there were ancient Giants who lived here. She said they used magic to expel all the evil creatures from here and created amazing artifacts like the magnificent Mana tunnel. Ah, if I lived back then, I would have fought amongst the ancient Giants... Too bad I was born in this generation...
Calida Exploration Camp 8
  • It's true that I was paid to bring Belita to Zardine. However, aside from that, there's not much else I know about her. I just know she's from Emain Macha. That's about it. But despite the lack of information, one could only guess that she has some power. After all, I technically obtained management of the Erksin Bank through Belita. She says she's here to research volcanoes but I don't know. She's such a secretive woman...
  • If you were waiting for the end of the world, wait no further. Just take a look around you. This is the end. You can say it reads like the final chapter of this world.
  • When I first came to Zardine, I thought I had walked past the gates of hell. It felt like I had entered the beginning of the apocalypse. Dragons, creatures I had only learned about in stories, were flying around right before my very eyes.
  • When I think about how Kelpie survived all by himself fighting against Wyverns in the middle of a fiery pit, I'm simply amazed. But Kelpie doesn't seem to remember how he got here or from where he even came.
Calida Exploration Camp 8
  • Dragons can no longer be seen as objects of majesty and might. They are no longer creatures that can only be seen in fairytales or legends but they are creatures with flesh and bones, standing before our very own eyes. I believe that we Humans will be able to somehow use the dragon's great power for our gain.
  • The flint that is found in Zardine is just one of the many special phenomena that can be experienced here. Through the discovery of the flint, we were able to create a fascinating invention called the Hot-Air Balloon. Yes, the world is changing. Iria is more than just a new continent. The new and old world is becoming one and the interaction between the races is creating a new culture. If it's some kind of hope we're looking for in this world, I think we should start by looking around here...
Calida Exploration Camp 8
  • Calida can be seen as a relatively safe place within the Zardine region but it's still not completely removed from danger. The Wyverns are definitely a threat around here. Thanks to the Hot-Air Balloon obtained from Belita, we have been able to deal with the Wyverns much more easily.
  • When I landed on Zardine alone without any recollection of the past, I received help from the Blue Dragon, Legatus. You can say that Legatus saved my life. I'm hoping I can do the same for many in this region. I want to protect people from danger.
Calida Lake 8
  • Oil was poured along the land's mountain range, and as its shackles were broken, lifeless soil seeped through. I know, and I see... The fate of this dark land.
  • When the backbone of the land becomes strained and the river swells up, the copper toned mountain emits its black smoke and the sky becomes filled with ash.
  • From the familiar aroma rising from the dripping blood of the torn stem of the Maiz, the burden on the land becomes heavy once more.
Admiral Owen
Admiral Owen.png
Belvast 15
  • Not all Fomors were open to my offers. Some are still hostile and mistrusting of humans. I consider it our duty to reach out to them, and bridge that gap of trust.
Belvast 16
  • Seems to me that you're more familiar with this place than I am. So why are you asking me?
Belvast 15
  • You ever venture to where the Fomors live? Admiral Owen watches over the place personally. It's off-limits for the time being.
Belvast 15
  • People who've come from afar on ships often have many small ailments. PlayerName, you should be very careful when you travel far.
Belvast 15
  • Fomors don't buy weapons very often. Humans are the ones buying my wares. Maybe its[sic] because they fear the Fomors.
Belvast 15
  • A lot of people have been asking me about Videk these days. I don't know everyone that lives in Belvast, but I have spoken with Videk a few times.
    He's a really nice guy who likes money, just like me. We really got along well, but I haven't seen him in awhile. In fact, I don't think I've seen him since I heard that he has a new wife.
    I wasn't too bothered, since I always heard that friends don't matter once you fall in love, but I heard that his wife died while coming to Belvast with him. He apparently buried her here. Too bad, he was such a nice guy...
Belvast 15
  • Entry into the Fomor district is strictly prohibited. Without Admiral Owen's permission, even I am not allowed to enter. Admiral Owen is working hard to smooth out relations between humans and the Fomors. Soon enough, there will soon come a day when you can live alongside them, CharacterName.
Belvast 15
  • Hi there! You must be from the mainland. Welcome to our little pub! Did you come to see the Fomors? They might be hard to find right now!
    This is my pal Hiko! I'm teaching him how to cook.
Beach of Scathach 16
  • Quiet.
  • (at high Stress) (He looks at you with disdain.)
  • (at high Intimacy) Ask Urman or Sieve.
Beach of Scathach 16
  • But there is so much to talk about! There's the witch, the monsters that are eating people. Oh, and I heard something about some kind of human-fish hybrid! I don't know where to start!
Urman (unofficial).png
Beach of Scathach 16 -
Beach of Scathach (Witch's Cave) 16
  • You're asking ME?
  • You tire me. Perhaps I should eat you? Then I would have some quiet.
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avon 14
  • The foundation of acting is in diverse experience. It is through this foundation that truly great acting can blossom.
  • On this stage called we call Erinn, many tragedies continue to un fold, beyond the imaginings of bards and poets.
  • The name Avon comes from the town of my birth. It was a hamlet by the name of Stratford-upon-Avon.
    I haven't been there in ages, but even now, when I close mine eyes, I see the lush green grass and feel the cool breeze yet still.
  • Once, I volunteered to join an expedition team when the way to Iria was discovered.
    The other races I met on the continent, the Giants and the Elves, left me a great impression.
  • Avon is as an incomplete script. At this very moment, the pen carves on. Some scenes may be cast aside, only to have a dispatched character return to literary hell.
    Avon, once flooded and destroyed, reveals its face once again to all and none.
  • Avon be not a land of death, but instead a home to hidden wonder.
    It is as a tree. Once [sic] cannot watch a sapling grow at once, though given the passage of time, growth reveals itself.
Avon 13
  • The name Avon comes from the town where I was born. It was a very small town by the name of Stratford-upon-Avon.
    I haven't been there in ages, but even now when I close my eyes, I can still see the lush green grass and feel the cool breeze coming from its majestic ravines.
  • Avon is not a land of death, but a place filled with life.
    It is like a tree. Although you may not be able to see that it has grown, you will see how much it has developed over time.
  • In this stage called we call Erinn, many tragedies continue to unfold, sadder than any play ever performed.
  • I once roamed Erinn as a vagabond. I faced many hardships, but the many friends I met during those days made it all worthwhile.
  • I once volunteered to be a member of the expedition team when the way to Iria was discovered.
    The other races I met on this continent, the Giants and the Elves, left a great impression on me.
  • The foundation of good acting is discovered in diverse experience. It is through this foundation that truly great acting can develop.
  • People have a tendency to regard the past and future as a dear friend. Yet they always place themselves in conflict with the present.
Beauty Shop 16
  • I'm spending my days listening to stories from all over.
    I'll share them with you someday, Stories you've never
    heard and all the beautiful things I've seen..
    If we get to meet again in a different place.
Female Blunt
Female blunt pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Female Bow
Female bow pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Female Cylinder
Ego Female Cylinder.png
Spirit Weapon 15 (unknown)
Female Sword
Female sword pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Female Wand
Female wand pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Male Blunt
Male blunt pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2
  • They say only specific Spirits can dwell in specific weapons... I heard there are even female Spirits.
Male Bow
Male bow pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Male Cylinder
Ego Male Cylinder.png
Spirit Weapon 15 (unknown)
Male Sword
Male sword pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Male Wand
Male wand pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Butler (Stoic) Partner 16
  • ...
    World events don't interest me.
Butler (Friendly) Partner 16 (unknown)
Butler (Aggressive) Partner 16
  • Isn't there a good place to train nearby?
Maid (Conceited) Partner 16 (unknown)
Maid (Warm) Partner 16 (unknown)
Maid (Clumsy) Partner 16 (unknown)
Commerce Partner Partner 16
  • I saw something really scary! It was big and around, and it shot beams out of its humongous eye!
Laighlinne (Partner) Partner 20
  • I focus on the here and now. Not rumors and hearsay.
    If that's not good enough for you, then... Sorry.
Another World (Tir Chonaill) 1
  • Have you, by chance, ever heard of the parallel world? Well, it's nothing special... It's just that whoever comes here tells me that this place looks like some other place they've been to. If this really is a parallel world, it must have some sort of a connection to the real world. Still, I'm not sure which world is the real one and which is the mirror of it. If a change is to occur in one world, that would mean that a change would occur in the other world as well. I'm not sure just how it would change, but...
Another World (Gairech) 3 (unknown)