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  • Mounts are a type of pet that can be ridden on, usually a steed of sorts. Mounts are often used for travel.
  • A list of comparative mount speeds is available here.
  • Some mounts can carry more than one passenger. The owner can right-click the player and offer them a ride, or they can right-click the steed and offer to mount up. All players must be in the same party.
  • While on a mount, most, if not, all skills are restricted from use. The mounts also cannot attack.
    • Elves can attack while mounted via Ranged Skills. Humans and Giants can also attack with Lance Charge with specific mounts. See the Lance Charge page for more information.
    • Certain mounts have an ability to activate a temporary speed boost when the owner is mounted.
    • Certain mounts can attack and use some offensive skills while being mounted on. These mounts also intake some of their owner's stats into their own.
      • Stamina and Mana is consumed from the mount rather than the player.
    • While mounted in battle, the player and the mount lose HP according to their individual stats.
      • If the user is hit by a single-target attack while mounted on a pet, then the mount will receive splash damage and vice-versa.
  • When you talk to an NPC while riding a mount, you will dismount and move towards the NPC. When you finish talking, you will automatically remount.
    • If you unsummon your mount and summon a new one, you will remount the new one when you finish.
    • The player may not always remount if the pet runs past the NPC or when the conversation has lasted too long.
  • Summoning mounts next to walls may get the user stuck when ridden.

For the mounts that can also fly, see Category:Flying Mounts.