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Harmony Torch

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Portrait of Harmony Torch
Harmony Torch
Race Torch
Gender -
Location Doki Doki Island


The Harmony Torch is a sacred torch found in Doki Doki Island's Town Square and blesses all that sit under it with love. Its harmonious warmth gives off a special aura, warming people's hearts as they gaze into the flames atop the pillar.

By creating a Campfire and then using the Rest skill next to it, they will gain 5 EXP per second, as well as a Doki Doki Celebration Box and the Lovey Dovey buff after ten minutes. The timer does not reset if the player stands up or the campfire expires, but it will if the player logs off, changes channels, or successfully receives the buff. The Lovey Dovey Buff provides the following bonuses for 30 minutes: