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Homestead Stone (Homestead)

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For the homestead building material, see Homestead Stone (Item).


Homestead Kit.png
1 × 1
Building preview of Homestead Stone (Homestead)
Stack: ? Appearance

A mysterious purple ore that can only be collected at the Homestead.
Essential for improving the Homestead.

All Homesteads start with a Homestead Stone.

Contains 10 Homestead Stones that can only be collected by the owner via Mining, resetting at 12:00am PDT100. Outlaw's Homestead contains 2 Homestead Stones. Once depleted, it takes a few seconds for the patch to update its appearance.

For more Homestead items, see Category:Homestead Items or the Homestead page.


Starting Homestead Stones cannot be removed.
Cannot be painted.
Does not turn in to a kit upon removal.


Icon Name Level Pons Homestead
Extra Materials Build
Removal Cost
Rebuild Cost
Restrictions Effects
Homestead Stone (Free)
3 × 3
Homestead Stone (Free)
1100 -100 -100 -100 -100 -100 -100 -100 -100 -
  • Allow the owner to attempt to collect Homestead Stones up to 10 times a day with the use of a Pickaxe.
  • Comes with all homesteads.
  • Cannot be removed.
Homestead Stone (Purchased)
3 × 3
Homestead Stone (Purchased)
1100 100100 -100 -100 50s100 50100 -100 -100 -100 -