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Portrait of Sinead
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Secretary
Royal Alchemist
Location Rath Royal Castle
(Reception Room, Great Hall)


Soft hair gently frames a delicate face, but it's the woman's eyes that catch your attention. They are filled with thoughtful intelligence. The woman is poised, elegent [sic], and seems fully in control.

Sinead is the secretary of Tara's Rath Royal Castle. She manages Guild affairs and sells Guild Halls, in addition to awarding the Royal Alchemist accolade.

She appearently knows how to translate Parthalonian scripts, but is not as adept as Arzhela or Buchanan.

Sinead refers the Milletian to Belita when attempting to figure out the secrets of the Partholon Stone. She claims they went to school together in Emain Macha. Her grandfather also served as the royal court secretary. Completion of Generation 11 allows one to receive Secret Shadow Missions from Sinead.