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Portrait of Muro
Race Goblin (Fomor)
Gender Male
Occupation Guard
Location Ceo Island Bridge


With his rough skin, menacing face, and his constant hard-breathing, he has the sure look of a Goblin. Yet, there is something different about this one. Strangely, it seems to have a sense of noble demeanor that does not match its rugged looks.

Muro is a guard stationed on Ceo Island and sells basic supplies. He was also raised by Price in the same way as Goro, Tiro, and Pero were, and wants to become as successful a merchant like his surrogate father.

If one wishes to leave Ceo Island when the Moon Gate is not open, Muro can return players to the last town he/she has visited via "How Do I Get Out of Here?". This, however, only works once.


Muro's Equipment