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Glewyas's Mythril Chef Recipe Book

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Glewyas's Mythril Chef Recipe Book[1]
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A simple cookbook written by Glewyas, the Tara Royal Court Chef. What does this book have to do with finding Buchanan? You should read it in detail as a show of respect to Glewyas.

Obtain From G11 Quest The Royal Chef
Homestead Fishing Event
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Tradability Untradable
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Reward Royal Library Card
Crafted Into
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Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- Glewyas's Mythril Chef Recipe Book -
By Glewyas

1. Tooty Fruity- Fruit Juice
Mythrilchef 1.png

2. Hey, Egghead!- Fried Egg
Mythrilchef 2.png

3. SpongeCake SquareFluff- Sponge Cake
Mythrilchef 3.png

4. Lettuce, and Tomato, and Cheese, Oh My!- Salad
Mythrilchef 4.png

5. What Happens in the Sea, Stays in the Sea- Seafood Fried Rice
Mythrilchef 5.png

6. It's All Gravy!- Herb Garlic Steak
Mythrilchef 6.png

7. Yummy in My Tummy- Chicken Gratin
Mythrilchef 7.png

8. Makes Me Go, Om Nom Nom Nom- Caviar Canape
Mythrilchef 8.png

9. Oh My Love, Arzhela- Hotcake of Love
Mythrilchef 9.png