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MapleStory x Mabinogi Event

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2013 MapleStory x Mabinogi Event Advertisement
2015 MapleStory x Mabinogi Event Advertisement
May 1st, 2013 – May 21st, 2013
August 19th, 2015 – September 15th, 2015


Characters from MapleStory have made their way into the Soul Stream and landed right smack dab in the middle of Erinn! Since they just arrived, one character named Mushmom is in need of your help! Her baby Orange Mushroom is being fussy and wishes to do all sorts of grown-up things… but is still too small. You will need to gather Mushrang every day to feed Orange Mushroom so he grows big! Once he hits 250cm Mushmom will give you a box full of goodies.

King Pepe Chair
Royal Yeti Chair
Shroom Buddy Chair
Fixed Dye Ampoules
Metal Dye Ampoules
Mixed Jewels
Mixed Potions

Help a mother mushroom from May 1st to May 21st and your services will be greatly rewarded!

The Mabinogi Team [1]


  • Talk to Mushmom, located near Unicorn Statue of Dunbarton, to receive a Mushy to take care of and feed Mushrangs to it to increase its size.
  • Your objective is to use Mushrangs while Mushy is out until it reaches 250cm.
    • You will receive three Mushrangs upon logging in for the first time each real-life day and receive an additional one Mushrang for every 36 minutes you are logged in.
      • Since 36 real minutes is equal to one in-game day, you will get a Mushrang at the same time every in-game day.
      • If you change channels or log out, the timer will reset.
    • Having a Visiting Snowman summoned also allows you to grow your Mushy.
    • Mushy will visually increase in size when reaching 90cm, 150cm, and 250cm.
  • Upon reaching 250cm, turn your Mushy in to Mushmom to receive a Mushking Empire Gift Box.
    • Additionally, you will receive the Event Prefix Title; "MapleStory 2nd Title" MapleStory 2nd Title.png the first time you return Mushy to Mushmom.
    • You may speak to Mushmom after returning or destroying your Mushy to receive another one to raise.

Stages of Mushy

Mushy Stage 1.png Mushy Stage 2.png Mushy Stage 3.png Mushy Stage 4.png
Stage 1
50cm ~ 89cm
Stage 2
90cm ~ 149cm
Stage 3
150cm ~ 249cm
Stage 4
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[Event] Grow the Orange Mushroom
How to Get Quest

Log in during the MapleStory x Mabinogi Event

Briefing Talk to the Mushroom in front of the Statue in Dunbarton
  • 50,000 Experience Points


You will always receive 5 Mushrangs and a random item from the list below.