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Guild Hall

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A Guild Hall
A Guild Stone in a Guild Hall

Basic Information

  • A guild hall is a special room located in Rath Royal Castle. Guild halls can be purchased from Sinead for 500 GP.
  • Every guild has their own generated guild hall.
    • Players can "smuggle" in other players that are not in their guild by having them mount a pet before entering the hall.
  • The guild hall contains a large table surrounded by chairs.
    • The chairs' colors can be changed by the guild leader.

Additional Features

  • Additional features to the guild hall and guild stone can be purchased through Sinead using guild points.
Feature Required GP Function
Guild Stone 2000 Places a guild stone in the guild hall. Functions as a normal guild stone where you can donate gold and GP to the guild. If the guild leader's Premium Service expires, the Guild Stone vanishes, and will only reappear once premium service is renewed.
Warp Function 4000 Allows players to warp between the guild stone outside the castle and the guild stone in the guild hall. Can only be used once each way per in-game day, refreshing at 6:00am in-game time.