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Outlaw's Homestead

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General Info

The inside of the Outlaw's Homestead.

The Outlaw's Homestead is a Homestead the Bandits use as a hideout. Outlaws and their minions live here. To access this area, one must use an Outlaw's Homestead Pass dropped by bandits during an outlaw pursuit through the use of the Wanted Board.

Upon entering, the player is given 20 minutes to complete a version of a Shadow Mission, Pursue the Outlaw!. Alone the player may face many Homestead Bandits or face the Outlaw they are in pursuit of. The player may stay inside the Homestead even after the 20 minutes has passed, giving ample time to explore the Outlaw's Homestead.

Inside the Homestead there are many thing to see and do. To start with, there is a treasure chest in front of the Outlaw's house that gives various rewards with the use of a Treasure Chest Key obtained from clearing the mission. There is also a Homestead Stone Vein, Wild Honey, a Chopping Block, an Anvil, a Well, and a Furnace. Take note that Homestead Stone Vein only allows two successful attempts and the Chopping Block will produce any firewood, throughout the Homestead there are at least 4 trees the player may gather firewood from.

The homestead also contains several unusable objects, among them four different Fields with grown produce, a Paint Mixing Kettle, and Ladeca. It is also not possible to fish in the stream.


Map Key
Mimic Fomor Scroll.png Humans
Flying Sword Fomor Scroll.png Giants
Imp Fomor Scroll.png Imps
Goblin Fomor Scroll.png Goblins or Outlaw
30px Well
Furnace (Homestead).png Furnace
Anvil (Homestead).png Anvil
Chopping Block (Homestead).png Chopping Block
Homestead Entrance.png Spawn
Homestead Stone (Homestead).png Homestead
Wild Honey.png Wild Honey
Outlaw's Homestead Map.png