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Lileas's Honey Drink

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For the Light version, see Lileas's Honey Drink Light.
Defending is harder than challenging. She is a champion. Karpfen the mighty falls for the sweetness of Tara honey.


—Honey Drink Commercial

Tara honey, I like...



Inventory icon of Lileas's Honey Drink

1 × 2


Name Lileas's Honey Drink
NPC Resale Value Method Edible Hunger Restored Cooking EXP
173 G Buy from Lileas Yes 11  ?
Purchase Location
Other Locations
Physical Change
Weight +3 Upper +1 Lower +1
Gradual Stat Change HP MP SP Str Dex Int Will Luck Def Prot
+7  ? - - - - -  ?  ?


A honey drink with a crude label attached. Is this safe to drink?

Used In