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Magic Bean Dungeon Pass

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Inventory icon of Magic Bean Dungeon Pass

1 × 2

A special pass. Apparently, offering this pass to the altar of Alby Dungeon will lead one to the dungeon where Magic Beans grow.

Method to Obtain

  1. Use a Dull Weeding Hoe on potato fields near Dunbarton to collect one bean. A Dull Weeding Hoe can be found in the inventory of newly created Red Panda and Polar Bear pets or can be bought from other players.
    1. Go to Ceo Island and gift a bean (drag and drop) to Muro. He will then give you a Fomor Bean.
    2. Go to the Alby Battle Arena's lobby and talk to Goro. He will give you the Magic Bean Keyword and the Magic Bean Dungeon Pass that can be dropped on the Alby Dungeon altar.
  • More passes can be obtained by talking to Goro again using the same Keyword.

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