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Light and Darkness

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For other Generation 10 missions, see Category:G10 Shadow Missions.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.
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  • This is the final mission of Generation 10.
  • The difficulty of this mission is locked to Intermediate.


  1. You must use Elatha's Music Box on the Doppelganger when it is taunting you, right after it uses Fury of Light.
    • Do not engage the Doppelganger, simply avoid its attacks until it uses Fury of Light.
    • An easier way to use the Music Box is to hold the left ctrl key and click the music box in your inventory.
  2. If successful, the Doppelganger will be in pain. You must use Life Drain on it before it recovers.

Mission Information

  • G10 Quest: Courcle's Heart
  • Party Size: 1
  • Time Limit: None
  • Royal Alchemist Assistance Allowed: Yes
  • Mission Details: The destruction of Soulstream and Tir Na Nog, complete annihilation... You are now the only one who can prevent this from happening.
  • Info: If you're having trouble, you can get assistance from the Royal Alchemists.



Intermediate 71,500