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Category:Flying Mounts

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For monster flight, see Flight (Monster Skill).
  • Flying Mounts are unique Pets that can be ridden and take flight.
  • Flying is limited to certain areas. See Flight Zones for more information on places that can be flown in.
    • Attempting to fly in a region that does not permit flight at all results the message: "You are restricted from flying in this area".
      • Likewise, attempting to fly or land in a flight zone's in a no-flight boundary results the message: "You are restricted from land and taking off from this area".
    • If on a map where flying is allowed, it is best to be around the center of the map before landing or taking off.
  • After taking off, an altitude meter appears on the left side of the screen, calculating how many meters you are above the ground.
    • You may only land if you are within less than 15 meters off the ground.
    • The minimum flight altitude is 10 meters. The maximum varies by area, roughly 80~ meters.
    • The altitude the pet reaches during takeoff and while cruising is affected by the height and slope of the terrain.
      • The pet will automatically adjust to the terrain's height as they cruise in-flight.
      • Most tall aesthetic obstacles (e.g. trees) will stop in-flight cruising and will prompt the player to fly above the obstacle.
  • All flying mounts have flying speeds and some even have Boost as they cruise.
  • All flying mounts are faster in the air than on land.
  • If idle for several seconds while in flight, the pet will start flying in circles by itself.
    • This does not happen on a two-seater mount while the user has another passenger on board.
    • Lag may cause the player to experience an error that simulates the user as if they were still on a mount after the pet is unsummoned.
  • Unsummoning the pet while in flight will warp the player to the ground. This is faster than landing and getting off the pet.
  • Unsummoning the pet while over a no-flight zone will warp the player outside of it. There is brief lag when this occurs.
  • Unsummoning the pet while cruising may cause displacement lag.


  • R: Mount/Dismount Pet.
    • This can also be done by right-clicking the pet and selecting "Mount" or "Dismount".
    • The player cannot dismount if the pet is flying.
  • V: Land/Fly.
    • This can also be done by right-clicking the pet and selecting "Takeoff" or "Land".
    • This requires the player to be mounted on the pet.
  • WASD, Arrow, and NumPad Keys 8, 4, 6, and 2 Keys: Steer left or right, and increase or decrease your altitude.
  • Space Bar, NumPad 0, and Left Mouse Click: Fly forward in the direction you are facing.
    • Alternatively, you may also click on the minimap to set a location for the pet to fly to.
      • Upon reaching the destination, the pet may circle around the location due to the actual location being on top of a structure like a building or fence.
      • There is a glitch that may cause clicks on the minimap to cancel movement instead of changing the waypoint. You can work around this by flying some distance manually before clicking on the minimap.
  • Middle Mouse Click: Alter faced direction.
  • Within the exception of Mount Pet and Land/Fly, these controls cannot be changed.
  • 2nd Couples Flight and 1st Couples Flight uses these controls in their flight.


  • Passengers cannot change equipment while the pet is flying.
  • Mounted passengers other than the owner cannot summon a pet, regardless whether or not it is flying.
    • Pets can be summoned prior to mounting, however.
  • All passengers can use potions while the pet is in flight.
  • All skills, if the pet is capable of using them, cannot be loaded while the in-flight.
    • Likewise, taking flight will cancel any skill loaded.
    • The owner will still be able to feed the pet but cannot drag the item to it.


  • After attacking an enemy, players can mount their pet and command it to take off. The enemy and any of their attacks are unable to reach the player, even if they are capable of flight (e.g. Old Dragons), and may eventually drop aggro.
    • The enemy may re-aggro upon landing, however.
    • Sometimes the enemy may notice the player (indicated by the ! sign) while they are in flight and follow them.
  • Flying too close to a Wyvern may cause them to attack the player.
    • If the flying mount is Knocked Unconscious by the Wyvern, players will automatically be forced to the ground next to the unconscious pet.