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Portrait of Kanna
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Squire
Location Avalon Gate


A striking girl with long, flowing pink hair and a well-balanced physique. Her big, clear eyes radiate youthful innocence.

Kanna thinks of herself as a foolish, clumsy, and unskilled knight, but there is no one else that tries harder than her. She easily cares about others because of her history of taking care of children. Behind her cheerful personality, she has her own insecurities. She lacks confidence in herself and trains to become stronger.

She was chosen as an Alban Knight through special selection. During her match with Eirlys, a hidden power awakened within Kanna which knocked Eirlys away.



  • Kanna is willing to eat anything.
  • Kanna's parents passed away when she was little, and she lived with her sister.
    • Her sister left to join the Alban Knights, which left Kanna alone to take care of the other children living with them.
  • Her older sister is a full-fledged knight.
    • Her sister tells her crazy stories about you.
      • The "older sister" Kanna frequently mentions is heavily implied to be Avelin.
  • Eirlys considers her last out of the squires in strength.