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Holiday in Erinn

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Banner for the Holiday in Erinn.
May 23th - June 7st, 2018


The Hot Days continue, but with a twist! Head to Dunbarton to register a main character, and receive a quest to keep track of your progress. Complete the quest to receive a brand new Balloon Puppy Whistle! Check out the full details here! [1]


  • Talk to Annie in Dunbarton to register a main character.
  • After registering a character, you will receive a quest that will require you to log in for 9 days.
  • Each day begins at 7 AM PDT.
  • Stay logged in for 36 minutes each day for the quest objective to complete.
  • Once you complete all 9 objectives, you can complete the quest for a brand new Balloon Puppy Whistle!

Puppy Balloon Details

  • The inventory size is 6x10!
  • The Balloon Puppy's summoning time is 130 minutes.
  • It has the same stats and skills as the Balloon Pony!
  • It can be dyed with a Pet Dye Ampoule, but only the body can be dyed.


Balloon Puppy.png