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Doki Doki Island

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For the event details, see Doki Doki Island Event.
Not to be confused with Nekojima.
An overview of Doki Doki Island.

A sweet scent tickles your nose, and a gentle breeze ruffles your hair.


Description and Geography

Map of Doki Doki Island.

Doki Doki Island is a couples-themed event island. Many Milletians flock to the island in search for true love and soulmates.

The island has many beaches and shorelines, containing special gems and fished items that can only be found on the island. At the Town Square, the Harmony Torch can be seen right in the center, often lit ablaze by its caretaker. There are plenty of activities for lovers to do as they visit the island.

This island can only be accessed during the event period.

Concert Hall

  • The Doki Doki Island Concert Hall can be reserved by Party Leaders for 5 to 30 minutes.
    • The performance will start after a 1 minutes set-up period.
      • Nearby Party members will be teleported onto the stage.
      • If no one from the Party is near enough to be teleported or already on the stage, the reservation will be canceled.
    • Only one Party can perform at a time and only one Party can preemptively queue up for the next performance.
  • The Stage Helper can assist Party members in accessing the stage.
    • There is no way to leave the stage early besides leaving the Party.
      • If everyone leaves the Party, the reservation will be canceled.
  • The Doki Doki Island Concert Hall is considerably smaller than other Concert Halls.
  • During the performance, non-performers are restricted in various ways:
    • Their chat bubbles are not shown.

Areas of Interest


Animal/Crop/Monster Source
Resource Obtained From Location
Potato.png Potato
Bean.png Bean
Potato Field North of Town Square
Silvervine Fruit.png Silvervine Fruit Silvervine Fields North of Town Square
Handful of Flowers.png Handful of Flowers
Flower Basket.png Flower Basket
Flower patches Behind Plaza and Festival Market, around the island
Resource Obtained From Location
Berry.png Berry
Branches.png Branches
Tree Hitting Any Fir Tree
Resource Obtained From Location
Unknown Ore Fragment.png Metallurgy Spots
Various Gems
Metallurgy Southeastern peninsula

Fishing List




Areas Connected

  • None


Track Title
Heart-Racing Morning
Doki Doki Island
Heart-Racing Morning (Orchestra Ver.)
Dj Romantic: Dancetime V1[1]
(Feb. 2022) Track that would play when doing the Dancing minigame with DJ Romantic.


  • "Doki Doki" (written as ドキドキ or どきどき) is a common Japanese onomatopoeia for "heartbeats", usually fast-paced.
  • Doki Doki Island possesses the same geographical structure and background music as Nekojima but lacks some features such as Nekojima's dungeon and unique Metallurgy gems.
  • Doki Doki Island is considered part of Uladh for the Continent Warp interface, only allowing you to warp to either Belvast or Iria.
  • Flower Patches for regular Bundle of Flowers appear on Doki Doki Island, but they cannot be gathered from.
  • On occasion, Golden Rat Men used to spawn at the southwest end of the island, and their Field Boss message would be broadcast.
    • They would instantly despawn.
  • Unlike most areas, Doki Doki Island has rendered clouds.
    • A cat's head and paw can be found above the Observatory.
    • A heart can be found above the southwestern part of Doki Doki Island.
  • Despite being an Event location, Doki Doki Island has a Korean Symphony Orchestra cover.
  • In its 2024 iteration, the entire Island got a makeover.
    • Hydrangeas were added. Many new props, like the trees, also glow at night.
    • The buildings, including the Harmony Torch, got a makeover to fit with the floral theme.
    • New gathering nodes were added.
    • One of the cat statues near the square got replaced by another dog statue, that now wears a basket.
    • New NPCs were added to the island, and some NPCs like Mansur did not return.
    • The southern path's bamboo got replaced by coconut trees.
    • The Nekojima cat statues were removed.
    • Uninteractable Cat and Dog NPCs were added to the island.
  • Prior to the 2024 revamp, Wenger was the caretaker of the entire island.



  1. Unofficial title.