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Campfire Spirit

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Campfire Spirit Banner.png


The Campfire Spirit is a feature of Mabinogi that allows players to be rewarded for the disposal of unwanted items at Campfires. Burning items rewards EXP, special items, and has a chance to reward an item that can start a Server-wide event with the Campfire Spirit.[1]

Regular Campfire Burning

Burn Reward Items
Large Gold Stack.gif
Seasonal Ducats
AP Coupon.png
AP Coupon
Special Artifact.png
Special Artifact (10%)
Expires 30 Days
Jasper.pngRuby.pngStar Sapphire.pngAquamarine.png
3-8cm Classic

campfireBurningExp:floor(576.5 * log2(levelValueCampfire+1) * log2(goldValueCampfire))

Campfire Burning EXP Calculator
Current Level Item Value EXP Total
name=levelValueCampfire;default=1;min=1;max=200 name=goldValueCampfire;default=2;min=2; formula=campfireBurningExp;
  • Regular campfires will reward players with EXP and rewards for burning most items.
    • Some items are excluded, see here.
    • Burning items in a stack will only reward the player with one bonus reward item.
      • It is recommend to unstack items before burning them. The use of the Shift + Click hotkey will speed up unstacking tremendously.
  • Burn Reward Items are limited daily per Server, excluding Gems.
    • When players on a Server have depleted all available rewards besides Gems, all future burns at regular campfires will only reward Gem items.
    • Burn Reward Items reset in real-world time at 7:00am PST100.
    • Spirit Campfires have no daily Burn Reward limit.

Obtaining the Burning Firewood

  • There is a chance for players to obtain Burning Firewood.png Burning Firewood and a Letter.png Campfire Invitation if you burn at regular campfires.
    • Burning Firewood and Campfire Invitations are used to create Spirit Campfires that summon the Campfire Spirit.
      • Campfire Invitations allow you to invite one NPC to your Spirit Campfire.
    • The Firewood and Invitation can be obtained even if the Burn Penalty has reached 100%.
    • The Firewood and Invitation can be obtained simultaneously with Burn Reward Items or independent of them.
    • The Firewood and Invitation can be obtained by the same character multiple times on a single day.
    • The Firewood and Invitation have a server-wide cooldown. Each time it is obtained, the Firewood will randomly go on cooldown between 5 and 10 hours.
    • When the Firewood and Invitation is not on cooldown, actively burning items will have an additional message:
      • "Something about the flame seems strange. You may obtain the Burning Firewood if you're lucky..."
      • There is no additional message for when these items are on cooldown.
      • This message disappears the moment someone obtains the Firewood and Invitation.
    • Burning Firewood and Campfire Invitations expire 15 minutes from the moment they are obtained.

Spirit Campfire Burning

- Spirit Campfire Rewards -
Divine Weapon Materials
Ancient Gold Crystal.png
Ancient Golden Crystal
Shining Metal Shard.png
Shining Metal Shard
Celtic Weapon Materials
Ruptured Black Metal.png
Ruptured Black Metal
Deformed Ring Frame.png
Deformed Ring Frame
Geas Armor Materials
Sturdy Leather Scrap.png
Sturdy Leather Scrap
Sharp Crystallized Mineral.png
Sharp Crystallized Mineral
Strange Shard.png
Strange Shard
Faded Fragment.png
Faded Fragment
Battleworn Covering.png
Battleworn Covering
Erg Sacrifice Materials
Thorny Blue Shackle.png
Thorny Blue Shackle
Massive Turtle Shell Chip.png
Massive Turtle Shell Chip
Magical Stone Plate.png
Magical Stone Plate
Desecrated Charm Chunk.png
Desecrated Charm Chunk
Ancient Monster Core.png
Ancient Monster Core
Finest Amplification Catalyst.png
Finest Amplification Catalyst
Fine Amplification Catalyst.png
Fine Amplification Catalyst
  • Campfires created with Burning Firewood will summon the Campfire Spirit.
    • You may create spirit campfires by using a Campfire Invitation and Burning Firewood or just by using Burning Firewood alone.
      • A random NPC will visit your spirit campfire if you do not use the Campfire Invitation.
      • You may only invite certain storyline NPCs if you first clear related Mainstream Quests.
      • You can only use a Burning Firewood where regular Campfires can be installed, and cannot use it in private locations.
  • Spirit Campfires are announced on all channels of a server, similar to a Freestyle Jam's Blessing of Cairbre.
  • Campfire Spirits act like a server-wide Raid Boss.
    • The Spirit has a burn gauge that acts like a health bar. Players on the server will fill the bar up by burning items that reward EXP.
      • Items excluded from rewards do not work.
      • Each burn will fill up +00.16% of the burn gauge, regardless of the item burnt.
    • All players on the server will be notified of the spirit campfire's location and channel.
      • In addition, all players who log in or change channels during the spirit campfire's duration will be notified as well.
    • Players on the same channel as the spirit campfire will have the Campfire Spirit Map Marker.png campfire's location marked on their map.
      • Regions of the map that are not properly defined, such as Solea, sometimes show the campfire on all region maps in the upper left corner.
      • Regions will display the names of regions that the game uses, which can be different than the actual name of a region (i.e. Solea is labeled as "Iria Cave").
    • It is not recommended to place the campfire in a hard to reach location, since it is impossible to fill the burn gauge without sufficient players.
      • Similarly, players should avoid summoning pets or otherwise blocking the Campfire Spirit.
      • Players can use the Numpad's "/" hotkey to minimize other players and reduce lag.
      • Players can use "alt" + click to burn if the Spirit is visually blocked.
      • Players can burn while using Transformation Mastery transformations.
        • This means players can transform into creatures that take up less space, such as a Chick.
      • Players can move their camera inside of the Spirit's model to bypass pets, marionettes, chairs, or other blocking devices.
        • Unfortunately the Spirit's model does move when it eats, reducing the usefulness of these methods.

Spirit Campfire Benefits

  • Burn EXP is doubled at Spirit Campfires.
  • Burn Reward Items from burning have no daily limit at Spirit Campfires.
  • Burn Penalties are removed at Spirit Campfires.
  • Upon burning 10 items:
    • Players receive a Burning Flame Crystal.png Burning Flame Crystal; limit 1 per person per Spirit Campfire.
    • The player becomes unable to burn for 5 minutes.
      • Items are counted towards this penalty even if the item is not eligible for a reward.

Spirit Campfire Rewards

  • If a Spirit Campfire's burn gauge is filled up before the Campfire Spirit leaves, the Campfire Spirit will reward one random player with a special reward.
    • Players have 36 minutes to complete this task.
    • Players must be within 5 meters of the Spirit Campfire to be eligible for the reward.
    • Players must have burnt at least one item to be eligible for the reward.
    • The first two letters of the name of the player who receives the reward will be announced, followed by two asterisks.

Spirit Campfire Host Rewards

  • The host of the Spirit Campfire will receive a title from the Campfire Spirit and a mailed gift from the NPC they invited.
    • The NPC's mail will arrive after log-in, real-world time 7:00am PST100, while the title is immediate.
    • Note: Title expires 1 day after obtaining it.
Name Title Description Effects
Campfire Spirit's Friend The Campfire Spirit visited the campfire you built, entitling you to be known as a friend of the mysterious entity. Max Damage +10
Max Str, Int, Dex, Will, Luck +5
Movement Speed +1%
All Skill Training EXP x2
Party Bonus EXP for Shadow Mission, Theatre Mission, and Dungeons
x2 (self), x1.5 (party members)


Same Campfire
Burn Count
1 - 10 0%
11 - 15 25%
16 - 20 50%
21 - 25 75%
26+ 100%
Different Campfire
1st 0%
2nd 20%
3rd 40%
4th 60%
5th 80%
6th+ 100%

Item Penalties

  • Certain items do not provide EXP or bonus rewards:

Burn Penalties

  • Burning repeatedly will accumulate penalties to future burns.
    • Campfire Spirits are immune to Burn Penalties.
  • There are two types of accumulated penalties: repeated burns at the same campfire and penalties for daily repeated burns.
    • The Same Campfire Penalty will incur a penalty based on the number of repeated burns at the same campfire.
      • This penalty is unique to each individual campfire and does not reset.
    • The Daily Penalty will incur a penalty based on the total number of different campfires the player has burned at in a single day.
      • This penalty resets in real-world time at 7:00am PST100.
    • Penalties from the two types stack.


  • Below are the items the host of a Spirit Campfire will receive from the NPC they invited.
    • The NPC's mail will arrive after log-in, real-world time 7:00am PST100.
    • To view the messages they attach, see here.
NPC Gift Requirement


  • In the Japanese version of Mabinogi, the Campfire Spirit appears with cat characteristics instead of its regular horned appearance.
  • A character can burn 95 items for EXP and Burn Reward Items (not including Burning Firewood) per day.
    • More specifically a character can burn 25+25+20+15+10 items, with each addition indicating a new campfire.
  • All players on the server will be told if the Campfire Spirit's burn gauge was filled in time or not, regardless if they participated.
    • The Campfire Spirit will either show "its gratitude by bestowing a reward" or return "home, trying its best to hide its sadness" depending on the results.
  • The Campfire Spirit is effectively a normal Campfire, and that means: