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Generation 10: Goddess of Light

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For the in-game script of this Generation, see Script - Generation 10: Goddess of Light.

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Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
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G10 Title.png
Chapter 3 Mainstream Icon.png
  • To start Generation 10, you must have completed Generation 9 or reach cumulative level 345 and talk to Duncan about storyline change.

Generation 10: Goddess of Light is the second part of Chapter 3. The long forgotten Goddess of Light, Neamhain returns from hiding, but the Fomorians have a sinister plot that involves the goddess.

Changes in Generation 10 Due to Updates

NPCs involved in Goddess of Light

Padan's Call

Royal Guardsman Coat of Arms.png
Leymore's Journal.png
Name Padan's Call NPC Padan

  1. Upon completion of G9, log-out or change channels to view the beginning cutscene. After the cutscene, wait for an owl to bring the quest.
  2. Talk to Padan in Tara. He is located near the Shadow Mission board nearby Tara's Stonehenge.
  3. Complete the solo Shadow Mission Survivor Rescue. You may bring a Royal Alchemist to assist you.
    • If you give up or fail the mission, talk to Padan to receive it again.
    • There are two Shadow Ghosts in front of Tara's gate. It is not necessary to defeat them.
    • At the front gate, you must defeat the enemies surrounding the soldier. The soldier will not assist you in battle.
    • Upon completion you will receive the Royal Guardsman Coat of Arms (2x2).
  4. Talk to Padan to receive Leymore's Journal (2x2).
  5. Complete the solo Shadow Mission Leymore's Investigation Log at Taillteann's altar.
    • You will role play as Leymore.
    • Simply search for Elatha around the lake's coast and talk to him. It is not necessary to engage in combat with nearby monsters.
  6. Complete the quest (16,500 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Andras and Elatha

Andras's Music Box.png Name Andras and Elatha NPC Andras

  1. Talk to Andras in Taillteann to receive Andras's Music Box.
    • You may use Andras's Music Box to view a cutscene, but this is not necessary to progress.
  2. You will receive the Shadow Mission Caliburn's Secret.
    • Defeat three waves of enemies around the Beacon Mound to open the gates to Taillteann.
    • Talk to Elatha, who is located near the Steam Ovens (near Dorren's usual location at Taillteann's Alchemist House). A short cutscene will play. Afterwards, talk to him again.
  3. You will receive the keyword Clue Regarding Goddess Neamhain Keyword when you complete the quest (11,000 EXP). Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Collect Clues Regarding Goddess Neamhain

Portrait of Tara Landscape.png Portrait of Neamhain.png

Rare Book.png Lezarro's Poem.png
Taming Wild Animals.png Lymilark Scripture.png
Lileas's Honey Drink.png Neamhain's Feather Decoration.png

Name Collect Clues Regarding Goddess Neamhain NPC Hans

You will be traveling throughout Tara for many side quests involving Clues about Neamhain. Have plenty of Inventory space in both your General Inventory Tab and your Special Inventory Tab. All Items will be bound to the player.
The quests can be done in any order. Use the Clue Regarding Goddess Neamhain Keyword to initiate each quest or simply talk to the NPC with the Quest in hand.


  1. Talk to Hans, who is located in the square near the fountain.
  2. Equip a Suit for Alchemist-in-Training. Talk to Hans and he will request you to model for a painting. He will give you a 2x2 Portrait of your character.
    • The outfit can only be bought from Brenda in Taillteann for 89,000g. You may also obtain it from another player.
    • You do not need to keep the portrait.
    1. Talk to Hans again. He will ask you to deliver Tara Series Paintings (2x2) to Keith.
  3. Talk to Keith, who is located in the Bank north of the shopping square.
  4. Talk to Hans to receive the Portrait of Neamhain (2x2).
  5. Complete the quest (6,600 EXP).

  • Once all the clues are gathered, complete the quest (22,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Goddess's Memorial

Neamhain's Memorial (Item).png
Dark Lord's Token.png
Name Goddess's Memorial NPC Andras

  1. Talk to Andras to receive the Shadow Mission Neamhain's Memorial.
    1. Enter Taillteann and talk to Elatha, who is near the platform where Andras would be. A cutscene will occur followed by a conversation.
    2. Talk to him again to release the barriers to the square.
      • You will learn the Synthesis skill if you do not already have it.
    3. Defeat the monsters and use the Dry Oven inside the boss room in the middle of the square. Mix the four items you received earlier for a 99% chance to get Neamhain's Memorial (2x2).
    • Should you fail for any reason, return to the four NPCs in the previous quest to receive the items without redoing the quests.
  2. Use the Neamhain's Memorial to view a cutscene.
  3. Talk to Andras to receive the Dark Lord's Token (1x1) and a Waxen Wing of the Blue Goddess to Tir Chonaill.
  4. Drop the token at Ciar Dungeon's normal lobby to role play as Elatha.
    • The dungeon is similar to Ciar Intermediate, it has one floor. There is no boss; just a cutscene when you open the boss room door.
  5. Complete the quest (22,000 EXP) and wait for the next quest.

Book of Tir Na Nog's Doom

Book.png Name Book of Tir Na Nog's Doom NPC Pencast

  1. Talk to Pencast to receive the Book of Tir Na Nog's Doom.
  2. Complete the quest (8,800 EXP) and wait for the next one.

The Iria Explorer

Historic Ruins Pass.png

Emblem Cube.png

Name The Iria Explorer NPC Alexina, Castanea, Kirine

The cubes obtained during this quest will not be stored in your Special Inventory. Make sure to have plenty of room in your General Inventory.
Depending on your character's race, your quest and required Emblem Cubes will vary.


  1. Talk to Alexina at Qilla Base Camp.
  2. Achieve a current exploration level of 3 or above and talk to Alexina again to receive a collection book and a dungeon pass.
  3. Go to Karu Forest Ruins, drop the pass, and complete the Cube Collection Book by inserting Emblem Cubes.
    • The Dungeon is identical to Karu Normal's last floor, consisting of Stone Imps.
      • Beware of Stone Imps with "The Dubious" title. They are much stronger than their normal counterparts.
      • Rewards for the dungeon remain the same as their normal versions.
    • All Emblem Cubes are 1x1 and will only drop from the Stone Mimics found in the dungeon.
      • Mimics will almost always spawn in the first and second room of the dungeon. It may be best to get multiple passes and clear those rooms repetitively.
    • You will need to collect the following Emblem Cubes:
      • Flower
      • Human
      • Star
      • Monkey
      • Sheep
      • Tree
      • Bird
      • Snake
      • Sun
  4. Read the completed book and click the button on the first page to collect the reward and receive the Irinid's Ancient Artifact (1x1).
  5. Return and talk to Alexina in Qilla Base Camp. Manually complete the quest and wait for the next step. [33,000 EXP]

Restoring Irinid's Ancient Artifact

Irinid's Ancient Artifact.png

Partially Restored Irinid's Ancient Artifact.png
Cloud Crystal.png
Arenen's Engagement Ring.png
Ilsa's Handkerchief.png

Name Restoring Irinid's Ancient Artifact NPC Arenen, Voight

  1. Talk to Voight in Cor to receive the Partially Restored Irinid's Ancient Artifact.
  2. Talk to Arenen in Calida Exploration Camp to receive Arenen's Engagement Ring.
  3. Drop the ring at Maiz Prairie Ruins in the Rano region to start a solo Role Play quest.
    • The dungeon is Maiz Normal.
    • Arenen possesses Smash, Defense, Counterattack, and Windmill.
    • It is possible to deal 6 normal hits with his dual Hooked Cutlass, which can be crucial for finishing the mobs in a single combo.
    • There is no boss at the end chamber; just a cutscene.
  4. Talk to Voight to receive Ilsa's Handkerchief (2x2).
  5. Drop the handkerchief at Maiz Prairie Ruins to enter Voight's RP quest.
    • If you enter alone, you will play as Voight, and Ilsa will accompany you as an AI-controlled NPC.
      • The NPC Ilsa deals very little damage, has low HP, and possesses Advanced Heavy Stander. If allowed to be attacked, it is highly likely she will be defeated.
        • Despite this, it is not required for Ilsa to remain alive to complete the dungeon.
    • If you have another player accompany you, you will play as Ilsa and your partymate plays as Voight.
      • Ilsa possess Lightning Bolt and Healing. While Voight possess Smash, Counterattack, Windmill and Charge.
      • Voight will have to do most of the fighting, because Ilsa deals very little damage.
      • Ilsa can grab the attention of monsters and play dead to reduce aggro on Voight.
      • It is advised to pick up the Phoenix Feathers dropped by monsters, in case the other player gets knocked out.
    • Note::The dungeon will not be completed if your partymate disconnects or leaves the dungeon, If you open the boss room alone you will be transported outside the dungeon WITHOUT completing the quest.
    • There is no boss, but a cutscene will play.
  6. Talk to Arenen to receive Rain Maker Crystal.
  7. Clear the quest (22,000 EXP). Wait for the next one.

Rain Maker - Irinid

Cloud Crystal.png Rain Maker Arrow.png Name Rain Master - Irinid NPC Kousai

  1. Talk to Kousai in Cor and he will teach you the Rain Casting skill and exchange the Rain Maker Crystal for 15 Water Crystals, 5 Wind Crystals, and 5 Earth Crystals.
  2. Use the skill once. Ranking the skill to F is not required.
    • You are not given a Cylinder to perform the action.
  3. Talk to Kousai again.
  4. Drop the Rain Maker Arrow onto the altar at Longa Desert Ruins in Connous. You may bring a party to complete this quest.
    • Note: Kousai will say that this dungeon can only be performed on Samhain (Saturday), but this rule no longer exists.
    • The dungeon has 3 floors. The second floor is comparatively short.
    • The boss is "Possessed Cai."
      • Cai's AI is similar to Shadow Alchemists, making it fairly easy to defeat him.
      • If Cai is not killed fast enough, he will level up, fully restoring his HP.
      • Cai takes much less knockback from Alchemy attacks, and recovers quickly.
    • Every party member who is currently doing the quest will finish their quest on completion of the dungeon.
  5. Clear the quest (16,500 EXP). Wait for the next one.
    • Completion of this quest will reward you with a Wings of the Blue Goddess to Tara Stonehenge.

Pencast's Call

Mata.png Name Pencast's Call NPC Pencast

If you fail or exit the mission, you will automatically receive it. If you gave up the mission, talk to Pencast again to receive it.


  1. Talk to Pencast to receive the Shadow Mission Fomor Mata.
    • The mission is solo.
    • You must defeat a few sets of enemies leading from the north gate of Tara to the Jousting arena. Watch the cutscene.
    • You will be introduced to Mata, and you must beat him in a Joust.
      • For more information on Jousting, see the Jousting page.
    • If you lose, you won't be able to progress any further and must manually exit the mission.
      • You will get the shadow mission again upon exit.
    • After you win, you must defeat Mata in combat.
  2. Clear the quest (22,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Fight for Courcle's Heart

Padan.png Name Fight for Courcle's Heart NPC Padan

You may bring a party of 8 on this Shadow Mission. Extra Caution is advised due to the amount of spawns found in each area. Like previous quests, anyone on this quest will also fulfill the requirement necessary to move on into the next quest.


  1. Talk to Padan to receive the Shadow Mission Assist the Shadow Realm Expeditionary Force. You may bring up to 7 other players to assist you.
    • You will battle numerous waves of monsters shielded by a row of Barrier Spikes until you reach the center, where a cutscene is presented.
    • When you reach the center, numerous amounts of monsters will appear. You are aided by Andras, Karpfen, Granat, and their troops.
      • If Andras, Karpfen, or Granat is killed, the mission fails. If one entire platoon (minus the leader) is killed, the mission fails as well.
    • After the battle, the mission will clear, and a cutscene is presented.
  2. Clear the quest (22,000 EXP) and wait for the next quest.

Courcle's Heart

Dark Life Drain Crystal.png

Elatha's Music Box.png
Name Courcle's Heart NPC Padan

If you happen to become unconscious, you may resurrect yourself using Morrighan's Protection, up to 3 times. It instantly revives the player on the spot, complete with blessings and full recovery. This option is not available to Royal Alchemists. The only other method of reviving are by the usage of Phoenix Feathers, Advanced Phoenix Feathers and Party Phoenix Feather.


  1. Talk to Padan to receive the Shadow Mission Light and Darkness.
  2. Upon entering the mission a cutscene will occur. After the cutscene, you will face your (or the RA's) Doppelganger.
    • For more information on the Doppelganger, read the notes and advices on its page.
  3. The objective is to use Elatha's Music Box on the Doppelganger when it's taunting you, followed by using Life Drain on it.
    • A Cylinder, Alchemy Crystals and 5x Dark Life Drain Crystal are provided by the mission, and will disappear when the mission is completed.
    • The Doppelganger will taunt after using Fury of Light. Use the Elatha's Music Box then.
    • When the Doppelganger is "writhing in pain", use the Life Drain skill with the Cylinder equipped.
      • Life Drain cannot be used if the player has full HP.
    • You cannot complete the mission if you have not learned Life Drain.
    • For more information, read the Shadow Mission page.
  4. Once you have successfully used Life Drain, you'll have cleared Generation 10 and be awarded with the Neamhain Demigod skills at rank F: Awakening of Light, Fury of Light and Spear of Light.
    • For Royal Alchemists: You will be transported alone without viewing the ending cutscenes.
  5. Manually complete the quest to claim the EXP (33,000 EXP).
    • Fury of Light and Spear of Light are not usable until one clicks "complete".

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