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Barker Imp

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Portrait of Barker Imp
Barker Imp
Race Imp (Fomor)
Gender Female
Occupation Dreamer
Location [[Located in::Only during the event:
Ulaid Forest]]

The Barker Imp appeared in Ulaid Forest to the west of the Logging Camp in Dugald Aisle, but only during the Imp's Dream Land Event (2009). If she was given a Small Green Gem, she would warp a player to the Imp's Dream Land. There was a sign and post next to her that could be hit in order to obtain Small Green Gems, where the sign dropped them more frequently. The first time a player logged on while the event was active, they received the Imp's Dream Land quest which asked a player to go and see the imp.


Level: 12

Lightning Bolt.png Rank 9
Firebolt.png Rank 9
Icebolt.png Rank 9
Defense.png Rank C
Combat Mastery.png Rank C
Critical Hit.png Rank C