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G10 Shadow Missions List

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This is a list of all Generation 10 missions in order of their appearance in the mainstream.


Name Party Size Time Limit Clear Reward
Survivor Rescue 1 40 minutes 6,000 EXP (Basic)
10,799 EXP (Intermediate)
18,000 EXP (Advanced)
30,000 EXP (Hard)
Leymore's Investigation Log
(RP Quest)
1 None 6,000 EXP (Basic)
10,799 EXP (Intermediate)
18,000 EXP (Advanced)
30,000 EXP (Hard)
Caliburn's Secret 1 None 5,000 EXP (Basic)
9,000 EXP (Intermediate)
15,000 EXP (Advanced)
25,000 EXP (Hard)
Obtain the Rare Book 1 None 25,000 EXP (Basic)
44,999 EXP (Intermediate)
75,000 EXP (Advanced)
125,000 EXP (Hard)
Obtain Shadow Honey 1 None None
Neamhain's Memorial 1 None 7,000 EXP (Basic)
12,600 EXP (Intermediate)
21,000 EXP (Advanced)
35,000 EXP (Hard)
Fomor Mata 1 None 11,000 EXP (Basic)
19,800 EXP (Intermediate)
33,000 EXP (Advanced)
55,000 EXP (Hard)
Assist the Shadow Realm Expeditionary Force 1~8 None 50,000 EXP (Basic)
90,000 EXP (Intermediate)
150,000 EXP (Advanced)
250,000 EXP (Hard)
Light and Darkness 1 None 60,000 EXP (Basic)
108,000 EXP (Intermediate)
180,000 EXP (Advanced)
300,000 EXP (Hard)