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Portrait of HymerarkFile:Hymerark.png
Race Deity
Gender Unknown
Occupation God of Freedom and Chaos


As the black-and-white wings slowly spread around the aloof deity, the primordial scent of a mist-shrouded dawn fills the tranquil stillness around you. Gazing upon their emerald-green hair and golden eyes, you sense something familiar, yet entirely foreign.

Hymerark is one of the three second tier gods, under the direct command of Aton Cimeni. They are the god of freedom. They are also known as the 'God of second chances'. They are regarded as the most generous among the gods.

Mainstream Story


This NPC cannot be interacted with keywords.




  • Hymerark has been historically referred to with different pronouns through the storyline.
    • Marleid and Etain referred to them as 'She' in and after Generation 25.
    • Vayne, Cethlenn and other members of the Order referred to them as 'He' from Generation 22 to Generation 25.
    • They refer to themselves as 'we' and 'deity' rather than 'god' or 'goddess', and narrative text involved with their interactions refers to them as 'they' and 'deity' as well.
  • Hymerark's appearance is heavily based upon Tani; it is unknown if they would look the same should another vessel have been used.