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Mabinogi Quiz Show (2012)

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For a page with just the answers, see OX Quiz Event (2012)/Questions‎.
For similar events, see Mabinogi Quiz Show (disambiguation).
November 21st, 2012 - December 12th, 2012


The ever popular quiz show event has returned! Upon logging in, you will receive a quest and you must make your way to Physis where the Quiz Show event takes place. The event begins at the top of every hour and you MUST be standing on either the 'O' or the 'X' to participate. Once the clock hits a new hour, gates will rise (disallowing further entries) and the Quiz Show will begin!

From there, you will be posed with a series of questions. These questions are of real-world trivia as well as Mabinogi trivia. Your job is to determine whether or not the statement is essentially true or false. So, in layman's terms, 'O' means yes or true, and 'X' means no or false. Move your character to either the X spot or the O spot to input your final answer. From the top of the hour, thirty different questions will be posed and you will need to get each one correct in order to move on to the next question.

So once you've participated in the Quiz Show enough to acquire each of the prizes, what's the point in sticking around? For every question answered correctly, you will receive a Mabinogi Quiz Show Ticket. Redeem 777 of these tickets for a FREE Fire Horse! This is a PERMANENT pet that is added to your character selection screen.

This is quite the event, and it requires a sharp and quick mind to be successful! Best of luck to all of our Mabinogi Quiz Show Contestants! The Quiz Show will run from November 21st to December 12th, 2012.[1]


  • There are a total of 30 questions in one session. You have 10 seconds to move to the X or O side after the question appears on screen. After the timer counts down, all who answered correctly will receive a Mabinogi Quiz Show Ticket and will move onto the next question.
    • Those who answered wrong will be transported out of the play area and cannot continue to answer questions until it starts again at the next top of the hour.
    • The Mabinogi Quiz Show Tickets can be traded with other players.
  • An OX Quiz Gift Box will be received for answering 20 and 30 questions correctly in one session.
  • A 30 Questions Badge ticket is rewarded for getting all 30 questions correct.
    • The badge will not be received is there is no room for it in your inventory.
    • You can only receive two badges per real-life day.
  • An "Untranslated text" quest is given upon logging in.
    • This quest may be recieved multiple times, but may only be completed once every day.

Tips and Advice

  • You should be standing within the lines of the square in order for your answer to count. Standing on the lines may not count.
    • You need to be in the square before the timer counts down to zero. You are only counted as being in the square if your character performs an O or an X gesture, depending on which square you were in when the timer ran out.
  • You can reduce lag by using the following options.
    • Minimize characters using the Numpad / key or by going into Options > System Tab > Performance Sub-tab. It will be the second check box. Make sure to drag the box to the right end for maximum efficiency.
    • Use CTRL+N to hide names.
    • Use CTRL+P to hide party ads.
  • If you're going to be using this list to find the answers, it is suggested that you have both windows set next to each other so you don't need to switch using the toolbar.
  • You may not use skills in the middle of the event.
  • Be careful not to click any of the Event Helper NPCs while the event is running. Starting a conversation is an easy way to run down the timer, and consequently lose. Same goes for party boxes.
  • Be wary of those who sneak through the fence (via Flying Mount, or pre-selected destination) and attempt to trick you. You can tell who has been eliminated as they will not make one of the O or X gestures at the end of an answer.
  • If you plan to add to this list, do NOT paraphrase questions. Type them exactly as they appear in-game. (Including spelling errors made in-game)
    • It helps to take screen shots of questions that are not on the list so that they can be accurately added later.
    • Be careful when editing an already existing entry, some questions are in multiple times with very slight variations. Don't assume just because you saw a question one way, a similar one in the list is wrong.
  • Some of the answers that the event wants are actually wrong. See here for a list.

Questions Marked Incorrectly

See Questions Marked Incorrectly

OX Quiz Box Prizes





OX Quiz AP Provision
How to Get Quest

Log in every day during the Mabinogi Quiz Show (2012) Event.

Briefing an AP 5 Potion will be given to those who answer the 30 OX Quiz questions twice. You can do the AP provision quest once a day during the event period.
Black Flame Mare Quiz Event
How to Get Quest

Log in during the event.

Briefing This is a rare opportunity to obtain a Black Flame Mare animal character from the Mabinogi Quiz Show Event! Just bring us 777 of the Mabinogi Quiz Show Tickets.

-Quiz Show Helper-