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Fragments of a Trivial Fate

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Journal-Lord-Fragments.png The ghost fleet has returned and a spirit of a familiar resides at its core.
  • The mission is split into 4 parts: The beach, ship, hallway, and ballroom.
    • Enemies in this mission are much more powerful than their regular counterparts.
  • Ravine: You will proceed from the top of the hill leading down to Blackstone Beach towards the boat, fighting through multiple waves of skeletons, pirate skeletons, and skeleton wolves.
  • Ship: You will fight 3 waves consisting of pirate skeletons, black ship rats, captain skeletons, and flying swords. Once all of the monsters are dealt with, you can enter through the door.
  • Hallway: You will fight 4 waves consisting of red pirate skeletons, captain red skeletons, black ship rats, and light armor skeleton ogres.
  • Ballroom: You will fight the Admiral's Lingering Spirit and his summons.

Mission Information

  • Quest Board Location: Tara
  • Party Size: 1-4
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Mission Details: The ghost fleet has reappeared. Some of their number have already attempted to land in Belvast, and our defenders are short handed. I'm sorry, but could I ask you for help? -Owen
  • Info: Investigate the reappearance of the ghost fleet.
  • Requirements: One Master Talent and a Lord Pass for each member of the party.




  • Experience: 196,000
  • Gold: 34,000


  • Defeating the Bard Skeletons causes the boss music to stop playing, with the message "The Bard Skeletons' music has been silenced."