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Category:Lord Missions

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  • Lord Missions are the highest difficulty of Shadow Missions, exceedingly more difficult than an elite mission.
    • Similar to elite missions, these missions require a pass to enter. Unlike elite missions, however, every party member must have a Lord Pass.
      • These passes drop exclusively from shadow missions on all difficulties.
        • It is highly recommended that you bring a full party for any of these missions.
      • Additionally, each party member is required to have at least one Level 15 Talent (Master).
  • Enemies in lord missions are extremely powerful, generally bearing over 10,000 HP, 40~80% Protection, and an extremely wide aggro range.
  • These missions can be extremely complex and span multiple specific objectives.
  • Lord difficulty is exclusive to these missions below - no other Shadow Missions can be done at lord difficulty.
  • Lord missions may only be accepted in Tara.
  • Lord missions are one of the only locations where Demonic Blacksmith Manuals can be obtained.
  • Lord missions may only be done three times per real-life day. This resets at 7:00am PDT100.
  • Unlike normal Shadow Missions, end-chest keys can't be picked up by other party members.

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