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Portrait of VayneFile:Vayne.png
Race Human
Gender Male

Track Hysterical Night
The Fomors are no friends of mine, that I can assure you. I swear it on the name of my god, Hymerark.


—Vayne, Generation 22


A tall man stands steadfast, clad in blackened armor that seems as though it could melt into the darkness. His onyx hair frames the stately lines of his face, nearly covering his right eye. Although he seems difficult to read, you can see a quiet conviction set in his visage.

Vayne is a strange man met by with the Expeditionary force during the events of Generation 22. He is a seasoned adventurer, and a follower of the Church of Hymerark. He appears to know more than he is willing to admit out loud.

Mainstream Story


  • This NPC cannot be interacted with Keywords.



Track Title
Hysterical Night
Cutscenes involving Vayne
Howling Curse, Eye of Death
Vayne's battle theme


  • His Track title can also be translated as Night of Madness