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Karu Forest Ruins

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For the mainstream NPC, see Mysterious Karu Forest Ruins.
Karu's entrance is within a tree.
Karu Dungeon Altar.
A room in Karu dungeon.

Deep inside Karu Forest lies a special dungeon. The location of its entrance changes every week. If you find the entrance via L-Rod Exploration, you will earn the "the One who Discovered the Karu Forest Ruins" title. See Dungeon Respawn if you are trying for this title.

Although the monsters inside regularly drop restorative items, the dungeon is not to be taken lightly.

Room Types

Iria dungeons have special monster rooms that act differently from normal dungeons. The room type will be evident after the player opens the chest or hits the switch.

Recovery Room

  • Monsters will "rest" for 5 seconds every 10~15 seconds. When resting, they will recover most of their HP, but just a little bit of their wounds. NOTE: This time varies depending on the item drop. For example, in Pot Belly Spider Artifact dungeons, the window for attack becomes only 5 seconds.
  • You cannot target or attack the monsters when they are resting.
  • In a room with mixed monster types, only one monster type will rest at a time.
  • Monsters will instantly aggro on you after resting if you attacked them, but not if they aggroed you on their own.
  • Some monsters AI is designed for recovery rooms and will be able to aggro you very quickly.
  • If you are in the attack animation when a monster starts resting, your attack will still hit them. (melee only) Also, the monsters will still hit you if their attack animation has started.
  • If a monster is knocked into deadly status before it starts resting, it will still be like that when it stops.

Slowly Mobbing Room

  • The room spawns one group of monsters ready to attack, and two other groups resting. After some time, these groups will stop resting and join in the attack, creating a dangerously mobby situation for small parties.

Roulette Room

  • A switch stands in the center of the room. When hit, 3 monster types will spawn, but they will be in resting mode.
  • Hit the switch again, and one of the monster types (randomly selected) will be freed from rest, and the others will disappear.
  • Sometimes there will be a Chest in the room, but 4 columns will appear in the corners. Three types of monsters spawn. Hit a column and a group or two will disappear from the rest.
  • There is also a possibility of hitting one of the stone columns and all of the monsters disappearing, allowing you to move on without a fight.

Vanish Room

  • The room starts with many monsters and monster types, but Group by Group (as in circle by circle of mobs), the mobs will disappear until four are left on each corner of the room.


General Info

Drop Item: Any
Number of Floors: 5
Visible Floors: 2nd and 4th


Spawn Patterns


Final Hit

General Info

Drop Item: Artifact
Number of Floors: 3
Visible Floors: None


Spawn Patterns



There are multiple sub-dungeons of Karu that you may access by using the appropriate artifact. Due to their size, they have been split into sub-pages.

Note: Giving glowing parts to the Karu Forest Ruins Altar does not produce the same effect as using the non-glowing parts. For example if you give a Glowing Stone Imp Ear the dungeon created will be a Normal Karu, not a Karu Stone Imp Glowing Ear Dungeon.

Glowing Statues

Glowing Statue Artifacts are created via exploration quests available on any Quest Board.

Note: in order to keep the statue for use as a pass, you must not turn in the exploration quest! Statues can also be obatained from Exploration Gachapon (2012), feeding Hot Spring Monkeys and Good Luck Potion.

Generation 10: Goddess of Light: Alexina's Ruins Pass

General Info

Drop Item: Alexina's Ruins Pass
Number of Floors: 1
Visible Floors: ?

Similar to Normal, except first room chest always spawns Stone Mimic x3, and Stone Mimics always drop Iria Emblem Cubes for the Cube Collection Book.

Note: Drops same chest as Karu Normal. Including Eternal rest, My Nubes Meditation, and The Innocence of the Lute although only one floor.