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Portrait of Nao Mariota PryderiFile:Nao.png
Nao Mariota Pryderi
Race Deity
Gender Female
Occupation Soul Stream Guide
Location Soul Stream
Track The Story of a White Deer
Hello there. You are (PlayerName), right? I have been waiting for you.


—Nao, when creating a character.


A beautiful girl in a black dress with intricate patterns. Her deep azure blue eyes remind everyone of an endless blue sea full of mystique. With her pale skin and her distinctively sublime silhouette, she seems as if she belongs in another world.

Nao Mariota Pryderi is the main resident of the Soul Stream who guides Milletians on their way in the world of Erinn. Her past is shrouded in mystery but she does not like to talk about it. Only Morrighan, Duncan, and Milletians can see her, though others can gain the ability through a special potion.

She also aids players through the Rebirth process for Humans, Elves, and Giants. For a Pet, Tin will appear in Nao's place.


Spoiler icon.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.

Mainstream Story

Spoiler icon.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.

Nao's Soul Stones

Player being revived by Nao.

Nao can resurrect an unconscious player by summoning her with Nao Soul Stones. She will appear to revive the player, bless their equipment, and revitalize all their Health, Wounds, Mana, Stamina, and Hunger. Revival from Nao will have an extremely minor EXP cut.

Beware that she is unable to resurrect players anywhere in Another World.

Giving Nao an outfit on the player's character's original creation day will cause her to appear wearing that outfit.

Keyword Responses

  • See Nao/Keyword Responses.
    • Nao can only be spoken with keywords if the player meets her during their character's real-time birthday.


  • The real-time day the character was created in becomes the birthday of the character. If the player logs in on the character's birthday while having Premium Service, they will be sent to Nao, where she will give the player a random accessory from a predetermined list.
    • The player will also be able to speak with Nao with the Keywords they accumulated, and gift her clothes.

Nao may gift any accessory among these:

Gifts to Nao

Players can give Nao a dress that can only be worn by her via Gift to Nao Keyword. The dress can only be given to her or requested to be changed when the player speaks to her on their original creation day. The dress will only appear on Nao's person when reviving the player; in other areas (i.e. Soul Stream, Mainstream Story), she will appear wearing her original dress.

  • The game will automatically ask the player when they log into the game for the first time on their character's birthday.
  • Since the game will lock the player out of using any window other than the Nao's birthday window, retrieving dresses for Nao can seem nearly impossible the day of your character's birthday.
    • Clicking the birthday's "x" and relogging or changing channels can cause the window to reappear. Pressing the "No" option will permanently lock the player out of meeting Nao on that birthday.
    • Clicking on a mailbox, opening the mailbox window, and then clicking on a mailbox again will allow you to interact with the game while the birthday window is still open due to a bug.



Track Title
The Story of a White Deer
Speaking to Nao
A Prayer for the Sleeping
Nao Appears in the Soul Stream
A Prayer for the Sleeping
The Story of a White Deer
Korean Symphony Orchestra Version
Speaking to Nao (Closed Beta)
Cutscenes involving Nao


General Trivia

  • In Closed Beta in NA, the Mari Game Server was originally named Nao.
  • In the 2021 R&D Preview video, an animated wallpaper of Nao being put through Live2D was showcased. It was released on the KR website on 2022.01.06 and is available for download on the KR Mabinogi website.[1]
  • There used to be a glitch where Nao would stay where she resurrected a player.
  • During the April Fool's Event, when the player logs in, they will be warped to the Soul Stream and Ferghus will appear instead of Nao while doing a humorous rendition of her appearance and departure.
  • There is a billboard of her in Emain Macha and Cor. It is also a Homestead prop.
  • Users cannot receive her keywords after clearing Generation 1. If a user accidently uses any of her keywords on her after clearing Generation 1, then the current character will lose the keyword permanently.
  • The Story of a White Doe is an in-game book about a legend of love, tragedy, and Rebirth.
  • Nao is likely the Irish word naomh (meaning holy or Saint). Pryderi is a Welsh name from pryder (meaning worry, anxiety, or caring).
    • A possible (though not entirely accurate) reading of Nao's name is thus Saint Mariota the Caring.
  • Nao's conversation music "The Story of a White Deer" refers to many significant parts of her life.
    • As a child, Mariota was brought to Duncan by a pair of deer and wolves. One of the deer was unusually white.
      • White hair and blue eyes are the most important descriptors attached to the main protagonists in the book. Nao has both.
  • Mariota is a Scottish variant of the name Margaret (meaning pearl). Alternatively, Mari is a Welsh variant of the name Mary. Mary is itself a variant of the name Miriam (likely meaning beloved).

Prerelease Trivia

  • Naak Kim, the producer/director of Mabinogi, mentioned at the 2019 Nexon Developer Conference Nao's KAMEX 2002 promotional prototype was originally called as "Rachel". Originally based off of Navi from the Zelda series, Nao was then meant to be a fairy NPC that would follow the player (perhaps similar to Eiry). Nao's appearance was changed and instead became a reserved but caring character heavily influenced by Maetel from Galaxy Express 999.