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Portrait of Lileas
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Jousting Arena Manager
Location Tara
Part-time Job Jousting Arena
10:00am - 9:00pm
Report From: 3:00pm


A girl whose hair is tangled by the wind
always has a shameless smile
on her round shiny face.

Lileas is the Jousting Arena Manager who sets up players for a joust. She also sells various cooking ingredients and tools.

She is also known for making Honey Drinks. It is well known amongst Giants, as Karpfen and Krug had claimed for it to be delicious and starred on commercials for the drink.

Her older brother is Alpin, who works as the royal gardener inside Rath Royal Castle in the Hanging Garden.

Mainstream Story



  • She also can exchange jousting points for rewards. See here for the list.

Part-time Jobs

  • When doing the part-time jobs on Alban Elved (Friday) there is a 20% increase to the experience points and gold rewarded for completing them.

Lileas' Equipment