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Imp's Diary

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Imp's Diary[1]
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A messy book that looks like it's just been pulled out of a storage room. You can't guarantee it'll be good. An anonymous author.

Obtain From Aeira, Glutton Monkey,
Homestead Fishing Event
Price 300
Tradability Tradable
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Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- Imp's Diary -

Author Unknown

(It is written in a rather messy handwriting that is barely legible.)

X month XX day, Weather- unknown...what do you want from the dungeon

I played inside the dungeon...

X month XX day, Weather- unknown...

I played inside the dungeon again

X month XX day, Weather- sunny

I was going to play inside the dungeon again until Ogre got mad at me.
He says our goal is to defeat humans.
Not ah~ our goal is to play pranks on them~ That's why I even learned their language~
If you want me to defeat them at least give me a good weapon~ What do you want me to do with bare hands~ It's not fair~

I shouldn't have said all that...cus I got whacked with a hammer had to go the main headquarters....wahh~

X month XX day, Weather- Sunny again

I Went out to the forest to look for marbles...The bad wolf stole my potion again....
Wolves are addicted to potions...

X month XX day, Weather- Super sunny

I gathered a bunch of green marbles today~ yes!

X month XX day, Weather-

I exchanged the green marbles with blue marbles, and then the blue marbles to red marbles. Soon I'll have silver marbles!!!

but the humans took it all...
That's it!! They'll pay for this!!!

X month, XX day, Weather- Who cares?

Ogre got mad at me that I didn't bring the Magic Powder... If you really want Magic Powder, then bring me a silver marble~~
It's not our fault~~ it's those evil humans~~

...his hammer is starting to hurt more and more...

X month XX day, Weather- Gloomy

I decided to rob the humans and steal some marbles...
But what the? Why is this human wearing Imp clothes?
Whatever! You can't copy us! Psh!

X month XX day, Weather- Not good

Humans keep coming inside the dungeon, so I decided to rob them...
They were immediately knocked out from my lightning attack...muhahah~ how fun~

They started shaking and jumped up from the dead! What! They weren't dead?!

What is this trickery...

X month XX day, Weather- Hot~

The dungeon got too stuffy so I came outside...There were Kobolds near by who were meeting and I went to visit to ask for some money...
Then out of nowhere Ogre brought all his servants and appeared~ He says he's going to kill all the humans~

But the humans that were there didn't back down to Ogre...dummies...
This one guy kept getting knocked down, then he just took off all his clothes and kept fighting!

I really don't understand these wacky humans...Ogre went back to his headquarters...It's going to take a long time before he comes back....

...which means...more time to play! woohoo~

Book imp.jpg

X month XX day, Weather- Dungeon weather

Finally...finally, I got the silver marble! I grinded it and made it into Mana powder!
I hid it safely in a treasure chest!!! Now, even if Ogre comes back I'll be okay!

...The humans took it all...

X month XX day, Weather- Angry

Today, I hid inside the dungeon to get revenge on the humans who robbed the treasure chest.
According to the Kobolds, there a lot of humans that come alone these days...

I heard the treasure chest open and I jumped out! to see who it was. This one guy took everything inside and ran away before I could even chase him...
so fast...what the heck!

...but, another guy came running in...
Then, he opened the chest and started cursing up a storm~
I found that that the previous guy didn't even fight the boss and just took the treasure and took off~ ha~

Humans are crazy~ They do things we would never do~
I'm gonna have to learn of their evil ways...

X month XX day, Weather- Cold

I went all the way to the northern land because I heard there are a lot of marbles there...

My butt...what marbles...I just saw a snowman who keeps dropping ear rings...I didn't go past that...

I don't think I'll be able to go inside the dungeon today...blah...

X month XX day, Weather- Stop asking!

I haven't wrote in awhile...I think I'll start writing on the backside of the Evil Scroll...

X month XX day, Weather- Blah~

I went to the snow field and encountered a human on the way back.
But this human was using the same language as me!!
He was copying our laugh and even our accent!
Argh~ with that ugly face of his~ we'll see about that!

(The pages after this was missing)