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Imp's Dream Land Event (2009)

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For other instances of this event, see Imp's Dream Land Event (disambiguation).
June 10th, 2009 - June 25th, 2009


Of what do Imps dream? Find out for yourself in this free-for-all event!

To participate, visit the curious-looking imp (known amongst the folk of Erinn as the "Barker Imp") just west of Tracy's logging camp in Uladh forest. The Barker Imp will tell you of an interesting dream it had, and offer you the chance to experience her dream... for a small price, of course. Complete the Barker Imp's errand and she will use her less-than-subtle magics to put you to sleep, where you will enter her dream world.

Once immersed in the Barker Imp's dreary dream world you will find that you have mysteriously taken the form of an imp! Make your way to a clearing where you will find dozens of gremlins and beastly-looking ogres. Nothing a savvy adventurer like yourself can't handle, right? Wrong! You'll soon find that your strength and abilities have been reduced to that of an imp. How are you supposed to defeat ogres if you have all the stopping power of a tissue? Never fear! Slay those pesky gremlins for magic mushrooms, which, when eaten, will increase your size more than ten-fold, dwarfing even the monstrous ogres wandering the dreamscape! You can now use your gargantuan size to teach a thing or two to those mean ol' ogres. Sadly, there can only be one super imp, so you have to fight for a magic mushroom when you see it! Compete against other players to become the best ogre-smashing imp of all the

Once you're satisfied with the amount of stars you've recieved, visit the Sassy Imp in the Dream World to collect your fabulous prizes! Among the rewards are Fashionable Goggles and 300 potions![1]


  • One big star (or five little stars) are given to the person who finishes an Ogre Warrior.
    • One little star is given to every player who has hit the finished Ogre Warrior at least once, even if 0 damage is done.
  • Kill Gremlins for a chance of a Power Mushroom and potions to stay alive.
  • Only one Giant Imp is supposed to be alive at a time.
    • Note that there are some cases in which another Power Mushroom will spawn while someone else is the Giant Imp.
      • This usually occurs when the Giant Imp's time is close to timing out.
  • This event is part of a chain of different events in the Back to School Event.


How to Get Quest

Log on after the June 10th, 2009 update. Every character will receive this quest.

Briefing Ah. Ah. Mic check! Hello everyone! I'm an Imp who's looking for human friends! I had an awesome dream the other day, and someone told me that it's a "jackpot" dream! So I'm lookin at selling my dream! What do you say? If you receive this invitation, could you come see me? Oh, and bring some Green Gems on your way here! Also, I'm not really here all the time, so be sure to come see me on time!

Talk to Barker Imp

  • 3000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Barker Imp is located in the corner of Dugald Forest, inside the Dugald Aisle map, left of the Logging Camp.


Once you have collected enough stars, you may turn them in to the Sassy Imp to receive prizes and return to Erinn. It is unknown if a certain amount of stars are required for certain prizes, or if more stars get you rarer prizes. Although a 6 to 10 star rating apparently gives you an extremely high chance of getting Fashion Goggles.



Production Items


Reward Patterns