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Hamlet Delegation Event (2011)

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Hamlet Delegation Event located in the northern gate of Dunbarton.
January 21st, 2011 ~ January 28th 2011[1]

Basic Information

Japanese Delegation Gift.png Chinese Delegation Gift.png Korean Delegation Gift.png

When a new update comes to Mabinogi, it's always a big deal, and the case is no different when Hamlet comes to the scene. Foreign delegates from Japan, China, and Korea have arrived in Dunbarton Square. These delegates are also celebrating the arrival of Hamlet!

How can you join in? Easy! Simply speak to each of the delegates and they will give you a prize! Prizes are handed out daily, so make sure to pay a visit to each of the delegates and make sure they feel welcome!

The Delegation Event is scheduled to run from January 21st to February 3rd. Check out some of the items you can get from the Delegation Event!

Note: Due to player "abuse", Nexon decided to end the event early by one week, ending on January 28th.

  • Each Delegate gives a different kind of box, which can be opened for an item.
  • The Delegates are lined up on the street by the North Gate, not in the square.
  • You may obtain boxes for every character on the same account
  • It is possible to receive all three types of boxes for one character
  • You may collect 1 prize from each delegate every day. Delegates reset at midnight server time.

Possible Rewards

Rare items are in italics

Unsorted/ Any

Korean Delegate Only

Chinese Delegate Only

Japanese Delegate Only

Early Termination

The event was originally set to end at February 3rd [2], but was terminated on the morning of January 28th. See the reference below for more information.