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Rath Royal Castle

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For the Shadow Realm counterpart, see Shadow Realm.

An overview of Rath Royal Castle.

Description and Geography

Entrance of Rath Royal Castle.
First floor of Rath Royal Castle.
Second floor of Rath Royal Castle.
The throne room of Rath Royal Castle.
The Rath Royal Castle, which is facing the Pontiff's Court, was first built by the Neveds. But the fact that Fomors were involved in constructing the Royal Castle's waterways is something everyone knows.


—Pencast, Nearby Rumors keyword

The Rath Royal Castle, also known as Tara Royal Castle, houses the royal family and subjects in the Aliech Kingdom capital. It is is located northeast of Tara, guarded by a large gate entrance.

Every Samhain (Saturday) at 7:00pm PST100, a Royal Castle Banquet is hosted at Rath Royal Castle's Gate Hall.


Areas of Interest


  • None


  • None


  • Grocery Store (First Floor)
  • Instrument Shop (Second Floor)


Areas Connected


Track Title
Welcome to Rath Castle
Rath Royal Castle


  • Entering certain areas, such as the Kitchen or any room on the second floor, will change the BGM to that of one specific NPC.
  • Like with its Shadow Realm counterpart, the Rath Royal Castle has an underground waterway, but it is not accessible to players normally.
  • According to Guidebook for Dungeon Exploration - Theory, Seal Stone Research Almanac : Ciar Dungeon, and The Goddess Who Turned into Stone, Dungeons are also called "Rath."
  • Ráth is the name for a ring-shaped fortress.
  • There are paintings within the Royal Castle that are based on real classic artworks; these copies instead feature characters such as Lugh, Fallon, Lorna, Pan, etc.
    • Interestingly, there is an unedited version of Francisco de Moncada, 3rd Marquis of Aitona by Anthony van Dyck inside of Portia's home in addition to the edited one of Fallon that the Rath Castle has.
  • Prior to the Generation 15, Season 2 Update, players were required to talk to the entrance guards in order to enter the castle during the Royal Castle Banquet. The guards would only allow entry if players had obtained the "Shadow Expeditionary Force", "who Saved the Goddess", "the Savior of Erinn", "the Dragon Knight", or "the Shadow Hero" titles.