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Heroes of the Goddess Doll Bag

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File:Heroes of the Goddess Doll.png
Heroes of the Goddess Dolls when summoned.
Inventory icon of Heroes of the Goddess Doll Bag

4 × 3

This magical bag summons the Ruairi, Mari, and Tarlach dolls all at once! It is 9 by 9, offering a total of 81 slots for storing items. It cannot be traded through the trade window, but can be dropped.
You can summon a Doll separately from a pet. When the Dolls are summoned, a set effect will be activated.

While summoned, the following bonus is applied:

  • +5 Strength
  • +7 Dexterity
  • +7 Intelligence
  • +5 Will
  • +7 Luck
  • +17 Max Damage
  • +5 Critical
  • +5 Defense
  • +4 Protection

*** WARNING!!***
Summoning these dolls will count as the maximum summon of dolls (3 max summons of any dolls)

You may still have out one collaboration Doll Dag such as one Vocaloid, or one single Fate/Stay Night Doll Bag, that will not proceed to exceed the maximum value of four.


Can only be accessed from a player's inventory.
Only when empty can it be stored in a bank or dropped.
Can be picked up by other players if dropped while empty.
Cannot be stored on pets or traded.
Cannot be used to set up a personal shop.


  • You summon the doll by right clicking the bag and pressing the Summon button.
    • Alternatively, ctrl + click on the bag will summon the doll, if the bag is already open.
  • They will stay summoned for up to 2.5 real life hours.
    • This time limit resets at
      7:00am PST
  • The doll can be summoned along with pets or partners.

Methods to Obtain